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  1. Great work as always James - love the way you have captured the rust lines on the lower body
  2. Hmmm, I didn't think I needed any more 92s than I already hd on order from Revolution but I might be about to prove myself wrong!
  3. I may be forced to swap to OO from N if that was to happen
  4. mmmm.... but I'm buggered if I'm painting it myself though Come on Dapol / Farish - pretty please
  5. Loving your work on the DVTs - I must have a go at mine!
  6. Anything is realistic if you want it to be! Good idea with removing that track on the left - less is more sometimes - I know I'm often guilty of just fitting in as much track as I can without thinking it through
  7. Ditto - when buying a few bits of kits etc there is only so much discount you get elsewhere - often due to the free delivery it is better to go with Gaugemaster than the big 'discounters' who then charge £4 or more for delivery
  8. Cracking picture - I love the grass growing out the top of the bridge
  9. Order duly placed for some 'ONE' containers - will certainly add some colour to the layout!
  10. Just stumbled across this thread - love your weathering Jon very subtle and realistic looking
  11. Looks a fun little layout - will be following its development with interest as it's my preferred era too
  12. Cracking write up and images in BRM Mr Newbryford - layout looks fantastic and well worth travelling to see!
  13. Thanks Jack - doesn't sound like we will see Q2 2019 as per the original announcement though!
  14. Looks a fun little compact layout - I like all the underground stock!
  15. All the talk is that they're only just going into production in the last month or so - August suddenly seems a very sensible bet
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