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  1. Hornby are selling them on their site again for those that missed out. https://www.Hornby.com/uk-en/l-mr-open-third-class-carriage-era-1.html
  2. Thanks for that. I succumbed at that price. Looks like I got their last one. Now do I put it in the cupboard al g with the Rocket.....
  3. I think brand loyalty only goes so far. I bought the Tri-ang Rocket simply for the packaging, I'm noted as a contrubutor to Pat Hammond's Tri-ang trilogy, I think the Evening Star was a major milestone and is still a fine model, but haven't been tempted at £150! So brand loyalty only goes do far. For me anyway.
  4. The difference being that the Duchess was an innovative new idea released in smaller numbers. Evening Star is pretty much the same model that has been done to death over the years. So I get why the Duchess went sky high, but I'm perplexed as to why the 9f would sell out tbh.
  5. That's the earlier limited edition. Silly price though!
  6. I think you'll find this a real niche area. Great system in its day, but now at 40 years old it's going to be really fragile and superceded by DCC.
  7. I think that is bob on myself. I fully expect to see more diecast Duchesses followed by an A4 in Dublo packaging. The EM2 moulds have been destroyed per Simon Kohler.
  8. They're now £133.85 sadly. Looks like they must have sold some.
  9. Sad news. Thank you for the service I've had over the years. Hope all the affected find alternative employment soon.
  10. I had to replace a twisted chassis. Major nightmare job. I did get it back together and it ran beautifully. A short while later the rhs valve gear disintegrated! Might have been related, but I don't think so. They seem a very fragile model
  11. You. But you're too rude and arrogant to see it. You did ask....
  12. You've added nothing to the understanding, insulted people and made yourself look rather childish. The main pieces of evidence we have are the statement from Rails and the evidence I posted - I'll post it again for you. John gets the maths, as do I. Based on that, it is not unreasonable to look at the manufacturer.
  13. So what is the cause? We have one retailer that made a mistake and others that claim they didn't get their allocation. Rather than belittle the victims, why not spell out what you believe to be the issue?
  14. Basically you are saying a Sheffield based retailer is lying?
  15. Do you always take your clothes off when unboxing a model
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