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  1. Sure we would still be waiting for the dj version, imagine all the excuses he would use
  2. Short answer is No - avoid Hornby DCC equipment completely. They might be a leading brandname in model railways but their DCC equipment leaves a lot to be desired. My personal recommendation would be a NCE Powercab but it depends on your budget. Dont skimp on control equipment
  3. There's a reason its not done and not recommended......
  4. Very nice video - soundwise the real ones emitted a Hymek like growl up and down the rev range, curious mix of EMD and MetroVick. Another game changer here and a preview for other IRM/Accurascale locos
  5. Would not be left waiting many years for starters...
  6. Initially D400/1 came with them fitted from the factory, the other 48 followed without and had them added later, as you can see the plating where the MW jumpers will be fitted when 2 locos became standard on Crewe to Glasgow runs up to 1974 when the WCML was fully electrified
  7. Surprised given the UK Games expo was held recently at the NEC, but I'm guessing the average age of attendees was a little lower Just how it is, take nothing for granted anymore
  8. Ill wait and see what the retailers will sell them at But people will give out no matter what. The bar has been raised in RTR Diesel and Electric locos, Bachmann have reacted accordingly and people are still moaning. The way some people go on, its like saying development of the motorcar should have stopped when the Ford Model T came out and we should have stuck with them...... Cant win, even if they were half the price, or double. Same old
  9. Therein lies the problem, KMS just arent pushing this as hard as they should be. All of the stock they have that other retailers and manufacturers have sold out of attests to this
  10. More facebook spin. Not the first time they have said that
  11. Saves them having to make the earlier version of the silencer as initially fitted to 59001-4
  12. Until the containers are unloaded at their respective destinations I'd not be getting excited.
  13. Was meant to be model rail, many years ago. Lets get the initial model to market first, fed up waiting now - The real ones took less time to be ordered, designed and built.....
  14. Ploy to build up their preoders, that they can honour of course for a change
  15. They must have made a few changes in their operational department
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