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  1. This is great - I'd not been thinking about the outside tracks. In your example rather than looping back in bottom right, I could have it extend into a sharp cliff/quarry area as the girls asked, and on the bottom left have it run again into the scenic area for the quay. MOD runway type structure (massively shortened) middle right, middle left can be the livestock area they want. Through station at the top, with the inner track there suitable for DMU etc. And as you state the loop up above used for storage. Thank you for this
  2. Do you collect IKEA Lack coffee tables from the East Coast of Canada? Or pay for shipping? My partner and I moved into a house, but I spend my time with my kids in another city in a smallish flat - the house purchase means I could move some furniture out of the flat and create room. Thanks to both authors of previous comments re. feedback on dual track. This looks like a must - it's just a shame that it removes some room for getting some sidings or quarry workings in etc. I love the idea of an MOD space - so far they've each built a kittyhawk, one is building a Provost trainer (while the other builds a Beetle....). When I say "built" they do build it, but being 6 it takes a lot of oversight from me. I'm so tempted to add two baseboards to go to 8x6, but then I'd have no operating well etc, so any derailments would involve unplugging a board or two if it happens in the middle. I am not sure I'd have the vertical storage space either. I have two CJ Freezer books that have some helpful ideas - but given the "unrealistic nature" of what I'm going to be building I wonder if I can either pack more in.
  3. UPDATE Some judicious moving around of the furniture, including sending a bookcase elsewhere, has opened up room for an 8x4 OO gauge layout. I've been reviewing various track guides, and am excited by the possibilities. I made the mistake of looking at 8x6 and realising what I could do with a double track roundy with more room, but that would mean two more baseboards and really push me on room... My baseboards are and will be 2x4 - I'll be lining up four of them. They're a decent thickness marine ply, on 2x1 lumber. I needed to go a little light on the lumber to move stuff around, but they're strong enough not to flex. I'll be building modular. My kids are 6 now and they mostly want to build scenery pieces (we've done a few simple plastic kits) and run trains. I currently have one controller - so am in a bit of a dilemma as to the ideal track plan. I'm aiming for a through station, and then an area probably like a quarry with the ability to shunt. By the station I'd have one or two through tracks, at least one local line (maybe for loading goods like livestock). It doesn't need to be realistic, it needs to have operational interest for young kids. They'd like some gradients, so I'll need to work that in. I'm happy with 4% as nothing heavy or long will be on this layout. Most trains will be 0-4-0, some bogie diesels, and some older Hornby (from when I was a kid) that's happy with R2. They'd like a lake or a quay. The quarry. Definitely a "roundy" - my question is whether I should try and go for dual tracks so they can both go around at the same time (I'd buy another controller). As it's split into 4 baseboards I'd have to be relatively careful with placement of points, changes in gradient etc. They want a little bit of a runway area to place the airfix kits we've been building (doesn't need to be long). Do I go for one roundy, with more room for sidings etc? A steep crossover, wind around line through some hills? Or do I do dual tracks? Thoughts? Suggestions? Layout would be accessible from three sides, and be stacked vertically when not in use. Anyone want to upsell me removing the coffee table so I can do an 8x6?
  4. I hope my humour in my original post was conveyed. Your modelling is excellent and I was laughing because the van is in the original photo - despite the "criticisms" whenever someone models a vehicle on a bridge.
  5. Sigh... modelling 101... don't you know that the bus/van is never just "on the bridge" when the train goes by
  6. This (other than the HST clearly being yellow on the sides) could be a scene from my childhood. Fascinating photo with no recent traction, but all those older classes doing sterling work.
  7. Unfortunately she's right in this scenario. I really love the latest O gauge releases though, and 165 of your finest British pounds for a BR Green 05 is spectacularly good value. Between this, the Jinty, 08 and Terrier, everyone should have a little shunting plank in O. To bring this back to bargains - cheapest I could find GWR HST wasn't any of the big box shifters, but a personal favourite (no connection), Bure Valley Railway http://www.burevalleymodels.com/p/12460/R3685---Class-43-HST-GWR-Green-Livery 218GBP - a few quid cheaper than anywhere else, in stock, and a lovely little business to support.
  8. I sent this to my partner with the covering note "If you really loved me..." Didn't go over well. I don't model O gauge. We buy a house in eight days and need things to put in the house that are not trains.
  9. Is it possible that the following: - the design and validation of the class 800 train, including the ergonomics of its cab, its crashworthiness performance and its resistance to derailment in collision scenarios is partly just taking the first opportunity to examine a new product's crash performance?
  10. Apologies in advance for the string of emojis below - but trying to express awe and amazement while also being congratulatory.
  11. Doesn't say in the specs if this is all-wheel drive, or is going to stay faithful to the A1A-A1A of the prototype. Despite diminished hauling, I'd be hoping for A1A-A1A, a heavy chassis and four driven axles should be enough.
  12. Didn't happen to take photos did you? I don't model O, but am extremely interested in chassis design.
  13. What's interesting to me here is how the list breaks down into two or three different groups when we think production and sales: 1. Class with large number in-service, possibly over a longer time period, spread widely geographically. For "new" one would expect something carrying multiple liveries (eg. Class 68 as opposed to Class 70). These are perfect for the mainstream manufacturers who can keep these in their ranges for years, rolling out different details, eras, liveries, special editions etc. 2. A small class, including one-off, or limited geography/time-period etc. There are some with significant support, say class 89, W1 hush-hush etc. These are perfect for commissions and crowd-funding (I know, I said it, but, like, no DJM crowdfunding...). This is why there's room for business models where crowdfunding and short runs are done properly. Or the retailer commissions. In lockstep with the major manufacturers. Thanks to the team for pulling this together.
  14. Just a thought for @Oliver Rails; now you have a special edition Evening Star 66 - maybe time for a tie-up with Dapol again (or another manufacturer) for a 9F Evening Star in O gauge
  15. Thank you - it may well have been a PRMRP build I was thinking of. Appreciated.
  16. I swear I remember a couple of years ago (before I was a member) reading a thread on a scratch build, or mod, of a Co-Co diesel in O gauge. It stood out because the builder was building the mechanism differently - it may have been one motor per axle, or maybe chain linked axles? I think I remember they were going for more authenticity in the chassis mechanism. I can't find this thread now. Does it exist? Have I made it up? Class 37? Deltic? Can someone help me out? I love looking through the kit and scratch build threads, dreaming of the day I have the space, tools and time (plus ability, but hopefully I can work on that) to do something Thanks in advance
  17. This is something that makes me shake my head... The FLIRT is in service with... 12? different countries now? With more on order. Other countries have wet rail, leaves etc. So what is it about our driver training, maintenance of permanent way, the way we order equipment, that makes a proven platform problematic? Or is it just fans looking to complain about everything new introduced? Nothing is perfect. Back on the 230s.... I really want these to succeed. The core philosophy appeals to me; proven generator unit, battery packs, and re-using a platform that still has significant life in it. As a small manufacturer you'd expect teething troubles on introduction - even the most reliable powerplant can be a problem in a new installation (different mounts, airflow, accessories etc etc). Hopefully they can be successful soon, and if not, maybe one of the incumbents will take a punt on a similar product on an existing platform (but newer) with a 75mph-90mph top speed to open up more options where they can run.
  18. They should be used in death as they were never meant to be used for in life (but often were in practice). Turn all of them into public lavatories. Enthusiasts can still go sit on a pacer reeking of piss, reliving the old times. The general public can now legally piss on a pacer. You can send the cheque for my wonderful idea through the post - I'll take a 5% cut of all pennies spent in these abominations.
  19. BBC Article 'Newly-refurbished trains have been withdrawn from service over fears they wrongly turn signals yellow or red...."
  20. I have no idea if you or the other poster is male or female; that is beside the point. There was a gendered comment made to perpetuate a stereotype that has no place here, nor in the hobby. You are only less tolerant because you have not been the group about whom these comments have been made in the past, I assume. Had you been on the receiving end your position may be different. In this case there was a clear link that the original post was made as a slight on women, a woman that works at Hattons. Belittling her by calling her a girl, and questioning the efficacy of her efforts in her role - based on nothing other than being female. So, this is not a ridiculous accusation on my part; it was a ridiculous assertion on the part of the original poster that I have highlighted. Try some tolerance sometime. It won't hurt.
  21. I appreciate you seeing the same. If someone made that comment about one of my daughters, both of whom are interested in modeling and I'm trying to encourage, I would be extremely hurt and unimpressed. I do not see it as light banter. A comment such as that would easily put them off for life as they would not feel welcome in the hobby. There's no place for it.
  22. You mean the woman holding the loco? And why is it you think she's incompetent? Because you've demeaned and belittled her by calling her a girl? Because she's a woman working for a model shop? Or do you have a problem with the retailer?
  23. Is there a current price/stock list? The last I've seen is from Autumn 2018.
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