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  1. Would adapting "minories" as a through station. Be a starting point. It might help with the width constraints All the best Steve
  2. Possibly models and leisure lnwr? Barry did a few lnwr 6wheel coaches
  3. Would love to join but public transport is the problem. Would be nice to have a group In Flabelliform
  4. Hi hayfield, have just read the thread and its my belief the yellowish green primer is old etch primer made for white metal kits by phenoix paints. Good if well thinned for the airbrush but a bu###r to brush paint. I'm not sure if its available any more. If I remember it was difficult to get off once it had cured. All the best Steve
  5. I have them too on mobile sooo frustrating. Not a large download facility on a pixi 4 phone so can't get adblocker I guess I will have to wait untill RM sorts it
  6. Guy Williams books will tell you all you need to know re scratch building and helping with the "need to make new" bits for kits. I wouldn't be without my copy All the best Steve
  7. The link won't work but its the only one in Llanelli so I guess its the one lol
  8. Llanelli has one in Robinson street. You can still see the tracks in the shed. The depot is now used as a bus depot. P.s Coventry as far as I know never had trolly buses
  9. Just read through the posts and have to say what a wonderful compact layout you have created. The right amount of buildings and scenery brilliant Best wishes Steve
  10. Prefer the first pic just a personal thing.
  11. I mist agree with Martin the check gauge is the most important measurement with wheels gauged to suit. I believe Mr Rice says much the same thing in his book on building track. ll the best Steve
  12. Wots Twitter and instergram? Only recently discovered Facebook so no ideas here sorry Steve
  13. I am sure there are people who advertise in the modeling mags. You pays yer money and takes yer chance. A phone call should give you an guide to cost ect. Best of luck Steve
  14. I built the "ks" kit years ago above the footplate was OK but anything below was only fit for the bin, I ended up scratch building the chassis and valve gear ........must have been mad!! Still it worked tho This was before comet and the selection of wheels, motors and gearbox's that are available today All the best steve
  15. Thanks all a simple question but no simple answer! But at least I know where the wires go. Thanks Grifone and everybody for the advice Steve
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