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  1. Hi....The oval tank was 1 of a bunch of sort of freelance/based on some prototype I did as an exercise. If anyone wants more just ask....................Amanda.....
  2. Heres a test tank for anyone to try out. Drawn in Autocad using solid modelling. It could be refined more but ive been distracted by other things....... The stl is ready to slice. I print on a Cr10s using the cheps profile I posted a link to earlier in Cura 4.6.1. Print layer at .1mm, infill say 10%, no support as it realy dosent need it. Mind you ive not printed this for 6 months so it should print cleaner than the pictured example on that profile. Or if you have a well sorted print profile show us what you can do. Try it modify it bend it bust it, its quite a simple model. Amanda.... TEST TANK.stl TEST_TANK.dwg
  3. Free trade deal..........that would be a great idea.......googled and read the web page on it.......most went over my head. Think the best I can currently do is mark on the ridiculously large label aus pot has as a "gift" with a value low enough so you guys dont get too stung........... A
  4. Hi.....Theres a lot of ideas and ways to do this, the discussion re selling stl files for peeps to print at home comes to mind. I see 3 people with 3 different printers would produce 3 different results unless some standard speci was followed. Material, layer thickness and print speed etc. I had not thought I would sell any when I started 18 months ago outside of Oz. Its primarily for my enjoyment then it evolved into paying for the hobby side, printer and consumables etc. The spare $ are just for the layout, currently frozen in a kind of time warp needing some tlc, though im able to run wagons around to show they do work. I am pleased someone finds my efforts of a standard they are happy to pay a price for, but my output is fitted in between my day job. The ro tanks ive had ticking over since before xmas, no idea the hours ive spent drawing, and at my professional rate they would be unaffordable. I have 15 small tanks and 3 of the 3 axle tanks on the bench currently, with 3 each of the short and long base wagons to go with them. Someone wants some of My Aeros so im printing a few pieces im short there, plus I need a few more gas tank wagons so their in the queue as well. Thankfully I play the long game with this taking the pleasure from the result. Im currently snowed with building drawing too here, our gov as part of its covid recovery has initiated a $25,000 grant to new home builders here. The 2 builders I draw for have been swamped with people who now find they are within reach of building a house. Just not enough hours in the day sometimes............. Amanda......north coast Tasmania.........cold and orrible currently..............
  5. Hi....Getting further along but my day job keeps getting in the way. Im finding more and more how to combine parts I was printing seperately. The printer as well is ever improving, Cr10s using Cura 4.6.1 currently. Setings seem to be the biggest variable, currently using Cheps profile in Cura and ive noticed a good improvement over the settings I was using before. https://www.chepclub.com/cura-profiles.html No matter the printer they are at the mercy of the variables you use to slice the file. I cant go past these now ive seen the improvement they make, watch his utube vids to see his approach. While I do sell wagons on Ebay im happy to ditch them and the near 20% they want, happy to answer any questions and I value suggestions. Amanda....
  6. Hi GWR...........Ive been dithering around with these for some months on and off as you remember. The lull in work did give me some spare time to get on with them somewhat, now work is flat out again but im persevering. The detail in filament 3d is coarser than resin prints so im trying to get the balance right, maybe trying too hard. Ill certainly have them done in a week or so, playing with the 3 axle tank at the moment, detail is scant witht the fotos of the decrepit example in the rail museum the main source of detail. Its meant to be a relaxing hobby, somedays theres not enough hours available, especially when I need 1 more test print at midnight!!!! Amanda......
  7. In between drawing work for a living, and hobby drawing ive got these primed and running. Ended up doing my own chassis as using a Dapol rtr was quick but impractical realy. £10 from Hattons and take the fixed tank off just makes a pile of spare tanks. Also doing the longer wheelbase wagon for a 3 axle tanker too. I dont claim they have etched wagon finnesse, but for a 3d print im getting quite good results. Amanda......
  8. Hi Ken......I will be at some point, been distracted by residential drafting and other wagons im doing. I know you were interested before and ive not forgotten. The covid carry on has made for a strange few months, some days I just put the feet up and watch a good doco on the box.
  9. Hi...Thank you....A work in progress but getting there. Doing the chassis would be more complex than I could cope with I think, the Dapol is a do for now thing. The 3 axle trailer was on a longer chassis if im correct so that might be where I print my own 1 day.
  10. Hi..Been playing with 1 for a few months on and off, using drawings in Russel etc and photos as a guide. Base uses a Dapol 3 axle as a starting point. 3d printed on a cr10s.
  11. Hi Brian....I sold most of my large collection of wagons over the last year with no real problems. Some were kadee modified, some were 3 link and most were bog standard. I stated what was what and had no bad press at all. I have printed myself a nem coupler that I fit to my printed and modified rtr wagons, it is simple but allows either kadee 17-20's or tension type nem's. Dapol for example. I vary the height depending on the wagon involved. I did print a diamond frame bogie as a replacement for some flimsy kit's too as an experiment. Side frame detail is less than an injection moulded part but then their die and development costs are a bit higher than mine. Amanda....
  12. Hello Tasmania from Thailand

    Just joined RM Web and this is my first enquiry.

    I have about 60 different Bachmann OO gauge wagons that need new bogie frames. Looking at the three that you have on one of your posts how did you produce these diagrams?

    I'm reluctant to get them printed commercially because of the cost and am seriously considering buying a printer just to get these items made. But, I need to be sure that I can get the software and develop the skills needed to create the files before I start spending on the hardware.

    Best regards

    Brian Gledhill (bkk-bkk)

    1. amandalee


      Hi Brian.....Im a residential drafter so am fluent in Cad, I used online drawings combined with photos an d measuring wagons I have, to produce the drawing file. Then sliced that to produce the .stl file to print from.

      I have quite a few good wagon books which have dimensional drawings, as well as just interpreting photos. There is a bit of fudging as well due to the limitations of the printing process, my current printer is a creality cr10s.

      I generally print at .1mm resolution and fairly slowly too, around 30 - 40mm per second. I print parts to get the best look fo rthe surface seen, so some are printed flat and the attached to other parts printed in a different plane. 

      It really is a bit of trial and error!

      What is it you are after as I would be happy to help a bit, true I do sell some on ebay, but thats more to have the printing be self funding rather than make my fortune.





    2. bkk-bkk


      Hello Amanda

      Many thanks for your response.

      I have just posted a more detailed (and long-winded) description of the problems "Replacement OO gauge wagon bogies and running gear".

      This contains an attachment with details of the wagons for which I need replacement parts.

      Looking forward to your reply


  13. Hi....Are you printing the beam flat on its side. The old question of print surface and levelling spring to mind as well. I print pla at 200 and 65 bed using a wham bam pei surface. I still occasionally use a bit of glue stick at the end of a beam 250mm long as insurance as well. I print these vertically and the profile I use is on the end of the right hand beam, a little angle to help get the top surface printed. Creality CR10S is my printer. I have a 5mm glass plate fixed to 3 of the corners of the hot plate using heatsink tape, so effectivelly use 3 point bed levelling too, the stock bed isnt flat and moves as it heats up.
  14. Hi...some used ex carriage underframes so might have been left over from that. I Designed it mainly to give an impression of what used to be. This pic has no boards. As 45568 remarks it gives a flavour of what they were. I guess the gap was so the guys wouldnt bash their knuckles applying the brakes. Amanda.....
  15. Hi...Heres a b2b I printed a while ago, I could probably tidy it up as it was 1 of my first prints and could be simpler. Ill tidy it up and post later.
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