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  1. What this appalling crime highlights is the absolute importance to fortify layouts, collections and clubs as much as is humanly possible. When I started out, I was studying different home insurance options and the company I opted with asked if I had any valuable collections. I mentioned my model railway and they advised that I took copious photos with dates, kept all receipts, boxes etc and create an inventory which I now use as a 'bible', not only to document stuff but also as a budgeting tool. Short of building gun turrets on my house manned by armed guards I have done everything I can to protect my property within the law (which is an ass). I'm sure the exhibitors will have such records (even if it was stored in their heads) but,as has already been mentioned, the financial cost is almost secondary to the hours of skill and application used to create the fantastic layouts and products we see today. My thoughts are with all affected and hope they are able to regroup and rebuild/restock.
  2. So I just thought I'd share my efforts on this subject. I can hardly claim a scratch build here because I've used the basic Hornby PGA wagon together with the modified Shapeways roof canopy and attached etched ladder and overhead decals. There are two types of material you can get for the roof. A white versatile plastic version is about £15 and the one I used was made of smooth fine detail plastic for about £22. I went for the finer material as the write up claimed the intricate detail of the mechanism was more defined (which it is). I managed to get the base wagon for about £7.50 a few years ago so with Tamiya matt white spray the total cost was about £32 which is the same as (in my opinion) the gold standard PGA (Cavalex). The original Hornby model is very rare as it was only released for one year, I believe 1991, and now goes for ridiculous amounts on auction sites (the last I saw was £84 for 3!!). I wish they would re-release it, even though it is completely inaccurate as it would be great to make a small rake. I don't think BIS ever had PGA versions so I though I'd have a crack at improving what I had. Haven't gone for major accuracy and still have to change the PGA to PAA decals. Anyway hope this is of interest
  3. Think the Malcolm one (90024) is as close you'll get to wow and would be popular. Very intricate livery but I'm sure Bachmann would be up to the task.
  4. I think the trap that we can fall into is to expect a return on investment and in some cases to try and make a profit when we want to sell surplus items. For example a loco that cost £60 when bought new ten years ago could fetch up to £150+ on an auction site if someone is desperate enough. On the flip side you have to factor in 'play wear' if the item isn't new. So the same loco could now fetch less than £20. I took some items to Hatton's last year and had a figure in my mind of what I'd part with them for. They pretty much matched my expectation which allowed me to part-ex. At the end of the day you don't have to sell if the price offered doesn't match your valuation.
  5. Precisely. Which is exactly what all 'Dapol' posts on various platforms were like prior to the parting of the waves of their self proclaimed mouthpiece.
  6. Thanks Yes, incredible own goal with the 88. I'm also thinking Silver Bullets and Telescopic Steel Coil wagons plus the Kernow commissioned China Clay wagons with the worst decals I have ever seen (post Dapol) But how much did he lead on these or was he one part of a design team. I'm trying to understand at what point he felt he could do a better job than Dapol?
  7. For those in the know, what was Mr Jones specific role at Dapol? What acclaimed models did he have input & influence over? Genuinely would like to be educated on this, because from what I see, since his 'departure', Dapol have flourished. Maybe at a steady pace, maybe with some minor teething problems but overall have produced some excellent stuff. My main concern though is for the crowdfunders. I was lucky that I pre-ordered a Class 92 from my local model shop but cancelled it ages ago after seeing no progress. Losing £30 is bad enough but some people appear to have lost in the hundreds. With many bailing or about to withdraw the rest may as well do a KLF .... go and sit in a field and burn all their money.
  8. Like many others I'm having trouble finding the words without the risk of being thrown off this forum....merely for the vocabulary I would use alone. Needless to say, let's hope all the other valued and respected manufacturers prevail and this threat is totally obliterated as it deserves to be.
  9. I've just checked and its now gone up again to $20.82 !!!
  10. Thanks SpoorObjecten. It was definitely set to economy manufacturing speed. I was surprised as to why the price changed at the exact moment I was going through the ordering process.
  11. Looking for some advice. I was about to order something on Shapeways for $16. When I went to the payment section I realised there was an alternative type of print which was more expensive ($24) but better quality. So I cancelled my basket, went back to the initial page to re-evaluate & amend the order. The price of the $16 product had shot up to $20 and the more expensive one to $29. I assumed there may have been a price change due to currency fluctuation of the £ with dollars and euros but the rate has been stable for the past few days. Does anyone know why the price suddenly spiked up...was it coincidence and would it come back down or just continue to increase ? Any help would be gratefully received. Cheers
  12. Winter123

    Hornby 66s

    Can't disagree with any of your thoughts adb. Hattons have been actively promoting the Hornby range on social media as obviously they will also make profit on them albeit would prefer higher sales of their higher spec version. Maybe people are filling their boots as the Hattons one has been pushed back to August or are they buying cheaper body moulds to alternate on the Hattons chassis? (if possible and without the need for advanced modelling techniques). Interesting times...
  13. Seen a picture of a mixed Cawood/British Fuel consist on Settle-Carlisle line in 1996 with a double headed Transrail 37. Can't show the picture as its copyrighted unfortunately but would agree with a comment earlier on about the possibility of offering the containers separately.
  14. Brilliant announcement again lads. Did the Cawood versions ever run with British Fuels in a mixed train or were they always block trains of a single company?
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