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  1. sc2016

    Class 59 in 00

    No the ones that DB are selling is seperate from the Mendip ones being purchased by Freighliner as part of the contract they won. The Mendip ones are the /0 & /1 Variants. The DB Class 59 are seperate and are the /2 Variants. These locomotives were originally the National Power ones which EWS brought then DB purchased EWS. Samuel.
  2. In Kernow's weekly newsletter dated 28th June and on their Facebook page they announced a new limited edition weathered triple pack of clay hoods with flat hoods. The Product code is 33-080T and priced at £54.95. Product Webpage: http://www.kernowmodelrailcentre.com/p/65591/33-080T-Bachmann-China-Clay-Wagon-in-BR-Bauxite-livery-with-flat
  3. Expect for the Tail light fitted ones the Kernow Exclusives are/will be the same price as the other wagons now that the only place you can order the others are at the retailers.
  4. Is that for Cornwall Clay Traffic or another region? Thanks, Samuel.
  5. Hi Accurascale, I have been searching online to see if these wagons runned in Cornwall and discovered the following picture on Flickr (Not Mine) and wanting to know if this is a different type of wagon to the one you are producing: Also does anyone know what else the wagons may of been used for in Cornwall? I know they were used for a short time on Coal to Falmouth Docks but any info is welcome if anybody got it. Thanks, Samuel.
  6. http://www.revolutiontrains.com/car-carriers-to-get-blown-up/ Information from Above Link:
  7. Hi, I meant off come back to you sooner to ask if you or someone else could help me by answering a few questions: How long was these short coaches used on the Padstow/ NCR line? Also when did the version Bachmann is producing appear on the Padstow/ NCR Line and how long for? Thanks, Samuel.
  8. On their website it states that it will be a standard Heljan 33/1 model.
  9. You may want to look at the price again as it have gone upto £189.95 but then again Bachmann have put the prices up on the other 47s.
  10. Hopefully Revolution will consider releasing a VTG Blue version in the future as i have seen this variant of the JNA wagon on the national network carrying sand. It would be a bigger bonus if they release a model with a number of the real one i seen but i know this could be unlikely as there where only 8 being used at the time. Samuel.
  11. Hi, i have been looking for more information on the Bulleid shortie coaches but can't seem to find out what i am looking for i am hoping you can help me as you are modelling a part of the North Cornwall Railway. When did these coaches run to Padstow/ North Cornwall Railway and what services were they being used for? Also you mention that these are more correct for Padstow than Bachmann 64 coaches can you briefly explain why? Thanks if you can help, Samuel.
  12. I cannot guarantee it as i don't work for Hornby but i wouldn't be surprised to see that they announce a Class 802 in the future as majority of it is similar to the Class 800. Also there will be more than one livery carried on the 802s when they are finished and introduced into service including GWR, Transpennine Express and Hull Trains. Another thing is that 800003 was one of the first IETs to visit Cornwall in 2017 along with 800004 on the same day. Making 800003 the second to visit Penzance and the first IET to leave Cornwall. Samuel.
  13. It would be nice if Bachmann annouce they would do another slight retool of the Class 150 to include a low level mechanism similar to what they are doing with other modern DMUs that they are making such as the Class 158. I would love a GWR 150/0 but I don't think that Bachmann have the tooling available for the centre coach. Also i would love the Local Lines Livery put on either/both of the Class 150 & 158 but hearing what i heard during a shop open day a couple of years ago is that it will be quite difficult to get the livery right. The problem with the livery is that the bodyside changes colours on the bodyside being darker on the bottom and lighter on the top and it is difficult to do correctly with current printing methods as there have been an attempt to get one produced by a commissionser back then. Samuel.
  14. Hi i have done some more researching on these wagons but can't seem to find a photo or video of one in the revised livery all the ones i have seem to find is the ones in original livery. So my question is did these wagons run in Cornwall with the revised livery? Thanks, Samuel
  15. sc2016

    Class 59 in 00

    Thanks for the information i wasn't totally sure that i found correct information but now you have backed up what i discovered about the locomotive. Samuel.
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