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  1. 45 141 was the last peak I needed for the 'class'. Even pictures of it seem relatively rare. Thanks for posting. John.
  2. HI Mark, I've just rediscovered this thread. You've captured the essence of Shrewsbury very nicely. It took me back to the many happy hours I spent spotting there as a kid in the '70s. Merry Christmas, John.
  3. Hi Mike, just curious, why did the Western prefer to work in sets? Was there any operational advantage or was it just felt to be the correct way to do things? Thanks, John.
  4. Another vote for Tam Valley hex frog juicers here. I've used them on peco 'n' scissors crossovers. Servos used for point motors. It makes wiring very easy. I'd use them again for sure. John.
  5. Looks great! What are you using for the bogies? Thanks, John.
  6. Hi David, Love the Ironbridge/Coalbrookdale pictures. The inclined plane is know as the Hay inclined plane, it's now part of the Blists Hill museum. I'm pretty sure J4243 is at the site of the old blast furnaces, in the grounds of what is now the Enginuity exhibition. If I'm right I believe my uncle (who's now in his 90's) used to get to drive it when he was a teenager. Kind of a cab ride on steroids I guess! I really enjoy your pictures. Thanks for sharing, John.
  7. I really like the layout - the track plan is simple but very effective. I was building a "watch the trains go by" model of Twyford in N before a job change and country relocation put a stop to that. I was wondering what track you used? It looks good. Cheers, John.
  8. Very nice! I'm guessing the Farish Mk1's are the earlier Poole type?
  9. The signal look very good, what make are they? Thanks, John.
  10. Hi Mark, unfortunately I've had to put this on hold for a while. We moved house and will be moving again in a few weeks, It will be a while until I can get back to modelling Cheers, John.
  11. Next installment... Here is the end plug added and the roof and joints filled. And here are the DMBS and TC getting ready for priming. The TC ends are masked because I want to keep the factory printing if I can. At this point a couple of things were dawning on me. First, I wasn't happy with the way the etched sides looked. Nothing to do with the etches themselves, everything to do with the way I stuck them on. You can see the huge gap between the etch and the roof. Also the way the etch was stuck to the side was not robust. The cyano could
  12. No I hadn't. It's certainly a thought. My CAD skills aren't great though. I've 3d printed my own servo mounts for turnout control, which was fun. In the end I found it was more reliable to use proprietary ones, since they worked better.
  13. Very true and I hoped I could use this to my advantage! But alas, by my time period - the 70's, they all seem to have been converted.
  14. Clive, it was great to meet you. I always think of you as the man who builds the flat pack diesels. I liked pig lane. It's got me thinking that perhaps I should build something on that scale, that way I may have a chance of actually finishing something! Cheers, John.
  15. Good question, and one that has had me scratching my head for quite a while. I may not bother in the end, I'll see how the DMBS turns out and see how they look together. The biggest difference might turn out to be that the DMU ends were flat whereas the Mk1 ends have a slight angle on them. If that is too noticeable the razor saw will come out again and the ends will be replaced by plasticard. The gangway ends might end up being scratch built too, but I did pick some up from B&H yesterday that might do the job. Cheers, John.
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