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  1. Doesnt matter - trains on the living room floor is always fun
  2. Buy it somewhere else - The End ......8 pages of waffle......
  3. Some of those read like content from the 2 MLI 'Annuals' - which were a bit more diverse
  4. The scaling is to no recognisable scale, easier way to say it.
  5. Not even HO, closer to 3mm/TT scale, if even that...
  6. Love how everyone is blaming the factory, when its actually the design thats wrong. An old computer programming term applies here - RiRo - 'Rubbish In, Rubbish Out'. Somebody got the sums wrong and they were not checked...
  7. Given its a model five years in the making, whats another delay. Getting close to half the time it took for certain kernow models to appear (ok we know why) but 5 years of development it had better be flawless in each and every way
  8. The Model Railway Society of Irelands first Virtual Exhibition will be beginning shortly at the link below https://www.facebook.com/MRSIExpo/ Plenty to come over the coming 3 days, MRSI layouts past and present
  9. Hi all Due to the current Covid19 situation the Model Railway Society of Ireland have taken the sad and reluctant decision to cancel the Dublin October Bank Holiday weekend show for 2020 We intend to host a 2 day show in Spring 2021 if and when the situation improves Naturally we are very disappointed about this but it is out of our control Stay Safe Everyone
  10. Other stuff too like the side the exhaust port is on, 59001-4 have it on the opposite side to the rest I just hope given the longer development period its a model worth the wait
  11. Knew I'd seen that design before somewhere....
  12. You can actually go 10 higher, as 90001-90025 all rolled off the production line in Intercity Swallow Another excuse to do some modelling
  13. Or the humored mob who did nothing but laugh at him.....and his more easily led followers
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