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  1. Hi All, I wanted to recognise TMC for some excellent service recently. I placed a couple of orders last week for some Accurascale wagons & within a few days they had been supplied & very well packaged too. Thank you TMC. I see they have a 'Mayday' sale currently so maybe worth a look..... Enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend.
  2. CB Rail

    Hornby APT 2020

    Hi All, This looks really good & to my eye capture the feel of the real thing. Remember folks, this isn't the final version, but certainly looks very, very promising...... The next question I guess, will be when will these become available?
  3. Hi All, After purchasing the Accurascale PCA's, PFA's & PTA's, I finally had the opportunity to invest in some their HUO hoppers (packs H, J x 2 & K). After all, my modelling interest is from 1986 so I can just about get away with this. These wagons arrived on Friday & all I can say is wow.... As we have come to expect the detail is incredible. I have now ordered the Accurascale loads to compliment these wagons & once received will just need to weather these to represent the 'beaten up' appearance as they approached the end of the careers. I have the br
  4. Hi All, The sub-sector metals brace from Rails looks interesting...... I had a quick look at Paul Bartlett's informative site & see a couple of images dated 1990. That's good enough for me! Order placed.
  5. Hi All, I have had some feedback from Richard at Bachmann concerning the Rail Stores vent. vans. These are suitable for era 8. A small number were painted in this livery & as the photo's show on Paul Bartlett's site there are several photo's recorded in 1987. It was also possible to see these in multiples too as Paul's site also confirms. Hope this is of interest.
  6. Hi All, I am after some further information concerning an imminent release. The 'Rail Stores' ventilated van in it's colourful guise has piqued my interest. I have had a look at the Bachmann website but no further details are forthcoming other than the Item No. - 38-233. Having reached out to Bachmann but yet to receive a reply, I thought I would ask this knowledgable forum. I was looking for clarification on the era (7/8?). Also, was this livery for a single wagon or were there multiples & if so would they run in a rake of several combined in say a Speedlnk s
  7. Hi All, I had a look at this also. £39.95 for a twin axle box van...... Even with Bachmann's initial 15% discount this still equates to around 34 quid per wagon & I am after a dozen! Thinking about Accurascale's JSA wagons recently provided for the the steel industry & also their PTA's @ circa 30 quid as well as potentially Dapol's forth coming O. & K. Yeoman wagons are all larger vehicles but with a reduced NSP. Smaller overheads for these Companies maybe an influencer. I guess if I want these I best start saving!
  8. Hi All, I have been considering purchasing one of these Bachmann R & R cranes for some time..... My modelling period is from the mid 1980's so at a stretch the red variant could be considered. But what about the cost? Paying in excess of £200 for this model, could this be justified? Well earlier in the week, I decided to invest in one of these models working on the premis that further variants of these models may not be introduced and if they were, inevitably the price would be impacted. And of course, do I want to wait another few years? This model arri
  9. Hi All, Is this bookazine available in the shops or is it mail order only from Key Publishing. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi All, I found this in my local Tesco's on Saturday & spent the rest of the weekend with my head buried in it! Excellent reference material. So much so, I have ordered some additional rolling stock on the basis of some of the images. Already looking forward to any future editions with one (hopefully) having a chapter relating to the conveyance of steel products..... Thank you Simon Bendall.
  11. Hi All, Reference the second run of these magnificent BBA wagons. There was some 'chatter' last November about an EWS variant, bauxite version & potentially some more Railfreight wagons There was also mentioned a possibility of more BLA's. Was there a definitive list provided by the manufacturer & a timeline on when these are expected? I would like to get my order in, but not sure what will be available. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi All, These look absolutely superb. Now I am after some help in finding an excuse to buy one. My modelling period is from 1986 - 1996 & my preference would be a two tone green liveried example for Railtours etc. 'Royal Scots Grey' I was thinking off, but can not see this. Have I missed something? Could anyone provide some clarification/inspiration on which model to buy. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi All, It will be interesting to see what Bachmann comes up with this year. Hornby has uped it's game & produced some good stuff with the likes of the APT & class 91 & others yet to appear from their 2020 anouncements & now there are there 2021 models recently announced. Cavalex & Accurascale & chipping away at market share with some fantastic items & even though they don’t have any products in direct competition, people's budgets are another consideration. Don't get me wrong, there has been some great stuff from Bachmann over the last couple of
  14. Hi All, I have to agree, these look superb & will follow on from their previous successes. As before, get 'em while you can, as once they are gone, they are gone or at least until another rerun.
  15. Hi All, I see Heljan are planning to release another Dutch liveried 33/0 example in a weathered condition with 'name plates & crest removed'. I believe this is a great idea, however inevitably it will come down to the execution. If anyone is interested the Model No is 3458 with Running No. 33,025.
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