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  1. My 56036 effort along with 56046
  2. I repainted my 56032 to large logo 56036.
  3. Didn't a shop repaint a load to 56036 in large logo and sell as a Ltd edition
  4. They may of 'improved' the 33 but the couplings are still droopy and crap !!!
  5. Don't balls it up now Heljan, it's looking nice. Something needs doing to side grills still tho
  6. Hereford model centre has 60015 in the corrected livery, so it's a DIY or new body is here now maybe
  7. I thought the same, also said there would be room for a speaker ...... well if you buy a thin small one there is
  8. Richard has a speaker for all occasions...
  9. Yeh mine are in tanks on older 33s but am hoping for an easier option in the new ones
  10. Looking super, can't wait till they arrive as I can't remember how many and of what ones I've ordered
  11. They give the impression there will be room for a speaker now so something mite be different in there somewhere I hope
  12. There is a review on FB of one new 33 but they don't take body off, hope its easy to get off in the first place and a speaker will fit
  13. I'll wait to see what the first loco looks like before I leap on other locos. But loving what's coming up
  14. Thought the Dutch seacows with metal wheels were ok for £25 a couple of years back, also triple pack of steel sided stone wagons for £9 railroad version
  15. I liked Eams in Reading, it also had a Trents and another I can't remember, eventually I discovered Howes in oxford too
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