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  1. Have a look at Hallside in the layout topics. Its 00, however with the stock your talking about something like that would be brilliant in N.
  2. Does the hive mind have any information on the GF JPA cement wagons (la farge livery)and an anticipated delivery date? I see on the webpage it states awaiting, however its said that close on a year, just wondering if i've got that long to wait again until i see the pre-orders i've made.
  3. Given the MK5 coaches are coming in the TPE livery, how big a jump would it be to see the other two TPE liveried Nova multiple units?
  4. I'd wholeheartedly agree with this from @classy52 I've been buying from Leigh for about 3 years or so. Everything is well packaged, tested and the payment plan scheme is a god send when budgeting. The level of service i've received has been brilliant and i genuinely couldnt big up Leigh and his customer services enough.
  5. Personally id love to see (In N gauge); MRA hoppers The component parts of the HOAB train 380/385 EMU's (Unlikely as Scottish only) The Accurascale 37's in N TPE Nova 1 and 2 to go along side the TPE MKv's
  6. Ultimately if i have to try and make a match i will and do as you suggest and add weathering to both ends to even things out and blend in, just trying to see if there is a match to start off with. Regards, Iain
  7. Hi All, I've managed to misplace a fairing for my GF 220 in Cross country livery. Farish no longer supply the spares but i've found an eBay seller who has produced 3d print replacements, however i need to know the colour match for the purplish colouring of the fairing, does anyone have any info they can share? Regards, Iain
  8. Thanks John, I'll need to get into the office later this week to collect some things so can pick up the multimeter then to test it. Many thanks, Iain
  9. Hi Folks, Firstly, thanks for the suggestions. I have made sure the blanking chip is in the right way round, still i get lights but zero movement. I have taken the bogies apart and all the wheels move freely without any catching or siezing. Any other suggestions or am i sending it to a pro once this lockdown over and done, whenever that may be. Regards, Iain
  10. Thanks Kris, I'm planning on stripping the boggies down and cleaning them, the contacts and the gearing over the ext few nights so i should be able to check that at the time. Thanks for your response.
  11. Hi John, Its the DCC reasy version with the 6 pin slot. It was a gift from a friend in exchange for some work i did for him on his webpage. I've made sure there is a blank chip in place. Regards, Iain
  12. Hi All, I'm a relative novice to the hobby, however i'm keen to teach myself the key skills required to continue without reliance on the many specialists out their. To that end, i have a Graham Farish class 66 that i recently acquired that will not budge at all. The lights come on but there is no-one at home. I've found how to strip the loco down and clean the contacts, worms etc, just wondering if there is anything else i should be looking at. Anyone had a similar experience? Thanks, Iain
  13. Thanks Legend, unfortunately for us both Pendolinos decided they didn't want to play, especially with the very small and gentle inclines and despite having weight added over the drive bogies, hopefully that'll be resolved for the next outing though.
  14. Hi all, As Lambie the elder posted yesterday, attached are some more pic from today's running. We had a very busy and successful day with lots of very kind comments and lots of questions about all things Hallside. As a club we are slowly working on our digital presence and will update the details of the webpage, youtube channel and flickr accounts as and when tehy are updated with actual content, in the interim, please feel free to ask questions here and we will answer in as much detail as we can as quickly as we can. Once again many thanks for all the kind
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