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  1. Yellow latches painted, Now to make a start on the coach ends Lovely looking model!
  2. I agree with the coach ends but it's probably due to them not having the jumper cables between them! Still a cracking model!
  3. Hi All, one for the DCC sound lot! just fitted the loksound decoder and there is a hum and stutter at low speeds has anyone else experienced this? Or does the loco just need a good run in? cheers Callum
  4. Looking forward to mine arriving, haven’t seen many photos of the GBRF or Sleeper ones, anyone got any? Cheer Callum
  5. Hi All Union or South Africa arrived this morning Very nice model! shall give it a run this afternoon! Now awaiting the Transfers to bring it up to the way she is today! Cheers Callum
  6. Cheers for your help mike! Much Appreciated! Following your picture managed to get it all wired up an making noise! Only problem being is no Red Tail lights at all, I see you mentioned its the Green/Yellow that is for them, wired them up to the same as your pic with no result! did yours work? Sorry for all the questions Cheers Callum
  7. Cheers! thought that was the case! ... just wanted to double check! I have on the way exactly the same! Just wasn’t sure how to do it! With the speakers (When you connect both) would it be parallel or series? Electrics absolutely stump me! next on the list is the 50s I have, which I have no clue what to do! cheers Callum
  8. Hi Mike, you don’t happen to have any pictures of how you mounted the speakers at all? cheers Callum
  9. I was wondering how many they made! ... Panicked a bit when they started selling out quickly It was the other halfs suggestion to have the pair. Which was a MASSIVE shock! Just awaiting Numbers and Nameplates to do 50007/50014 now! Also sound chips for both to run on the new depot layout thats in the planning
  10. cazadoom

    Dapol 08

    Cheers for that, Have decided just to order Paul Chetters Sound for it Callum
  11. cazadoom

    Dapol 08

    Decoder can be only be fully seated one way
  12. cazadoom

    Dapol 08

    Hi All Have just purchased 08717 from the New Batch of 08s, installed the DCC decoder (Dapol’s Imperium) and it just shorts out when put on the track, Any one got any idea of why it’s doing this? cheers
  13. Looks Good Calum! ... loved the old one! this one looks like its going to be great!
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