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  1. Same seller as above & it is interesting (I Believe ? ) Not your everyday old box. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/154655613279?hash=item240231615f:g:ww4AAOSwIS1ha336 An ideal resting place for Dracula & is Brides if you must.
  2. Horror ! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224652576510?hash=item344e5646fe:g:VoIAAOSwVOlhbdih Pumpkins for a fruit van ?
  3. Thanks for your current info here. Peter South Normanton ! Is there a pdf show poster ? to put up at work, thanks
  4. Ho dear ! Are you now telling me there is another set to follow the Never Never Never again Awaiting part 2 today & Parcelforce. Hope mine use a different van. Happy days Peter
  5. Just ordered my copy. Thanks for info £££££££ who needs a wife to tell you where to spend it, when you can always finds some thing here of interest ! Peter
  6. Just ordered ,& off down the road with camera thanks
  7. .Hi. I have been on holiday this week at Pontrilas station As my train photos capture the GWR signals & the box here I am wondering if plans of the signal box are available to inspire me to create this in a model form. Lucky my local ex box ''Pinxton'' was produced my Hornby several years ago ! Thanks Peter
  8. Hi, May I ask how the coach end profile comperes with the Heljan coaches & paired up are there obvious differences ? Peter Or is this mentioned elsewhere ?
  9. Hi. I wish to submit this here as seems relevant - to me. ''Just'' caught the end of this evenings BBC 1 's The Bidding Room program. There is an interesting roundy train set on offer & snapped up. Probable never made it as far as Ebay ! The other viewer will be in his / her loft now Ho. its the last item at the end of the show Thanks Peter
  10. Was looking at the Hornby SR blood & custard models last night & this topic today helps ! Thank you Peter
  11. Gentlemen Are these the kits you desire https://www.five79.co.uk/RC473/ the Gold mine seems open again. Peter
  12. BCK @ ebay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2047675.m570.l1313&_nkw=Bachmann++BCK&_sacat=0
  13. Many thanks. from this topic & just visiting Youtube (Train Simulator Netherlfield route) I have had an interesting ride into Nottingham Victoria ! Peter
  14. Water shoot ? Footbridges have steps. the group singing in the rain.
  15. No 1 on my Santa's (realistic) wish list for 2020, just sent off. thanks Peter
  16. Well its my 64th Birthday tomorrow ! Peter a first time for everything
  17. Hi all. (been back at work & long night shifts last few days!) thus now much if any free time ) The problem as it seems sorted its self out After this visiting (https://community.talktalk.co.uk/t5/Service-Status-Dashboard/bd-p/service) showed the line as then OK. previously when first given above the service check was unavailable so believe there was problems on the line at that time. though strange the only web page with issues was Ebay. Perhaps thinking a good thing not visiting their site for a few days off.
  18. The plot thickens Lynn (Mrs Eaton) phone is EE & she gets the same problem in the house also. Just switched the router on off. Talk /Talk service not operation at this moment. Off out & about with Dog & phone to see how it performs locally. BIG thanks obviously for your help & advice so far. Did not think I was so addicted to the Ebay site Peter
  19. here has not worked - I am on talk talk has done same to my phone also. But on phone became alright away from house & on its Tesco network. On the laptop no other sites I visit shows any changes life could never be simple. thanks Peter
  20. hi. To me at moment a massive headache ! any help & advice would be appreciated. I have been using the Ebay web site for years. yesterday the web site on my laptop has change its viewing arrangement (best I can describe} Now looks like this :- and no idea why or how to change this back to my normal viewing option. thanks peter appreciated
  21. Strange. Do not recall 46002 being ever officially named ''Exeter St Davids''
  22. The November 14 th Pullman first outing, cannot see from London where the route is to ? Peter
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