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  1. The BBA's are absolutely superb. Just for clarification, Rails have actually received the BBA versions which were sold out on pre-order. The BLA's have not arrived yet but are expected shortly (info as of yesterday). The website is showing them as in stock.
  2. Received my 4 today. Biffa/Cemex/One/Freightliner. All run perfectly in both directions (20+mins), no derailments, bits falling off etc. Very slight wobble but we know why that is and its not bothering me. The Freightliner orange is clearly too light but much deeper than the photos on the website show. I can live with it. It appears that Hatton's and Bachmann have both got their shade of orange the wrong way round for the respective loco numbers. Stand to be corrected. Clearly there is still a QC issue as others have pointed out but just wanted to add balance. Maybe I got lucky.....
  3. Yes, unfortunately the DRS Blue is way off. It's identical to the BR Blue Hymek colour to my eyes. I've decided to keep my pair as I lean slightly towards rule 1 and can live with it but totally understand people not accepting it. This kind of thing has crept in a lot recently and is not restricted to a particular manufacturer, whereby they have made a previous model (in this case 33207) and got the livery correct and then completely changed it on the most recent releases. Absolutely baffling errors....... Brace yourselves for the Freightliner Orange scenario................
  4. Agreed. Preferably without it falling apart.....
  5. Wanted to share my experience today in relation to recent posts. I have two locos, 66218 (Euro Cargo Rail) and 66789. 66218 is perfect and I haven't had any significant wobble or axle box problems with either. However 66789 has been stuttering at random places around loops resulting in occasional detachment of wagons. This morning the loco derailed in a tunnel(my fault as it wasn't correctly positioned on the track) , which is not very accessible. Nightmare. So I had to push it out with a stick when it fell onto one side and I winced at the prospect of considerable damage. Eventually I managed to pull it out of the tunnel entrance dragging around the track with no detail issues to my eyesight and no paintwork chipped showing it to be very robust. And the big news is the stutter has disappeared!! I don't recommend shaking the loco violently or bashing it against the floor but there is definitely some form of misalignment of the chassis or internal working imbalances in some models as Marcus discovered. I have four further 66's on order with some trepidation but have decided to keep the order mainly because of Hatton's excellent support & service. I have been quite lucky with these two but what are the chances that all 4 of those on order will work properly?
  6. Shocked about this. I've used AMS for many years and always had perfect service and communications.
  7. Rails have got them all in stock....unless you want sound?
  8. Agreed Alex, but I find the Hornby strategy absolutely baffling. Announcing the Power car with no DVT/Dummy Car to match and then playing hide and seek with the MK4s. The initial reaction was that whoever got to market first would have the upper hand but maybe that won't be the case here. We shall see what happens but if Cavalex can move forward quickly they could well clean up.
  9. It's getting to the point where Manufacturers should maybe consider not predicting delivery times until the product is literally in their warehouses or entering the English Channel, as they seem to have little control on the development, manufacturing and shipping timetable. For those who don't get riled by delays will be unaffected.... For those who get irritated by delays, the expectation will be more realistic. Suppose it doesn't help budgeting plans though. The Hatton's 66 was originally estimated for March 2019. However some manufacturers are literally years out with their predicted delivery promises.
  10. Winter123

    Rod Bellis

    I am very saddened to hear about the loss of Rod. Thanks for the information Tony. He became my Model Railway father figure, initially when I was a youngster and he was at DC Evans and TAGS (near the station). He used to give my Dad advice on expanding the first layout I had. When I returned to this crazy world about 11 years ago, we rekindled our friendship and his advice and knowledge helped me to build the layout I have today. He must have spent many an hour wiring up points, soldering stuff together and repairing loco's for me....not forgetting assembling the Hornby Pylon set on a spare afternoon! Always offered me a staff discount, parking spot at the front of the shop on Nether Hall Road plus a cup of tea when we were having a laugh with the staff at TAGs. Once, Rod tried to talk me into going for a sales rep job and put me in touch with the also much missed legend and former Bachmann Rep Steve Chantry. Thankfully Steve and I talked more about cricket than modelling so it never went any further. I can only imagine the amount of abuse i would have got from some people on here if that had progressed! But they were always able to share information which educated me immeasurably in how the industry was progressing and roughly when models were on their way! I believe Rod was heavily involved in the layout that graced the Beaulieu Motor Museum for many years, had links to Perth and also taught Pete Waterman a trick or two (He gave me a signed copy of his book). I will try my utmost to attend Rose Hill on the 30th to pay my respects. God bless you Rod and condolences to your nearest and dearest.
  11. Spoke to an ITK a few months ago, who explained that it would be highly unlikely Bachmann would do another run of (possibly) the best two modern wagons they have delivered: The Polybulks and JJA Autoballesters. Just not economically viable now. Shame if true, as there are plenty of liveries that could have been looked into.
  12. If Cavalex are in position to continue the Class 91 project they hopefully wouldn't be too badly impacted IF they can get theirs to market first. Due to the impatience of some to deliver quicker after announcement. Only had a quick look but most of the Hornby running numbers are different and they don't appear to be offering the complementing DVT or Mk 4s, which isn't great joined up thinking if that is the case.
  13. They would remove it from the box and test it on the layout in the shop.
  14. If you only live 3 miles away, why didn't you go in and inspect the actual model itself?
  15. Completely agree with James. Jenny Kirk and the Sams trains guy openly admit that they have limited knowledge of the modern scene.
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