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  1. Has anyone commissioned one in plain BR Blue livery?
  2. Many thanks, I wonder if this is the Hastings to Brighton student service mentioned above but the '64' headcode suggests not - anyone know what service the 64 was?
  3. Thanks for the summary. I know the photos are all black and white but are they entirely from the Green era or are there several in blue and grey livery?
  4. Can you give us a clue as to what lines are covered in both Southern Electrics Volume 1 and 2 ? Any photos from East Sussex?
  5. no, definitely only three! 1. Death 2. Taxes 3. negative comments from model railway enthusiasts!
  6. Cheers, only three things are certain in life; death, taxes; and that you'll get negative comments from model railway enthusiasts!
  7. I've really been looking forward to the Southern Electrics 1948 - 1972 Volume II book. Any clues as to what lines are included in this volume? Any Central Division lines in Sussex on the South Coast on the East Coastway Line or are the majority of photos in suburban London?
  8. Did the Cep and Bep units stay allocated at Brighton until the 1980s?, i.e. the refurbished versions (15XX) ?
  9. do you know which Cep and Bep units were allocated to Brighton for Central Division main line use during the 1970s and 1980s?
  10. Thanks, what an excellent photo. I don't remember Platform 4 - does anyone know what services would have used this platform?
  11. excellent work, looks amazing. Any chance you can scan the bottom right hand corner (i.e Eastbourne) in a higher resolution so the text is easier to read? Thanks for all your hard efforts!
  12. I know they were incredibly rare as this were ostensibly the domain of the 4-CIG (and 4-VEP) post 1972 but does anyone know of any photos (or any details) of 4-CEP and 4-BEP services on the East Coastway Line, ideally between Eastbourne and Hastings? I have heard anicdotal evidence they did run sometimes if there were stock shortages, failures, etc. I'm pretty sure I never saw any but only spent holidays down there. Also interested on the section of the East Coastway Line between Brighton and Lewes, and the Seaford Branch as well. Any help in any era would be appreciated.
  13. thanks for the all the responses, plenty of food for thought.
  14. Does anyone produce an AEC or AEG transfomer wagon load in OO / 4mm scale, similar to that shown in the images below?
  15. The holy grail was seeing a 4CEP or 4BEP on East Coastway services!
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