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  1. Ah well. It was nice while it lasted.

    1. bgman


      I hope you washed your hands afterwards ? :lol:

  2. Rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty

  3. Sorry Mods: I think I asked for a topic to be moved when it was already in the best place... I'm mortified! Lesson learned - I won't be doing that in the wee small hours again.

    1. AY Mod

      AY Mod

      OK; I've moved it back.

    2. Harlequin


      Thanks Andy.

      Actually I think I was right the first time but I won't ask you to move it again. Life's too short!

      Edit: That came out wrong. What I meant was, I don't want to pester you when you've got better things to do.


  4. Plan meticulously or throw it together and see what happens?

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    2. mdvle


      Can depend on the type of person, but likely for most ideally a bit of both.  Plan, but be willing to change when laying things down don't look or feel right.


    3. Harlequin


      Yes, there are a spectrum of possible approaches.

      In an active current thread (mdvle knows which one) a member is being given the whole range of advice from measure accurately and plan on a computer, through pencil and paper, to building the boards first and only then think about what goes on them!

      I tend towards the planning end of the spectrum - and I recognise that one of my failings is that I plan a bit too much before actually doing anything.


    4. mdvle


      I guess to be a bit clearer, I think the issue is that there are some people who just have the ability to visualize in their mind a layout given an in place benchwork and just start laying track.  Most of us don't have that advantage so the time spend planning is a necessary part of the process if for no other reason than to reduce waste as we discover what we want doesn't fit.

      It also will depend on the size of the layout.  It is one thing to grab a 2'x6' piece of wood and play around with some track, another thing entirely when you are looking at the cost of wood and other materials for a 20'x30' space, where having a design to try and follow can help save money on materials.

  5. Zer is a meurth in ma rhum

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    2. Devo63


      Just doing the backstroke.

    3. Hroth


      I'll take a shot in the dark....

    4. Ian J.

      Ian J.

      I have a burm

    1. BoD


      Now there's a challenge for the good Captain.

  6. Build it and they will come.

    1. Corbs



  7. Crikey! Fabergé on Bargain Hunt...

  8. Great to be back! It looks great and I can already see some good feature improvements. Thanks to Andy and team.

  9. "Varients"???

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    2. Hroth


      As used by Harrison Ford in Witness.

    3. Londontram


      That's the one

    4. Harlequin


      One of the banner ads currently says, "5 Varients" of Terrier. Grrr...

  10. has lost one of his shovels.

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    2. Tim Hall

      Tim Hall

      Is your name Doug?


    3. Londontram


      At least with only one shovel you won't have to take your pick!

    4. Hroth


      Walk over the carpet in your bare feet - it'll soon show up!

  11. Ooph! Lots of bubble and squeak tomorrow!

    1. bgman


      With smoked bacon mmmmm

    2. Danemouth
    3. Hroth


      My tum now....

  12. "Special offer" carpet bombing - bound to hit the target eventually...

  13. is sorting through a box of Xmas lights, which all work to a degree but there isn't one fully working set in there.

    1. Hroth


      Its traditional!

    2. Mikkel


      The world in a nutshell

  14. is sorting through a box full of Xmas lights that all nearly work but not quite.

    1. tigerburnie


      LED's have certainly made that job easier

  15. Poor old Mr Blewitt

  16. You wouldn't let it lie!

    1. bgman


      Bob ....is that you ?

    2. Hroth


      Lying is bad!

  17. I want to reply but RMWeb won't let me post! ARGH!

    1. mike morley

      mike morley

      On status updates? You are not alone. I had exactly the same problem yesterday. (But not now, assuming this actually gets posted!)

    2. Market65


      It seems to have been fixed, for now, at least. And the banner is no longer across the top of the pages.

  18. TV desert tonight, not even any Simpsons :-(

    1. Sails


      You're not on cable then?

    2. Metr0Land


      Portillo's on at 9pm (buildings not trains)

    3. sharris


      Will there ever be a series Portillo on Portaloo where he visits various temporary lavatories around the country?

  19. You can forget about Icey T and Scoopy Scoopy Dog Dog!

    1. Captain Kernow

      Captain Kernow

      I didn't know about them in the first place.

    2. Welchester
    3. Sails


      My Lovely Horse

  20. is looking forward to getting the log-burner going for the first time this winter. Feeling primal and a bit pagan!

    1. steve22


      Yule not regret it, O Druid.

    2. Hroth


      So you'll be dancing around the smouldering logs this evening?

  21. Only Connect! :-)

    1. uax6


      At last its back on! A proper quiz show, that 10 type of people understand....

    2. Hroth


      You're just in thrall to Viki....

    3. Harlequin


      Time, Record, Wicket, Park. Too difficult for them...

  22. "Use a /pen/, Sideshow Bob!"

    1. Michael Delamar

      Michael Delamar

      No one who speaks German could be an evil man

  23. has just thought of something clever to say - half an hour after he should have said it! No-one will ever know...

    1. Hroth


      Happens all the time...

    2. Welly


      L'Esprit d'escalier - French for "Staircase wit"

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