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  1. Does anyone know the history of the Class 101 DMUs operating in Cornwall and Devon in the early 1970s? I have seen a few photos of P800, P801, and P803 at various places in Devon and Cornwall between 1972 and 1974. How long did they last at Laira for? It would appear only a year to 18-months or so before they were re-shedded. Why such a short life in the West Country and why were they needed in the first place? They all seem to have been in Blue/Grey by this time and all with headcode box - none seem to have been in all Blue. I know some came back in the lat
  2. Do you know what goods were carried on the pick-up freight services on the Falmouth branch when Class 22's were operating them? I have seen plenty of Vanfits stored in the sidings at Penryn but never sure what they would have contained.
  3. Excellent news - did this class of DMU ever make it to Ilkley?
  4. That's disappointing, that means the volume covering 12T ventilated vans will be even further pushed back.
  5. Yes, looking forward to it. Vol. 3 is wooden coal wagons to the 1923 Specification. I expect Vol. 4 will be the rest of the minerals.
  6. Ben04uk

    Class 33 Book

    can anyone set out the contents page for this book? Interested to see what it covers.
  7. Has anyone commissioned one in plain BR Blue livery?
  8. Many thanks, I wonder if this is the Hastings to Brighton student service mentioned above but the '64' headcode suggests not - anyone know what service the 64 was?
  9. Thanks for the summary. I know the photos are all black and white but are they entirely from the Green era or are there several in blue and grey livery?
  10. Can you give us a clue as to what lines are covered in both Southern Electrics Volume 1 and 2 ? Any photos from East Sussex?
  11. no, definitely only three! 1. Death 2. Taxes 3. negative comments from model railway enthusiasts!
  12. Cheers, only three things are certain in life; death, taxes; and that you'll get negative comments from model railway enthusiasts!
  13. I've really been looking forward to the Southern Electrics 1948 - 1972 Volume II book. Any clues as to what lines are included in this volume? Any Central Division lines in Sussex on the South Coast on the East Coastway Line or are the majority of photos in suburban London?
  14. Did the Cep and Bep units stay allocated at Brighton until the 1980s?, i.e. the refurbished versions (15XX) ?
  15. do you know which Cep and Bep units were allocated to Brighton for Central Division main line use during the 1970s and 1980s?
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