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  1. First german Model Train Companies started to move Production from China to Vietnam (first was Fleischmann in 2014) which looks like a more reliable Country than the PRC. How about Japan? Kato can produces High Quality Model Trains for very low prices (you get a JapaneseType of E-Loco for 99 € in Germany).
  2. I wonder if Dapol will (or would) work on fitting Equipment like Maunsell Push-Pull Coaches or (ex. LSWR) Sub-Urban Coaches.
  3. I get more and more the feeling Bachmann has no longer a real interest in N Gauge. When I look on which nice Models we have in OO by Bachmann (or others)...
  4. They disappeared from the Bachmann / Graham Farish Website.
  5. Hello Folks, any Plans by Dapol to re-release the GWR 45xx 2-6-2T Prairie in N Gauge? nice regards
  6. Its only a Frame/Body for the lower half of the Bogie, no Wheels or uper Side. The Black Disc is only Black, there are no Decals or similary Sutff included.
  7. The Maunsell Third Open would also open the Way for Maunsell Push-Pull Sets.
  8. Hi Folks, I brought the Graham Farish Merchant Navy Class "East Asiatic" in BR Express Blue. Can someone, who has the same Class tell we what the large Black Disc is for? - and why is there a spare Part for the Front Bogie Frame included? Greetings
  9. I wonder if we ever will see the Maunsell Restaurant Coaches by Dapol in N Gauge? What do the customers think - what do Dapol think?
  10. The 0-4-4T M7 and Maunsell Restaurant and Push-Pull Coaches would be nice to.
  11. Nice are the new Maunsell Coaches with Large Windows in N.
  12. Another Detail that I see and that is Wrong are the Front Light Panels - look at the Prototype Pictures and then on the undecorated Model...
  13. I guess we will see a mostly own Quartal Announcement with new N Gauge Models Liveries at the End of the Year.
  14. The Bachmann Europe Page has a new Category "Announcements" under "Information". https://www.Bachmann.co.uk/page/announcements
  15. The Bachmann Europe Page has a new Category "Announcements" under "Information". https://www.Bachmann.co.uk/page/announcements
  16. Can some tell me if the C Class in Early BR Livery comes with SR Headcode Discs?
  17. Hi Folks, I would like to know how good Farish and Dapol Coaches in early BR Cream and Crimson in N Gauge would fit to each other? Nice Regards
  18. Could someone make a Comparison Picture of Maunsell Coaches in BR Cream/Crimson with Farish Coaches in the same Livery?
  19. https://railsofsheffield.com/news/articles/3264-Bachmann-2020-range Bachmann 2020 Range - Coming Soon! The new Bachmann 2020 range will be announced on 4th February at 10.00am We will be listing all the range on our website ASAP and all will be available to pre-order. Sign up to our mailing list to be one of the first to know about it.
  20. The first Quartal Announcment will be in February.
  21. I hope we will see the Bulleid Coaches in Cream and Crimson this year.
  22. Which Livery got the Southern Region EMUs in 1950-1956?
  23. Hi Folks, any manufacturers which produce Kits for EMUs in N Gauge / 2mm Scale? Nice Regards
  24. "This is not a Duck, it's my Hamster" "Then tell me sir, why your Hamster is running on a Model Train Layout, following the Tracks, with Coaches behind him, coupled with his butt hole?" "Ehm..."
  25. That "BR Green" looks like Malachite Green Can someone confirm this?
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