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  1. Can be ordered on-line post-free from publishers https://shop.keypublishing.com/product/View/productCode/SPECBRENG/Modelling BR Engineers Wagon
  2. Probably an accidental carryover from Vol 1. Has been changed to ‘Wagonload’ now anyway.
  3. Found it! https://shop.keypublishing.com/product/View/productCode/SPECBRENG2/Modelling BR Engineers Wagonload Formations
  4. Having the same experience. Used a variety of search terms as well as trawling through the lists and can’t find any trace.
  5. My copy arrived in the post yesterday. Excellent publication - very highly recommended. As an aside WHS in Woodbridge had about 6 copies in today.
  6. It’s under ‘Hobbies and Crafts’ on PocketMags for £7.99
  7. I’d like to wish both Richard and George much success in their new roles.
  8. Just for information.... in Australia SDS offer an unpowered version of the NR Class Co-Co. It is $235 (about £130) compared to $375 (about £206).
  9. Shouldn’t be a problem on DC if one of them is an unpowered trailer unless there are coupling issues?
  10. Perhaps worth noting the established wisdom that words convey only 7% of communication; 38% is tone of voice and 55% body language.....
  11. Me too. Manufacturers often seem to leave the green era SYP variant to second batch releases. I wonder if this is a deliberate ploy to encourage sales of less sought-after earlier livery versions?
  12. I find Humbrol 73 Wine enamel or Vallejo 70.946 Dark Red, which are both matt, particularly good for buildings. I know colour is a very subjective topic but these seem to convey the slightly faded shade that I remember on buildings which differed from the more shiny maroon on coaches and locos.
  13. That’s the wife’s Christmas present sorted then......
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