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  1. Last year I was disappointed that there was no mainline/ic 47 in catalogue but they did as a area Ltd Ed so if things aren't in it you just never know..... Same about sealed beam peak too I guess
  2. Bachmann must be wondering what they have done, with others doing an improved 25 55 66 37 45 and 47 (tho same company) that Bachmann make, Yet nobody (yet) does a Hornby loco, like 56 60 31 and 50 (bar railroad stuff) tho 60 ok they can't get livery correct
  3. Any pics of 59 from show today at Dapol stand?
  4. How exciting, I'll get my Bachmann coal livery 37 ready ....... until someone else does one ;-)
  5. At least if Hornby did this one they would not get the logo wrong !!!
  6. Who signed this paint job off...... If the sample was correct then indeed send them all back
  7. And this is not the warley announcement!!!! What's going to be better to be on cover of the accurascale catalogue
  8. Luckily I've already done a construction livery form an older model
  9. Well found, did look for pic but so many of it in DB red, model pic just didn't look right on web site.
  10. Hornby seem to have balls up again, The construction logo is wrong or at least looks wrong to me, all the effort to make a good model and at last bit of painting ...... Cock it up
  11. Delayed a year...... As long as it does not have a years more cost on it when I does come out.
  12. 50019 in laira blue or an unnamed 50 with arrows in middle would be nice
  13. So is there only 3 areas getting the new 37 rep editions ?
  14. Excellent, I'll wait for the pre 1990 ARC PTAs...... More time to save for 15 wagons.
  15. This is how they work, it's been talked about many times on here somewhere. Not great.
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