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  1. Floods - what are they ? ............. we haven't had any decent rain down here for months !
  2. To split hairs, it was two batches of twenty - but Ashford built an awful lot more besides : 75 ramp wagons, 100 tank wagons, 1600 open goods wagons & 25 warwells - did I miss anything ? - not to mention innumerable goods vans and opens ( to REC order ) for all four 'grouping' companies ........ and, of course the 'military railways' involved weren't just the UK ones but across many theatres of conflict too.
  3. Ironically, oil-lubricated rolling stock is now very much in the minority !
  4. It's worth remembering that if YOU get serious complications from a covid-19 infection you might regret it ! - as would the rest of us if we caught it ...... however well the NHS was coping overall and the economy booming.
  5. Then the Government can go back to counting a spiralling covid-wave, reopening the Nightingale Hospitals and wondering why the NHS - not to mention the care home sector - is running out of PPE it can't afford. As has been mentioned before on this thread, it's an impossible balancing act.
  6. Should an upturned brass flowerpot not look like an upturned brass flowerpot then ? I'll get my hat steel helmet .......
  7. There's another shot on the Flikr site looks like the same spot ............. an' an aerial view on the interweb seems to confirm the housing as So'ton !
  8. I CAN'T FIND THE APOPLEXY BUTTON ....... AAAAGH ! ............. but, presumably there ARE people on this planet prepared to purchase such cr4p ! ( Maybe not for themselves tho ? )
  9. The Government has, indeed, denied any such plans for the over fifties ...................... which might just mean they didn't think of it first ! As for locking-down the north for Eid ........ well, there are only 143 shopping days to Christmas !
  10. Having one side of a car longer than the other is probably an advantage if you always drive round the M25 with the long side outermost. Actually, that would apply to toy trains on roundy-roundy layouts, too !
  11. Damned spill-chuckers - Bodmin's got more wheels than a Terrier !
  12. Even then, my 'perfectly right' will probably differ from yours ... and his ......... and hers ............
  13. Depends on your definition of 'on the network' ...... both the NRM and Bluebell Railway are physically connected to Network Rail but neither 'Boxhill' nor 'Stepney' are operational ! ( 'Waddon's rather more remote ! )
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