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  1. I'll be there too, with my range of kits! Jonathan JSModels
  2. Whilst it was on my mind (because of this thread) I went onto the EM Gauge Society website this morning, and ended up joining. Whether I get any further than that with the layout, who knows!
  3. Timely that this subject should pop up. I'm contemplating building a small industrial layout (mainly to showcase my laser-cut kits, TBH) and have toyed with the idea of trying EM instead of OO - mainly due to the advent of @Wayne Kinney's point kits. It wouldn't be anything complicated, and stock-wise it would just be a few 4-wheeled wagons and a Hornby 48DS, so stock modification should be relatively straightforward. I just thought it might be a bit more of a challenge, and an opportunity to learn a new skill or two. Jonathan
  4. That's great to hear (on both counts!) and I look forward to coming back next year. Jonathan JSModels
  5. Mark, Glad to hear someone's bought it, it would have been a real shame to break it up. Jonathan
  6. As the Leeds show will be my first ever 'proper' show, I spent today putting together all the pieces of my new show stand in the garage to check everything works/fits as it should: Really looking forward to next weekend! Jonathan JSModels
  7. I did, before Facebook went down! If you're coming up to Tod it'd be criminal for me not to come over and meet up!
  8. Thanks Brian, that means a lot especially coming from you! I was really hoping to get to GETS to meet you and Dan, but I just couldn't make it work unfortunately. Looks and sounds like you had a really great weekend, so sorry I missed it. Maybe next time!
  9. It's been far too long, but I finally have a couple of updates. Firstly, I'll be attending Leeds MRS on 23rd & 24th October: I'll have a stand there with stock of all my kits, so please say hi if you come along. Feel free to purchase something too Secondly, some of you may recall (but maybe not, it was a LONG time ago!!!) I was doing a commission to build Didcot Provender Store in OO gauge/4mm scale. Well, it's finally finished (as far as I'm finishing it, anyway - all the windows, trims, buttresses, roof slates etc. are being being supplied loose, for the client to fit). It's a bit of a beast; 760mm long, 300mm wide, and 310mm tall (even without the water tanks on the tops of the towers!) Here's what the prototype looked like, now long gone, unfortunately: And here's the model. It's not an exact replica (there are no detailed drawings of it anyway) just a general 'impression of': The rear wall & shorter tower are a separate, removable section. This is to allow access for the client to install the windows, but also because he's planning to model the interior! It's going to be fun crating this up to ship it 'down south', but that should be done in the next week or so... Regards, Jonathan JSModels
  10. I'm having a little sale, with 10% off all items for the rest of August. Simply use discount code 'AUGUSTBH' at checkout to get your discount. Code is valid until midnight on 31/08/21. I'm away for a little break, meaning any orders placed won't be posted until Saturday (4th September). I will still be checking/answering emails though, so if you have a query about anything please don't hesitate to get in touch. Regards, Jonathan JSModels
  11. Also, several members of our club were helping out at the Model Railway Weekend at Carnforth Heritage Centre last weekend (21st & 22nd August). They said that the Sunday was slightly higher on numbers than pre-covid, and that the Saturday was "absolutely heaving" with way more visitors than they're ever had previously. I don't have anything in terms of concrete numbers, but they said it was extremely encouraging! Jonathan
  12. I posted this back on 2nd August in the Exhibition Organiser's section, but I don't think there's much of an audience there! The show was on 1st August:
  13. I hope you don't mind, but I just stumbled across this thread & saw that you're planning an oil depot - I had planned (though never built!) a small oil depot in N gauge, and took some photos of one local to me, near Halifax. Thought the pictures may be of use to you, so here they are: https://photos.app.goo.gl/AbYNo4gb89TH4oW69 The sidings have been out of use and disconnected from the mainline for some time - but rather strangely fenced off and kept reasonably intact. If you go into the info for any of the pics & follow the location info to Google Maps, you'll see where they are located. Edit - for some reason that's not working, but the location is here. Jonathan
  14. For example, here's a screenshot of a pdf brochure that took less than 2 mins to find and download: 7.4m divided by 76 = 97.4mm, so that would (in theory) be the length of a OO gauge model of it. In practice it might be slightly different, but I'd expect it to be 95-100mm long. Jonathan
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