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  1. So no near date just £199 price
  2. Do we know when we find out the price of these beasts
  3. Mite arrive with the 3rd or 4th batch
  4. Has someone asked if they will all come out at once? I'll have 3 or 4 but all at once mite be a struggle
  5. 56036 in large logo anybody? 56001 in construction would be nice too, Hornby would of taken years to do this may 56s
  6. Come on, do an unnumbered and un logo triple grey and the Alex can make lots of number transfers
  7. Mite be tempted now.... so a positive for Hornby doing something wrong
  8. If the dirty brown is the same as the original run I'm happy, tho I thought it mite me the freight red under all that grime
  9. I often wonder why they detail the underneath of a wagon so much...... then stamp a moulding of the manufacturer's name on it too, that's not on the real thing !!!
  10. Dapol doing wagon in O gauge only just a little more expensive than this OO..... nice if Dapol was to down size it
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