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  1. I have noticed that Dapol have announced today (03/07/2020) a new batch of MK3 DVT’s and Sets in N gauge. The four items that have been announced are: 2D-017-003 – DVT 82115 in BR Blue 2D-017-004 – DVT 82124 in Network Rail Yellow 2D-017-100 – DB Management Train 4 Piece Rolling Stock Set 2D-017-101 – Chiltern Railways 8 Piece Slam Door Set with DVT Expected Qtr1 2021.
  2. I know it will be unlikey but has anyone seen the Groupe Cat blue liveried IPA Set out and about or seen images/video of it as it left Eastleigh Works on 11th June 2020 behind 66084.
  3. @dibber25 Now that the 16xx have reached the painted sample stage have the shedcodes been finalised for each locomotive that has one? Thanks, Samuel.
  4. @Gaugemaster Controls, Just to let you know that the title of the thread is wrong it should be 153 not 135. Samuel.
  5. I have noticed that Dapol have annouced a new batch of Class 153's in N gauge. The two liveries that have been announced are: 2D-020-003 – 153369 Wessex Trains 2D-020-004 – 153323 Arriva Trains Wales Both come either DCC Ready or DCC Fitted. Also Gaugemaster have also announced two limited editions as part of the Gaugemaster Collection which include: GM2210401 – 153329 Revised First Great Western GM2210402 – 153380 GWR Green
  6. I don't think that any Class 92s have runned on the GWR Mainline so far but there was going to be a GBRF railtour running later this year which has been posponed until next year of a Class 92 running on the GWR mainline from Cardiff to London. So there will be a good reason to have one although the railtour will probably use a GBRF or Caledonian Sleeper liveried one.
  7. A couple of Bargains from Kernow Model Rail Centre: (Part of their Exhibition Special this weekend) 31-651Z 47973 Midland Counties (KMRC Limited Edition) £99.99 32-727W 66709 GBRF Sorrento (KMRC Limited Edition) £99.99 32-295DS 37669 West Coast Railway Company £199.99 N Gauge 371-465Z 37207 BR Blue Cornish Railways (KMRC Limited Edition) £99.99 Also this one appears good value compared to latest Bachmann RRPs with it also being the Only 150/2 available in FGW Livery and being a Limited Edition. 32-395X Class 150/2 First Great Western 150216 £189.95
  8. Hi @66738, @MrJack47790, @newbryford & @TomScrut. I know this is in Accurascale's section of RMWeb but the inspection coach Caroline has tonight (26/05/2020) been announced by Revolution Trains in 00 Gauge. Samuel
  9. Thanks @surfsup & @Western Aviator for replying. I thought that they didn't venture into Cornwall but when looking up on the subject there was a website stating that they did visit Cornwall but with no evidence of where or when they did i thought i would ask on here just in case anybody know either way. Samuel.
  10. Then with a chance of Local Lines livery as they seem to be doing/choosing to do harder liveries such as the DRS Fade livery on the Class 37s it would make for a very nice model. Anyway back on topic to the JSAs they do look very nice indeed especially the VTG open coil carriers and the VTG hooded wagons but i have to limit what items i get as i only got limited amount of room and haven't got a layout yet. Samuel.
  11. Hi, Just a quick question, i know that the hooded versions ventured into cornwall but did the timber conversions ever venture down so far? Thanks, Samuel.
  12. You have hit the nail on the head with this post. It is really well written and i agree with what you have put within it @adb968008.
  13. It wouldn't surprise me neither if Hornby did produce 800025 but i think it would be a slower seller than the Class 66 has been.
  14. sc2016

    Class 59 in 00

    A livery for Dapol to potentially produce/consider in the future now that there is a real life Class 59 carrying it. I see that there are images starting to appear on the web of the newly painted G&W Freightliner 59206. These are NOT my photos but i found on Flickr and they have been made Public: And another one of 59206 in between 59204 & 59205: Samuel.
  15. I wonder if Hornby will increase the total amount of models being make upto to 2020 which would be rather apt for the model seeing that the real version came out this year and what it is representing.
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