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  1. What are all of the stubs in between the turntable and sector plate for?
  2. A boat of some sort? The only other thing I can imagine coming close is a large diesel locomotive - whilst hauling a lot of tank wagons.
  3. If we're doing unusual viaduct graffiti, I present the Twemlow viaduct (my photo). My sister dragged us there while we were on holiday. This was an event. Why was my sister, who often loudly proclaims that 'trains are for babies' (unless she's being allowed to drive one, but apparently that's different) dragging us out to see a Victorian rail bridge. Had she finally been converted? The answer lies to the left of the black cow, on the first pier in shot. All four sides are covered in graffiti as high up as people can reach. What have so many people written there? Was there some great tragedy associated with this bridge, with people coming from around the world to pay their respects? No, they've been leaving fanmail for Harry Styles. Obviously. Why wouldn't you?
  4. I searched for David Davies, and here, in order, are the people I found. I don't think this man's going to be much help: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_T._C._Davies Wrong field of engineering? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Davies_(electrical_engineer) Probably more useful than the first search result: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/david-davies-911603b7 This one would have been best. Unfortunately, he's impossible to find online - and might be dead: https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/welsh-history-month-talerddig-cutting-2047327
  5. Remember to if you need to scale meassurements to scale the length measurements, not the overall volume. For example, if I wanted to know the real life volume of a 00 scale model tank which is 10cm long with a diameter of 2cm (hence a radius of 1cm), my volume would be: (1*76)²π*(10*76) = 13790000cc = 13,790l (rounded to 4 s.f.) If you do this incorrectly, you will most likely end up with something like: 1²π*10*76 = 2388cc = 2.388l A 2.4l bottle obviously wouldn't be 10cm*2cm*2cm in 00 scale! The calculation will still only provide you with a rough estimate (it doesn't take into account the curved ends of some tanks or the thickness of the walls, for example) but it should be more than sufficient for modelling purposes.
  6. The plan only uses standard points, crossings, and single slips, but yes there are a few questionable routes.
  7. A very low effort double minories, because I got bored. Assuming a London terminus, the lines from top to bottom are UM, DM, UR, DR. The Main Lines should be able to access all platforms, and the Relief Lines all platforms except P1 (numbered top to bottom). Originally the slip at the end of the UR was a simple point, however, this meant that all arrivals from the relief line would foul all departures from P2-3. I created an alternative route to avoid this, but on that route arrivals would foul all departures to the DR. This led to a second version. The Main Lines and P1-3 could (and probably would under ordinary circumstances) operate as a standard minories, as could the Relief Lines and P4-6. These could now operate independently as all conflicting movements have been removed. In theory, the Main Lines and P4-6 could also operate as a standard minories if there were no movements on other lines, and I believe the entire station could in principle function (albeit with reduced capacity) using the Main Lines alone. The Relief Lines retain access to P2-3, though using a route which would foul departures from the other platform. This remains a vast improvement on the first design because arrivals into 4-6 no longer conflict with departures from 2-3. This is about as far as I plan to take the design as it was only created to fill a morning, but I thought I would leave it here in case anybody wanted to have some more fun with it.
  8. I do like the look of the plan overall, but I have a couple of questions, one for you and one for the experts. I would ask you what you plan to use the siding adjacent to the top platform for? If the answer is to stable the pilot, that links in to my question for the experts: could the position of the headshunt for the carriage sidings cause problems? Any movement to or from them would block all arrivals, as well as departures from the lower two platforms. How would this be affected if the pilot were stabled on the opposite side of the station, in the siding next to the upper platform? Would it create additional light engine movements across the station throat, or could it, if used correctly, help to reduce them? I would be interested to hear the opinions of some of the layout planning experts on this. So will I with all the A4s!
  9. Here are the highlights: But remember this: The above could be described as an anagram of this.
  10. These were all taken at Shildon on 16/08/2021 - I've gone through my photos to pick out the scruffy ones. I suspect a number of the items are simply awaiting restoration, but I would imagine that some (such as the EWS hopper in the car park and the Ellington mining loco inside) are reasonably close to the condition you describe.
  11. I would guess because its easier to sell merchandise (in most cases) for an established brand. On the other hand, I would probably be quite annoyed if I were responsible for marketing Bachman's Thomas products. The appearance is clearly based on TV series locos rather than the prototypes Awdry was writing about, and so is probably aimed at children and their parents rather than, for instance, your typical RMWeb user. However, Mattel seem to be gradually moving the franchise to target younger and younger children - and the proportion of children for whom a 00 gauge railway would be appropriate reduces every time they do this.
  12. I would suggest that anything which promotes an appreciation of public transport is probably a good thing - irrespective of the motive power depicted. If you decide to journey from A to B by train, you don't normally choose the motive power, you just get on whatever turns up (which, whether diesel or electric*, will be more environmentally friendly than the equivalent road journey). We might derail the thread if we continue with this discussion though (fortunately, the animators seem to have found a way to return derailed trains to the line by magic). * I'm not sure how the sums would work out for steam but instinctively I would say they will still favour rail
  13. Did I see a train doing a handbrake turn in there? And how heavy must that wagon be for them to need a banker? Admittedly, the steepness of the hill may have something to do with that. Presumably Thomas is a geared locomotive now as well. I also chuckled at the 'you need to be fast to win the Sodor Cup' line. I think a new E2 should be built and the people responsible for this forced to have a footplate ride on it at high speed. You might think that they have simply given Thomas 'headlights' which are fixed, yet in the trailer above he can be seen with a mineral headcode. I'm sure I have read on here that they once released a Thomas book which included a sheet on the meanings of lamp headcodes.
  14. WARNING: This thread is not suitable for readers of a sensitive disposition. I haven't yet come across an RMWeb thread about the new Thomas reboot - consisting of a TV series entitled 'All Engines Go' and a film called 'Race for the Sodor Cup'. The titles would suggest a continuation of the trend of marketing Thomas towards a younger audience, which isn't surprising. A lot of the 'mature fans' will have had little interest in the later series, following the transition away from Awdry's stories and physical models to new creations and CGI. Some of these changes needed to happen and probably did the series less harm than good. The general rule of male locos and female coaches was very much a product of the time at which the books were written - and we all know that those few locomotives featured in the books would have been nowhere near able to meet Sodor's traffic requirements on their own. The cost of using physical models would probably be prohibitive nowadays when most other animated programmes are CGI. Foreign locomotives on Sodor are a slightly strange concept given British loading gauge restrictions, but the concept in itself is not inherently flawed. A visit to the Nene Valley railway could have credibly seen Thomas meet Swedish, Polish, Danish, and German locomotives, while any episode where a locomotive vists the mainland could introduce MU characters from across the world. Nevertheless, it was not managed so well, and the end product lacked authenticity and contirubted to the alienation of older fans. It seems that the latest reboot has also alientated older viewers - specifically those aged three and over, as this article explains. Most other tabloids have run a similar story. And what are they all so upset about? Brace yourselves everybody, and remember the content warning. This is the new Thomas. I can only assume that it is intended to discourage railway tresspass: stay away, or the monster might come down the tracks to get you!
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