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  1. @The Black Hat, If they where to pitch the model at the lower price people would still wait for them to be reduce further. Damned if they did and Damned if they don't a bit of a vicious circle. Also you would lose more shops due to less money made from each model sold. @AlexHolt, A company will work out how much to sell each model for to cover and make a profit on the production run. There is a difference between the RRP and the unit price of a model for various reasons.
  2. Hi @charliepetty, Liveries for Class 143: First Great Western Local Lines Livery. 143621 in GWR Green. Thanks, Samuel.
  3. Hi @BritishRail60062, The Caledonian Sleeper Class 87 was announced in the 2019 rangeand it's product code is R3751. Only my view but if Hornby announce a GBRF Class 60 it will probably be 60095 as it was the 1st one in the Livery and Unsure if the Blue 60026 will be in this annoucement due to it being released from the paint shop in the second half of this year. Also I would off sought it be very unlikely that Hornby will announce a DC Rail one this quick after release from the Paint Shop but again if they did it would be probably be 60046. Samuel.
  4. There is already another thread started on these over on the Rails of Sheffield Product Page on RMweb.
  5. If you started offering the choice of numbers to people the company wouldn't be able to use the same numbers that are choosen unless it is stated (By product code) when the company wants another batch in the future which means that you constain the company to one batch production with potentially more options but less made overall comparing to having a batch with some numbers then another batch in the future with the other numbers. It would also affect the amount of units made due to people only being able to afford certain amount/numbered models at a particular time unless a company wants to kept a certain level of stock.
  6. http://www.revolutiontrains.com/pfa-bulous-flats-from-revolution/ Information from Above Link:
  7. http://www.revolutiontrains.com/revolution-has-it-large-with-ecofrets/ Information from Above Link:
  8. Thanks @Simon Bendall. Thanks very much @Steadfast for producing the whole list of the wagons used on the sand train. It is very useful information and now i know which ones i've seen to the ones that are in use for this traffic. Samuel.
  9. Hi @Steadfast, I don't suppose you would know what the wagon numbers are for this traffic? Thanks, Samuel.
  10. Hi @AY Mod, The GWR Class 158 is looking very good indeed I don't suppose you know what's on the other destination blind and also the destinatons on the blue/grey Class 121 i think one of them could be Par. Also the low floor mechanism in the class 158 makes a lot of difference to how it looks it would be nice if Bachmann could do a similar thing to their Class 150 to incorparate a low floor mechanism on par with the Class 158 before they produce the models announced. Thanks, Samuel.
  11. Thanks. It's good a few pictures are still available on Flickr but they to seem to have deleted some of them. Samuel.
  12. The CAD is looking very impressive with several differerent individual parts and this is just the DT this is going to be a special set of coaches. Samuel.
  13. I thought that i seen a version online before but while you could light up the cluster it won't be up to nowadays functionally of them.
  14. Perhaps the reason why it is the most popular is because as far as i know there hasn't been any manufacturer produced the purple version with full working lights and with correct tooling. Samuel.
  15. Hopefully they kept learning and improve this side of things. Although it has improved there seems to be still a few mistakes to learn from in there latest one for instance there was a slightly wrong announcement in the beginning of the video saying Network Rail instead of Northern Class 156 also in the running shots of the 156 they connected the two cars the wrong way.
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