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  1. To collate information from everybody's favourite carpet-based model railway YouTube channel for the benefit of readers here (who may not be part of that channel's target audience) there is a setting in the app which allows you to change the PWM frequency, with settings ranging from a default of around 60Hz to a maximum of 8kHz. His opinion (clearly backed up by the video) was that at low frequencies locomotives were noisy but very controllable at low speeds. At high frequencies, locos ran much more quietly, but at the expense of low speed performance. Knowing that you prioritise smooth low-sp
  2. I think its a partial misunderstanding. I believe that GWR originally placed an order for some 801s, which were later converted to 800/3s when electrification was left incomplete. Of course, the original 800 orders and the 802s were always planned to be bimode.
  3. Over-engineering would come at a cost though - in terms of both money and weight (therefore energy consumption and money). If a manufacturer is given a spec, they have no choice but to trust that it is correct.
  4. I thought the minimum radius for an 800 was R3...
  5. https://www.gwr.com/travel-updates/live-network-updates The blanket cancellation surprises me. Would it not be better to reallocate some HSTs and run a reduced service on all lines rather than no main line services and a near-full service in the West Country?
  6. What's your source for this? I think it would have made the news but I can't find anything. Also, RTT is still showing 80xs running out of Paddington all day.
  7. Not just something that affects 'fringe' hobbies, for want of a better word. At 18, most people who still play football are rather good at it. The rest have slowly dropped out over the years - some because of changing circumstances or a desire to persue something new, but others realise that as the pool of players contracts it is often the weaker players dropping out. This means that if they wish to continue playing, they have little choice but to play in teams and leagues where the standard of play is generally above theirs. Fortunately, I have always been a weaker player, and I think that's
  8. I have found that refusing to buy something on ebay unless I am able to collect it on foot or by bicycle is a very good curb on impulse purchases (and it makes them pretty much impossible during lockdowns when you're at your most vulnerable). For items of larger value, the price alone is enough to put the brakes on while I consider whether its really worth it.
  9. Sensible, but it might require proper planning rather than the half-baked mess of electrification we have on the GW at the moment. The loco change would have to occur at Swindon (for services via Bath) or Bristol Parkway (for trains to South Wales). This would require the installation of suitable facilities to stable both diesel (68s geared for 125mph?) and electric locos (a suitably geared 88 derivative?), and would probably make non-stop services impossible. At least there would have been a need to install loco stabling and changing facilities at Swindon for Gloucester trains, otherwise the
  10. A random idea which experts will probably tell me is completely impractical, but here is my imaginary HST replacement, instead of the class 80x. As the BR Mk3 was probably the most popular rail vehicle among passengers to be used in this country, why not replace them with a very similar design (in terms of ride and passenger comfort) but updated with modern safety systems, passenger information systems, and control systems suitable for the new motive power. This would of course have to be bi-mode, and given that the most powerful bi-mode design to date appears to be about as p
  11. Is that just so it can use tight radius curves? I don't really see the point otherwise.
  12. I have to agree with the consensus here. If we're discussing iconic passenger trains (in the modern era at least) the HST is undoubtedly the champion - the world speed record holder which revolutionised British passenger transport. Similarly, the Westerns and the Deltics are iconic thanks to being synonymous with the fastest and most prestigious trains in their regions and to their numbers - common enough to be seen but uncommon enough to retain a level of novelty. Outside of the passenger world, I can't believe we haven't mentioned the humble 08. Distinctive, functional, and remin
  13. Yes, the loco worked on DC. I currently have nothing available to move it into.
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