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  1. Thanks for posting the pics,that's a lovely restored Hall.It's a railway that is a bit under the radar,must go back one day soon
  2. The bit about motive power was just MY INTENTIONS should a layout ever be built.There was no basis in fact,sorry if I seemed to suggest otherwise
  3. It's quite possible the BCR borrowed an engine from the Great Western but far more likely it was a 517 class as the BCR had one of their own and the drivers would obviously be more used to driving the class accordingly
  4. I remember reading years ago that a 3ft gauge system was planned for Skye and formulated a small 'Talisker' layout in my head. Motive power would have been based on the Yankee tanks, possibly smaller 2-4-0 versions,similar to the IoM locos.It never got beyond the sketchpad stage though
  5. Dont know if anyone has mentioned this elsewhere but went in Hawkins Bazaar , Shrewsbury, today, everything Hornby was half price, includong D16 for £54.99. King Arthurs around £60, K1 £65, a few other locos, wagons etc.Was temprted by the D16 but absolutely no use to me, so bought a Railroad LMS compound for £37!
  6. Mike I've dug out an old Trevor Charlton price list (Why do I keep these things?) and looked at which 25' coaches he produced.This looks to be the likely candidate http://www.51l.co.uk/images/jpegs/phsmrd529-1.jpg Midland railway Dia529 brake van, now produced by 51L. All the panelling seems to match up etc.Very nice it looks too, I must get one Jamie
  7. If anyones interested, I had a GWR 52XX on pre-order at Modellers Mecca, which I had a phone call today to say was in stock I can't take it now, so if anyone wants to give Lucy a ring....it might still be available
  8. Have to think about putting mine on Ebay in that case....! Jamie
  9. If you can manage to get them,go for Great Western Branch Line Modelling vols 1-3 by Stephen Williams,published by Wild Swan.Out of print at present but maybe available on Amazon or Ebay.Worth searching for as they'll give you nearly all the info you need.Vol 3 is probably the least essential as it deals primarily with the modelling side and as such some of the info is a bit out of date. Jamie
  10. If I disregard my 70s/80s Hornby stock and kit built stuff,a rough percentage would be: Locos Bachmann 80%/Hornby 20% Coaches Bachmann 60%/Hornby 40% Wagons Bachmann 90%/Hornby 5%/Dapol 5% This shouldn't be taken as a guide to their respective qualities though.For coaches ,I'd say Hornby have the definite edge at present (for instance the SR Maunsell stock is beautiful).For wagons,I don't know what Hornbys modern image stock is like,but steam era stuff is still toylike compared to Bachmann. As for locos,when Hornby get it right,they knock Bachmann for six,but unfortunately the range is very uneven,with a few old toylike models still in the range.Bachmann are far more consistent and offer a more balanced range. Jamie
  11. One to watch.From the numbers given it represents TVR E class ,a class of 2 locos converted from Sharp Stewart tender engines.Both survived to the grouping,one GWR 795 ,lasted until 1927.Picture of prototype http://archive.rhond...YWlsIjt9&pg=355 Difficult to know at the moment how accurate the loco will be to prototype-has anyone any experience of their NCB loco? Looking at the drawing compared to the photo,not very much like it at all!Outside cylinders would have to go for a start,then the dome resited and much more,but will wait until model photos turn up before passing judgement Jamie
  12. Ken Having had a further look,there's no one engine which fits the model exactly(Terriers were notoriously non-standard after 1901) although this is the nearest I could find.I was wrong about the livery,in fact they still carried LBSC Umber,but it would have been so faded it could be represented by a browny-grey weathering over the black coat.Lettering was just plain white block capitals.Couple of picture links attached. http://www.warwickshirerailways.com/misc/railart/bfreemanart2.jpg http://www.warwickshirerailways.com/ehlr/ehlr8.jpg Is the model 7mm scale?The other option is to sell it undecorated and let the buyer finish it to their particular colour scheme.There were several which carried lined black of various types over the years. Jamie
  13. Yes,its an A1,the smokebox wingplates and sandbox on the leading splasher are the main indications of this.Also,most had lost their condensing pipes by Southern days,almost certainly all by BR days.As the model stands,it could represent Waddon as Adam notes above, although the condensing pipes were retro-fitted for preservation.Another option is 74 Shadwell as running on the Edge Hill Light Railway as their No.2 from 1920 onwards.By the look of the pictures,the livery was lined black,but the lining would have faded in the conditions they endured pretty quickly.If you want any more details,let me know and I'll dig out my books.You'll need to do something about that roof too! Jamie
  14. I'll second 247 Devs,also Guilplates (no web site,phone no only) 01483 565980/563156 (I've got a Guilplates catalogue,if there's a particular one you're after,let me know and I'll check if they do it) and ModelMaster (but these look a bit pricey tbh) http://www.modelmasterdecals.com/GW_Grange460.php Jamie
  15. I certainly don't think it's a harsh comment-no offence was meant,but having gone back through the thread,John has spent a lot more on upgrade parts than the kit cost.New wheels, motor, gearbox and sundry other parts must have added at least £70 to the initial cost of the kit (which was I believe £35).Bearing in mind Johns status as a first-time builder,I imagine he thought that a complete kit would be just that, and not require twice as much again spent on it to make a presentable model.Not to mention,the expense of suitable tools, although obviously these will be reused. I've got no beef with K's kits,as others have said,there used to be little other choice if you wanted anything the RTR boys didn't make,but the fact is that a lot of the parts provided,were adequate but nothing more.Sure,the motors could be made to work,the wheels may be OK,but there were and still are better options.This is where Wills/SEF had the advantage as you bought your own wheels motors and gears to suit your budget,or used an RTR chassis. The example of a current Nucast Grange for £150,then needing a motor/gearbox, as well as paint transfers and plates,takes the cost up to the £200 mark.And you still have to build it!Alternatively ,a Hornby Grange can be had for less than half that (I got mine for £30 off Ebay,but that was ridiculously cheap),and in all honesty looks better than most kit builders can achieve.The key role that whitemetal kits fulfill nowadays is providing the locos that the RTR boys don't do.I know there is a percentage of modellers who like the challenge of a kit (myself included),but if I'm going to spend £150 on a model loco that is already available RTR, I wouldn't start with a 50 year old whitemetal kit,seeing how much the hobby has evolved over the last few years Anyway,I don't want to get into the whole kits vs RTR argument,just like to say that John has done an excellent job and hope he will do a similar write-up of his next attempt,whatever it may be. Jamie
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