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  1. Cool, not long now.... are the steel coil loads close too?
  2. I look forward to seeing your weathered versions
  3. Me to..... must make space on layout for a running session tomorrow
  4. I do hope Bachmann continues with the 47 because I'm not convinced by Heljan roof profile on what they are showing at the moment
  5. I think ones with headlights are ok and rivets on ones without headlights
  6. Yep, different headcode, hope no grinding!! Of any sort, headcode or window frames
  7. Yeh the headcode is different..... unless they balls that up and hopefully no rivits on windows
  8. No rivits on the back of buffers...... how do I cancel my order !!!!
  9. Will be disappointed if they dont do 47435
  10. Do you really think some one would point out the doors are missing and half the roof !!!
  11. Yeh the orange stripe follows rain strip up the window to.
  12. Glad I wasn't the only one that thought the renumber was a mess
  13. They maybe should mention it on there web site rather than go on selling them not mentioning anything.
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