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  1. @James HiltonThanks for responding very quickly back to me it looks like it will be a very nice model going by the EP you've shown. Hopefully i may be able to purchase one even though they didn't seem to venture in the far south west. Do you know roughly when the pre order price disappears i know that you have said soon but i wasn't to sure on how close that would be? Thanks, Samuel.
  2. @Ben ASorry for the very late reply back to you i sought that i replied back but evidently i haven't. Thanks for answering my question very quickly and i now see that you have received the completed set of samples which i must say they look very nice but the trouble I've got is which ones to have. Thanks, Samuel.
  3. Hi @cornelius, Just a quick question with this lined grey version has it got the IW&D Branding on both sides or have it got Victory writing on one side? Thanks, Samuel.
  4. @61661Thanks for confirming that 86259 in current condition is likely to be in the mix for when you get around to the 86/2s i wasn't too sure that if it was a 86/2 or another subclass that is why i asked the question on here on Saturday.
  5. Hi, I was about to pre-order one of 9016 in Porterbrook purple last night along with a class 92 and TPE MK5 set when i noticed that they have already sold out hopefully you might consider to do another run of them in a second/ future batch. Also i am hoping that you might consider to do 55019 in BR Blue in a future/ 2nd batch as that is the only real Deltic that i have seen running (2019) and would like to get a OO Gauge version of it.
  6. Hi Ben @61661, I don't know what subclass the following Class 86 is but going by the code i think it is a 86/2. The only Class 86 i seen in real life is 86259 and i was wondering if there is any chance that when you work on the Class 86/2s that this locomotive may be considered to be be produced. Thanks, Samuel.
  7. I wonder if this announcement is going to be the HAA Wagon as this could be classed as a mini announcement due to people spotting a sample iirc in a product update on one of the virtual events but not formally announcing it. Also they are 4 wheel 2 axle wagons which also could be classed as mini.
  8. Hopefully it may be the Class 88 that they announce but probably it will be a steam locomotive.
  9. What call the first one Revolution but surely that won't catch on will it or follow any other locomotives will it.
  10. The GWR livery was done on the Class 143 after Charlie released that list. As well as the GWR livery the only other livery except different branding done after that list is Revised Arriva Trains Wales. Also GWR seems to be a popular scheme for Modelers so it make sense to cover it next even it doesn't follow the original plan. Additionally i am hoping that Realtrack may also consider releasing another Local Lines Version.
  11. sc2016

    Class 88/93

    There is also a thread for the Class 93 in the Revolution Trains section. The Class 93 was always going to look different from the Class 88 due to the licensing that DRS have meant to got on them IIRC when they ordered them. Hopefully now that another Diesel/Electric Locomotive is being done/ will be done it will make someone consider making the Class 88.
  12. More Information Released by Revolution Trains. Information from https://www.revolutiontrains.com/express-delivery-class-128-liveries-and-options/
  13. Revolution Trains have received EP1 Samples for the MMA/JNA Ealnos Wagons. Images from the Revolution Trains Website (https://www.revolutiontrains.com/mmmma-tasty/)
  14. Information from Revolution Trains Website Now Added.
  15. Revolution Trains have received EP1 Samples for the Drax Hoppers. Images from the Revolution Trains Website (https://www.revolutiontrains.com/drax-tacular-biomass-hopper-samples-arrive/).
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