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  1. That is a good point I had misunderstood on that part, as I am a bit tired at the moment and thinking of a hundred things a minute. I am obviously thinking of the citubox profiles and files often supplied with some fantasy minatures I have to hand and presupported .stl files as opposed to being able to send over gcode because of the underlying settings per machine. You're quite right. I suspect the majority of prints would be via me doing the slicing myself so I can best tweak it. For the rest. I'll take it on board and consider it. I'd rather garuntee designers the money with a delay, than give it and take back.
  2. Whoof! Brilliant points. No worry on being picky, I'd like to have these ideas bounced and feedback given so I know what people want who want to try and use my service. If we're going with repeats of the same part, then I don't see why you couldn't put a few on a file as opposed to putting them all into an awkward sprue. The flexibility offered there would be because I'd be using printers similar to your own, just more of them available. If you upload say, a dozen buffers, or a detail pack, then the sensible solution would be you can specify what way you want it printed. For smaller parts that require some toughness, perhaps we could consider tough resins? Looking about costs-wise we'd be looking at a higher cost per gram, but the trade off is that more reassuring strength. So perhaps those more finicky and smaller parts of your own? We can also tag that one as "at customer's risk" if it's something experimental. Being as resin is toxic when not fully cured, for the safety of myself, Royal Mail and the customer everything will be fully washed and cured before being sent out. A large jewlers sonic bath and big curing machine is on my to-buy list as I am still in the set up and this thread is judging demand, interest and other parts not considered. I will try my best to cut all supports off before sending them out. If this has to change due to sheer demand then I will either let people know beforehand, or pressgang get some of my friends to come help out as they foolishly kindly offered to assist me during the early days. I could even offer people a slightly cheaper model without that "prep" work meaning the model arrives still on its supports for you to do everything yourself. I beleive this is what Hardy's Hobbies does for the "detail pack" for their models as I have one of their 16" bagnalls As for support generation, my friend and business partner is currently pushing for us to do all of that in-house, however as I know a number of people, especially some of the "pioneers" interested in this thread will have already done that themselves in their own prototyping and printing phase I'll begin pushing for us to also accept g-code as you know it will have been viable on your own machines for personal use, and thus should work fine for printing here. It's also what a lot of third party creators increasingly do when selling their own models for 3d printing, the minatures market especially does this. Now, if a print fails on my end, or breaks during washing, then it will most likely be my fault, and will simply accept it as part of the risks of printing. Customer-wise, if there is disatifaction and a refund then I think we can follow the standard law here, so within 14 days for any reason (distance selling). This will likely mean I'd hold off sending the money on to creators for 2 months so that if sales have to be cancelled and refunded, nobody is effected.
  3. From what I understand its to ensure the prints are viable, same with the holybuildplate. I wonder if it's not a setting thing as well as the website claims a nice and breezy 70mm/hr but the people who've had one have said how slow it is.
  4. Sounds it, don't it? They're doing a nice double pack n all right now... just a shame the shipping is horrific.
  5. Unfortunately they arrive when they arrive and I rather fancied some 4k ones. You're right, they are MSLA but most of these terms seem constantly interchangable and sometimes a bit cross eyeing to follow. If I type in both DLP and MSLA 3d printer, the same printers appear so probably some confusion elsewhere as well! I've been tinkering with both my filament and resin printers for a while so know about orientation (and yes, even the calculations to get the prints at their best!) so feel confident in getting stuff out and going to people. From the feedback here, I had initially hoped to get things at least rolling and money coming in before investing in the larger resin printers as they had been on the plan (I suspect you're getting the same ones I'd buy) so this just means a slight reshuffle which I'd been told to expect in any plan anyway. It's no worry, and simply moves when I'd have hoped to be up and running to offer a better service.
  6. I'm largely keeping an eye on others in the field, so folks like Hardy's Hobbies, CWrailways under its new owner etc. They all point to a £35-45 tolerance for locomotive bodies, for example. People who do print themselves know its largely a time and labour cost versus material and machine. I suspect the price point will be similar, and would likely reccomend FDM prints of buildings on a costs and suitability basis.
  7. Big fan of the workbench thread. Pretty much this! To break it down so people understand costs as I see it at the moment: Material would be charged on pennies per gram basis with perhaps a charge of a penny above or so of actual cost to ensure any short term price fluctations are absorbed, or a pool can be built to buy more material in bulk. I feel this would help against sudden jumps and if there's big price rises they can be absorbed in the medium term and give everyone plenty of time to adjust to any larger price changes. Time of the print would also be calculated and costed as you're effectively filling up/taking up the machine time, so mostly charging wear and tear, the small electricity cost and to get the printers to "pay for themselves" relatively quickly. Then myself slicing/processing/post processing and keeping me alive cost. I suspect its the labour cost which would be the biggest "jump" versus doing it for yourself, but as you say you want to model, prototype and tweak while I could then flog them on your behalf on demand. The big change I'd like to see is I want creators to get a bit of a decentish money back versus the joke of Shapeways and its pennies per model for creators. The site won't work without enthusiastic creators putting products on my site to sell, so I'd like to see people get pounds back, not pennies. If people have models they want to "freebie" as some friends have offered to me, then I shall donate their portion, and a portion of my own costs to charity. Either local ones in my area, or a railway themed one. If all the above results in Shapeway level prices then the biggest win would be on shipping. No more £14 shipping costs for anyone in the UK. If I can pan it out (or try and level out the cost across many orders) standard shipping will either be a flat fee, or free.
  8. I'd have to check the exact legality side of that (mostly for the boilerplate in the EULA) but by my understanding I'd operate as a fulfilment service, meaning your IPs remain your own and you are selling them via my service. I'm charging you for slicing, printing and shipping (and keeping me alive). As for the larger build space in resin, yes, but it will likely be towards the end of the year, if not early next year when it is available.
  9. FDM and DLP. I have the FDM printers here already, DLP resin printers on order and my business partner working on the website side. Build volumes will be posted with an eye to larger machines if demand requires it. But as my aim is the model railway and Tabletop minatures market I don't see the larger machines as an immediate necessity. What I will be looking for is volunteers to test out the useability of the site to ensure we have no blind spots as well as uploading .obj and .stl models as well as payment to and from the site and creators, alongside any improvements that either of us may not see, but people from the outside would. Those little tweaks and useability things that maybe people don't like on other marketplaces such as Shapeways and Etsy etc. EDIT: When up and running I'd also print off some models for sale at shows, etc, and ensure creators get their share back from physical models sold.
  10. Hello all. So I've been seeing this asked for for a while, a need for a "UK shapeways" meaning the ease of marketplace etc and at least a mild variety of materials. Initially I'd offer printing in resin, PLA, ABS and Nylon with an eye to expanding offerings at a later point. (In effect a relatively standard printer farm using commercially available machines in resin and FDM printing initially). I'm also currently investigating the possibility of lost wax casting using 3d printed resins after a suggestion by a recent acquaintence... What I would be looking for, is interested volunteers initially just designers who would want to test the useability of the website and give feedback on improvements and other alterations, such as how the custom storefronts are set up and other features you'd like to see as a designer/seller. At present the website is not yet ready but gaugeing interest and volunteers is, as I am advised by my business partner, a good idea. As most orders are likely to fall in the small parcels range, P&P would be a flat £4.50 (1st class) and £3.50 (2nd class) respectively and I shall simply eat the cost on any unusually larger parcels as I do not initially expect them to be all that many. If folks are interested, private messaging me on here should be fine for now, if not, I'll sort out an email address. ~Din
  11. So thanks to Ebay I have a Pannier, and a spare body. 8743 didn't make it into preservation, so will retain its number as a fictional preserved engine. The other body is 5775, which rather famously lives on the KWVR. I also now own a natty airbrush now. So after a quick waft over with the red oxide primer, it got blasted with the Red-brown after thinned down. Then, I broke out some more paints. Some enamel gold, enamel grey and some acrylic flat black. End result before the final touching up of spots covered by the masking tape to protect the glazing. Reckon it's coming along rather nicely. Bit more flat black, and some transfers for the railway's name along the side and done.
  12. So as my plan is to create a preserved railway layout, I've bought a couple of bits and bobs off of Halden's Yard/Rustyrail. These are an Ivatt and an austerity tank, a wagon and coach. However, I wanted stuff that was either part way through restoration or had the "paint slapped on to stop it rusting" that projects on various heritage railways often do have when they're higher up the priority list. So, I bought a couple of Great British Locomotives models, a Standard 4 tank and a 3F Jinty. So the Standard 4 is on the edge of return to traffic, with the boiler having extensive work done and painted in red oxide, while the tanks etc have had a black undercoat applied ready. The Jinty meanwhile, has been out of traffic for longer, wheels rusting up (might need toning down) cover on chimney and bunker which has muck on it. The Red-Brown is the early livery used by the preserved line during the back end of the days when preserved railways had to adopt their own liveries.
  13. Well I've just spent a chunk of the morning catching up because I had forgotten it'd been moved to Friday Night Prime Time! Good series as always, well aimed at the general public.
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