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  1. Hmm....... Newest version FNA ( Uas ) Bogie PBA tripolyphosphate and later, starch wagon, Big and Left leaning ! HCO Coke Wagons IQA wagon, that is Very Big and Very Left Field !! What Fun!! Meld
  2. Mostly VTG Grey, and from when they returned from overhaul and painting into VTG Grey. Some later in service shots giving an idea as to how the Gloss livery Matted down as well ... HTH MC
  3. Hi There, I made my models of these De-Icing GLV's from the following MJT parts, Etched coach sides, https://www.dartcastings.co.uk/mjt/1005.php EPB driving end White metal casting https://www.dartcastings.co.uk/mjt/1101.php and White metal cast Shoe Beams https://www.dartcastings.co.uk/mjt/2463.php All of this was added around an ex Lima MK1 BG coach as the base, with one end removed and replaced with the cast driving end and the sides added after marking out the new window apertures, with contact adhesive. ( you could just buy one of these resin models though,http://www.britanniapacific.co.uk/Depart GatwickLV.htm, they do both the original version and the refurbished version that were fitted with roller shutter doors and Wipac lights. Scro;; down to the bottomof the page ). HTH Meld
  4. The picture shows the old Up and Down Fast platform ( since demolished and the lines straightened out for the 1976[?] re-signalling ) and the good yard ( which is now buried under the rising embankment for the Fly over ). If you look at the far left edge of the picture you can see the current Platform and the Jnc Signal Box and in the Top distance is the repaired bridge carrying the Nunhead to Lewisham route following the Disaster. HTH MC
  5. meld


    Very good to see George and his support crew today venture South of the Watford services. George has let slip the next Masterpiece that will be on the way soon, I'm sure Nobby will have a Trade show to go to on its debut though!!
  6. Looking good Carl, great progress. Meld
  7. Here ... http://www.revolutiontrains.com/product-category/ngauge/sturgeon/ Meld
  8. Might Help? https://www.flickr.com/photos/johnmightycat/5662902834/in/[email protected]/ It's the only one I've ever found. Meld
  9. Hi, that looks a grand job. On the next one, if there is a next one, it might be worth cutting some small rectangles of 10 thou plastic and fill the front of the opening on the bodysides where the clips from the chassis go, you can file these down a bit too, it will make a massive difference to the overall finished and upgraded model. HTH Meld.
  10. At he risk of being shouted at again .... my reply was in reply to the OP from my original reply regarding the signals at Bromley North where I had found, via a Flickr search a colour picture of a class 73 and 8 TC rail tour that had visited Bromley North in 1979 and it showed the assembled tour participants thronged around the London End of the platform taking picture of the said locomotive and Train, it also showed the signal that was being asked about at that time. The OP asked a few questions in his reply to that posting and I replied in order to him in my previous reply. Here is the flickr link to the specific picture that myself and the OP were discussing in that posting .... https://www.flickr.com/photos/nigelmenzies/23119070384/in/album-72157660059551974/ My Information on the positioning of the Ex Hayes signal box is correct however and in the only picture of Hayes in this thread you would be very hard pressed to actually see the signal box controlling Hayes as it was a NX panel in London Bridge at the time and is now Controlled from TBROC! With that said I shall gracefully retire from the thread and enjoy the sights of London Bridge and TBROC controlled signals for the next 9 odd hours in peace and quite. To The OP good luck with your layout build it shall watch on with interest on this project. MELD
  11. Hi, No it's not my Album, turned up the picture on a Flickr search. Yes, the track layout in that picture is as it is currently. The "Hayes" Picture isn't Hayes, I Believe it to be Addiscombe box. Hayes Box was to the left side of the Up line much where the Relay room is today. The platform Curves the wrong way and the industry is where the road under the railway and Football fields are at Hayes!! HTH. Meld
  12. I can confirm that there are two signals on the Gantry, L334 and L336. L334 is the signal mounted to the side of the upright and L336 is on the horizontal itself. https://www.flickr.com/photos/nigelmenzies/23664847461/in/[email protected]/ I was looking at them both for 2 1/2 hours last night . Meld
  13. Have you asked LegomanBiffo if that can be done with the current version of the File on your Chip? Lovely chap, always happy to help . Meld
  14. Kamel + 7 Vice Railcar on the first train from Wernigerode - Eisfelder Talmühle, Sunday 10th June. Driver and Guard + Myself and my Friend. Fabulous trip!
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