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  1. Hi...some used ex carriage underframes so might have been left over from that. I Designed it mainly to give an impression of what used to be. This pic has no boards. As 45568 remarks it gives a flavour of what they were. I guess the gap was so the guys wouldnt bash their knuckles applying the brakes. Amanda.....
  2. Hi...Heres a b2b I printed a while ago, I could probably tidy it up as it was 1 of my first prints and could be simpler. Ill tidy it up and post later.
  3. Hi John...Sorry to be so late getting back but ive been swamped with my residential drafting, so the hobby has to take second place. Ive done a quick section with some dims to show you what I have there. Axle length is fine as you say Dapol wheels are 26mm point to point. I use the romford top hat bearing not the flush type. There is a space from 11.75mm upto 23.80mm as a wheel well so your wheels should fit easily using you b2b of 16.5 and o/a of 22mm. Interestingly the Dapol wheels are 19.9 on average o/a. The blue lines are your wheels shown approx. That section is the Pollen but its the same dimensions for the Crocodile bogies too. Due to them being my own creation I havent any instructions for assembly, but if you are interested I could do a few photos as its quite a simple build realy. Only 3 parts to the basic body, I use fine pins as a locating and alignment guide, cyano glued and away they go. Any of what ive been printing should fit em wheels I suppose too, just a question of trying to keep brakes in line. Happy to work with you if youre interested. Amanda..
  4. Hi..Its a setting in Cura..the open source slicing programme. It adds a little time but the finish is worth it on flat areas.
  5. Hi John.....I woudl see no problem, given I would simply adjust what I print to fit the particular wheels you wanted. I did have some em gauge wagons but sold them last year. If I know the axle point to point and b2b, and distance over the outside wheel faces no problem. The wheels are fitted when I assemble the 3 parts that make the body so arent removable. Currently the distance betwen the sides is 23.2mm. Ill google the wheel specs and have a think, actually any of what im printing can be em come to that.
  6. Ive been playing around with a 3d printed Crocodile and pollen set, printed on a CR10s filament printer. Theyre on ebay currently.
  7. Hi....Im using a Creality cr10s now, I havent re visited these since first doing them on my older gtech i3 clone. Probaly can be fine tuned more but not got there yet. Dwg and a dxf here for you. I set them for Dapol wheels with romford bearings. Happy to see what you or others come up with. BOGIES.dxf BOGIES.dwg
  8. Gauge and scale? what printer will you be using. I can send you a file which might give you an insight into my way of drawing this. I print upside down as shown with just a little support on the sides to clean up. Ive not printed these on my new printer yet but they could be slimmed down a fraction too, its all about the resoulution used, currently between .1mm and .2 is fine for me. Im a residential design drafter so Cad is what I do all day, mostly.
  9. Hi...I drew my version of these 2 for improving the ratio kits with the rather flimsy coupling etc. Uses a standard nem type either kadee or mini tension lock. Printed on a cr10s filament printer, they work fine using a 2mm hole to take a romford top hat bearing. Also doing unobtanium models as well, Crocodile Transformer and Well sets Codon gas tank wagons etc. Currently working on an Aero wagon for carrying propellors. Trial and error to get things to fit within the printers capabilities but very interesting to do.
  10. Hi no problem..................happy to help however I can. Terminology is different everywhere isnt it. I just scanned the turnouts and measure with ruler here, Im not pedantic but its been very helpful with planing. A.
  11. Hi...Theyre just pre made curves with the number as a centreline radii, and an easement to straight on the end. The white easements allow me to swing the set radii to make non 90° turns. Ive put a few notes on the drawing as well as some other noodlings I find useful. Im a residential designer and spend too much time in Acad moving lines around to get what im after, but I hate curves that just start, cant beat an easement for a gentle change in direction. Happy to add anything if I can. A. OO track.dwg
  12. Hi..Ive not done N but OO, might be useful as a reference though. A OO track.dwg
  13. Hi...Try googling the corkscrew lines and the turbo banjo......
  14. Hi...If you send me the cad file ill see what I can do, im using Acad most days for work. 2013 has vast improvement over 2000 especially for 3d. Even though other packages are superior. Example is just freehand... regards......Amanda... Image didnt add....
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