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  1. Hi, Just a quick question but does anybody know if there has been any images of the other decorated sample shown or is it just the VTG Ecofret version? Thanks, Samuel.
  2. sc2016

    2021 hopes

    I predict that Hornby will announce: A New Tool Small Locomotive already at livery stage New Tool 4-6-2 Steam Locomotive 2 Ranges of Newly Tooled Coaches New Tool Brake Van Class 802
  3. sc2016

    2021 hopes

    I reckon that even the CADs would have to be done from scratch due to the shorter length and the revised front end and headlights.
  4. sc2016

    2021 hopes

    The 805's and 807's appears to be the standard design there are a few images of the Class 805 body shells already shown. I think that it would be probably better to completely create a new set of tools for the 810 otherwise it would mean that some tools would wear out quicker as they would be used for multiple different IET classes. Also i don't know if there would be other differences due to them having four engines on a five car train so even the smaller bits may not be as transferable as they seem.
  5. sc2016

    2021 hopes

    Yeah 1000 of Each R6723 Swoosh & R6724 Powering Tomorrow.
  6. sc2016

    2021 hopes

    It may off got them thinking about producing more oo gauge models due to the Revolution N Gauge version. The only trouble for more models is that Drax owns the tools compared to the N Gauge version which will be owned by Revolution.
  7. sc2016

    2021 hopes

    I reckon that there wouldn't be an embargo on Hornby producing more but the tooling was owned by Drax themselves so Hornby wouldn't have been able to produce more unless Drax give them permission to use the tools. Perhaps people are hoping that the tooling transfers or have transferred to Hornby as it has been a few years since they were produced.
  8. sc2016

    2021 hopes

    I would have thought that it would require new tooling to create the 810s as they are shorter and also got a different front end compared to the other IET Classes.
  9. sc2016

    2021 hopes

    I think that iirc Hornby was contacted by Drax themselves to do the hoppers in oo gauge so it is probable that Drax/ Hornby have got an exclusivity agreement for the OO Gauge Model so no else would be able to do it. A bit like Dapol with the Class 68 and Accurascale with the Mk5 Coaches.
  10. As far as i know it is not Accurascale asking for EOI for a 00 Scale class 73/9 it is infact KMS Railtec that is. Accurascale would be the manufacturer.
  11. I don't think that there are just two manufacturers making these or more specially the CDAs theres the Hornby version and then i have seen images online of another person measuring up the CDAs that doesn't work for the other three companies (Accurascale, Cavalex & Hornby) but no announcement from them and they do make models so there is potentially 4 models to/have come (1 Older & 3 Newer).
  12. Nice to see that Accurascale have updated the artwork of 37425 so that the model will be same as the one running as it is on the network without the Regional Railways branding. I wasn't orginally going for a Class 37/4 model as the real ones mainly stay up country which due to trying to reduce the amount of models that i would like to buy i set a criteria off only buying the models of railway stock that have traveled down or been around the Cornwall area although a few models do get past that doesn't fit the criteria. But after last week of seeing 37425 Sir Robert McAlpine/Concrete
  13. That livery will certainly give a headache to whoever be in charge of putting livieries onto models if it was chosen to be produced.
  14. I have noticed that Dapol have announced today (03/07/2020) a new batch of MK3 DVT’s and Sets in N gauge. The four items that have been announced are: 2D-017-003 – DVT 82115 in BR Blue 2D-017-004 – DVT 82124 in Network Rail Yellow 2D-017-100 – DB Management Train 4 Piece Rolling Stock Set 2D-017-101 – Chiltern Railways 8 Piece Slam Door Set with DVT Expected Qtr1 2021.
  15. I know it will be unlikey but has anyone seen the Groupe Cat blue liveried IPA Set out and about or seen images/video of it as it left Eastleigh Works on 11th June 2020 behind 66084.
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