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  1. Hi All, Congratulations to all at Accurascale on your awards this weekend. Very much deserved. You keep making the high fidelity models, & we will keep on buying them!
  2. Hi All, Does anyone have any ‘photographic evidence’ they could share with anything else but a Class 59 hauling these O & K wagons. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi All, I visited the Folkestone show yesterday which had a good mix of trade stands & exhibits. Footfall was possibly impacted by the torrential weather, but the good news is today the weather is fantastic. Highly recommended.
  4. CB Rail

    Hornby APT 2020

    Hi All, Don’t panic! I am sure our friends at Hornby have everything under control. Let’s see what comes through over the coming months. I am now sticking my head firmly back under the parapet.......
  5. Hi All, Went to the Folkestone show yesterday & picked up Snow King & Snow Queen ‘pimped up’ in Railfreight General livery. These are excellent model’s & will look even better with some light weathering below the sole bar. The real snow ploughs in this livery were based at Tinsley, Sheffield in the late 1980’s/early 1990’s therefore these models will make a great addition to my fleet.
  6. Hi All, Picked up my rake of these in original livery earlier today. Very impressed with these & worth mentioning the weight too. If people decide to load these, it will certainly take some ‘grunt’ to get the train moving - just like the real thing I guess. Now remind me, when is the class 59 anticipated?
  7. Hi All, Following up on this topic concerning the ‘red roof’ on the VEA’s. Looking at images on line of both models produced previously & kit variants that people have made & subsequently painted plus photo’s of the real thing, the majority of what I have found appear to have a greyish coloured roof. Granted, this could be having spent many years outside in the elements but these don’t appear to have a reddish base. It will be interesting to see these Bachmann models once produced & I dare say a significant amount of weathering will need to be applied especially to the roof….. Alternatively, maybe a re-paint of the roof. What colour would people suggest?
  8. Hi All, I have been busy today on my model railway. One of the tasks was to chip up my recently acquired class 33,052 ‘Ashford’ which was easily achieved & within 10 minutes or so she was running on my layout complete with a new Bachmann chip. She is a lovely smooth runner & the lights are a nice improvement too.
  9. Hi All, Another superb publication with some excellent reference photographs. I particularly enjoyed the articles on Satlink & Project Mercury. Thanks Terry & keep up the good work.
  10. Hi All, I wanted to recognise TMC for some excellent service recently. I placed a couple of orders last week for some Accurascale wagons & within a few days they had been supplied & very well packaged too. Thank you TMC. I see they have a 'Mayday' sale currently so maybe worth a look..... Enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend.
  11. CB Rail

    Hornby APT 2020

    Hi All, This looks really good & to my eye capture the feel of the real thing. Remember folks, this isn't the final version, but certainly looks very, very promising...... The next question I guess, will be when will these become available?
  12. Hi All, After purchasing the Accurascale PCA's, PFA's & PTA's, I finally had the opportunity to invest in some their HUO hoppers (packs H, J x 2 & K). After all, my modelling interest is from 1986 so I can just about get away with this. These wagons arrived on Friday & all I can say is wow.... As we have come to expect the detail is incredible. I have now ordered the Accurascale loads to compliment these wagons & once received will just need to weather these to represent the 'beaten up' appearance as they approached the end of the careers. I have the brake van sorted but what to run up top? A brace of blue class twenty's, a blue class 37 or alternatively the class 56 in blue with large logo (similar to the image that Fran shared from @Patrick shown above). Anyone else have any photo's from 1986 on that they could share showing diesel traction hauling these impressive wagons? Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi All, The sub-sector metals brace from Rails looks interesting...... I had a quick look at Paul Bartlett's informative site & see a couple of images dated 1990. That's good enough for me! Order placed.
  14. Hi All, I have had some feedback from Richard at Bachmann concerning the Rail Stores vent. vans. These are suitable for era 8. A small number were painted in this livery & as the photo's show on Paul Bartlett's site there are several photo's recorded in 1987. It was also possible to see these in multiples too as Paul's site also confirms. Hope this is of interest.
  15. Hi All, I am after some further information concerning an imminent release. The 'Rail Stores' ventilated van in it's colourful guise has piqued my interest. I have had a look at the Bachmann website but no further details are forthcoming other than the Item No. - 38-233. Having reached out to Bachmann but yet to receive a reply, I thought I would ask this knowledgable forum. I was looking for clarification on the era (7/8?). Also, was this livery for a single wagon or were there multiples & if so would they run in a rake of several combined in say a Speedlnk service or similar. Questions, questions..... All feedback gratefully received.
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