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    My project: North Pole Junction, attempting to turn a trainset into a layout with minimum spending on scenery.


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  1. You'll have to take my word for it as I could only get the boring side in focus, but if you want a slightly unusual vehicle beside your layout and its set in North Wilts, why not add a post van which has a Royal Mail logo on the left, a Post Brenhinol logo on the back, and the outline of the logo with no text on the right?
  2. Is there a technical reason that the loco is that colour, or was that just the paint they had available?
  3. I forgot to include a link: http://www.wordsworthmodelrailway.co.uk/brickpaper.html There are also a few buildings on the site.
  4. I don't know if this is suitable for your layout, but I always use (free) Wordsworth brick paper, which is available in several colours and textures. There are also roof tile and paving slab textures.
  5. Unfortunately, I think my remarks would have been a little more entertaining (I stress the word little) with the benefit of intonation.
  6. Sorry to resurrect this after another fairly long break, but did you ever find out how to remove the eye mechanism? I think that's the last piece I have to remove, having finally spotted the screw hidden under a mass of wires that was holding the decoder pcb in place.
  7. Stupid question perhaps, but if you shoot trespassers won't they still be on the railway? And equally dead? And won't you now be legally responsible for the death, rather than the trespasser? Sorry for being a spoilsport.
  8. Anyone fancy building a model of Simon Haore MP's railway?


    "The trains could be pulled by an inexhaustible herd of Unicorns overseen by stern, officious dodos," he tweeted.

    "A PushmePullYou could be the senior guard and Puff the Magic Dragon the inspector."



  9. Thank you for the advice, but it's now sorted. The combination of the Duette and modern locos seems to have been the issue. With the layout 95% wired everything is working on the intended DCC system.
  10. Sorry, I had forgotten about this thread. Roasting the Duette might be a good idea. I tried running both of the aforementioned locos on another section of track, with similar results. At this point, the only common factor was the controller. The only other DC controller I could have used was some ancient Triang rubbish, so I took the decision to chip the 37. It seems to be working so far, although I still have some wiring to do.
  11. I've been here a few times, but it's only after shuffling points around a pair of shoeboxes for an hour or more that I've realised how good this layout is. I very simply cannot improve on the track plan in the space. I doff my cap to thee sir, for thou art a fine modeller.
  12. My plans were primarily to convert RTR stock, using existing motors. That's not the primary reason, but the simplification of wiring is a secondary benefit. No. The locomotives I would initially prioritse would be running at low speed with light loads (shunting/heritage railway style work). If your conclusions are correct (and I trust that they are) then it looks like I have some research to fill my spare time. I feel that it will be worth it for the potential savings on receivers in particular. Does anybody have any advice for where
  13. I have recently read a little about RC, and I feel that it has the potential to address what I have always found to be the most difficult aspect of 00 gauge - acheiving reliable pickup (especially over points). I recognise that using RC I may be able to get a little more adventurous with track design - with no need to worry about short circuits when considering turntables, sector plates, etc. However, I am finding it difficult to assess the costs involved - partially due to my inexperience in the field. My requirements are very basic, which I hope will help to keep costs down. All
  14. The other thing I will add, from experience, is that switching to DCC before you have a 'proper' layout can be a very frustrating experience. Using Hornby point clips works, but as the rails are always live it is very easy to get a short circuit (which on some systems means the controller shuts down and takes about 30 seconds to reset, with all locos instanly grinding to a halt). The other issue is that set-track points, especially the Hornby variety, have large insulfrogs. DCC requires excellent pickup at all times unless you have fitted stay-alives, so short wheelbase locos operating on DCC
  15. An unusual incident has left me wondering whether to call an electrician, a CERN physicist, or the Ghostbusters. I have decided that RMWeb could offer equally sage advice. I am in the process of building a layout, which will eventually be DCC, however I have not yet wired it up. As a result, when my new ViTrains 37 arrived in the post today I got out my reliable H&M Duette and plugged it into my fiddle yard with a track power clip. The loco ran normally at one end, before reaching a stretch between two droppers (currently not connected to anything, as I stated earlier) it slowed down, with
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