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  1. The latest Bachmann Times states it was identified that a “small improvement” to the mechanism could be made, and as a result the model was delayed. Delivery is now projected for “the first half” of 2021.
  2. And here’s a YouTube link for anyone who wants to see a production example in action.
  3. Gosh, that’s a beautiful machine. This last brief period of waiting might just be the hardest so far!
  4. I received mine a few days ago from Model Railways Direct, who sadly seem to have sold out. But they are out there!
  5. Looking forward to turning the air blue as I once again struggle through another disgustingly difficult spot-the-difference!
  6. Anyone else have their pre-orders for these coaches cancelled by Hattons? Just had an email informing me they were “unable to secure the stock to allocate to your pre-orderl, hopefully they haven’t fallen out with Hornby as well as Bachmann!
  7. A full rake of these are going to look fantastic! I’ll leave that to someone with a fatter wallet than I to prove, though. Looking forward to my TPE set arriving more than ever!
  8. So after treating myself at Christmas 2019 by ordering a set of flat pack baseboards I was looking forward to having a project for the occasional weekend off or evening free during what was shaping up to be a very busy 2020. In the end, a courier dropped off a pair of baseboards on the day Lockdown 1 was announced, and with nothing but time on my hands I dived right in. Inspired by a plan found in a Peco track plan book Birklands is a firm ‘Rule 1’ 5ft x 4ft layout built on a pair of baseboards to allow for storage under the bed when not is use. It features a station with passing l
  9. Watto1990

    2021 hopes

    One of the preserved examples made it into BR black a few years back, didn’t it? I’d be more than happy to apply a little bit of Rule 1 for a model of that!
  10. Well, the review in January’s Hornby Magazine makes for very exciting reading and the GT3 seems to have impressed! I’m eagerly awaiting mine making its way into my hands.
  11. Got an email asking me to call the office to complete the order this morning. It was mentioned I was one of the first to get an order in, that they had a full inbox and were anticipating a busy few days.
  12. Do you have too many locomotives? Are you sick of complaints your DCC sound is just too loud?
  13. Thank you for the helpful reply, I had thought Hornby had sold out weeks ago and didn’t think to check again.
  14. Is anyone aware of these available to pre-order anywhere? I had a set of three ordered from A Popular South Yorkshire Retailer that seems to be about to be cancelled.
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