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  1. One from earlier this month, whilst away from my usual patch in West Yorkshire and several from 24th September 2021... Freightliner 66594 NYK Spirit of Kyoto passes over the level crossing at Moreton, heading west, on 14th September working 0A71, 10.51 Brockenhurst to Eastleigh East Yard, via Weymouth. I assume as this was one of several similar trips over a few days between Eastleigh and Weymouth that it was for driver training/route refresher purposes. Back in West Yorkshire and on 24th September 2021 at Mirfield, four up for Freightliner as 66559 leads 66537, 66507 and 66419, plus a lengthy rake of intermodal flats, working 6Z22, 11.20 Hunslet Yard to Crewe Basford Hall... ...followed a few minutes later by DB Cargo 66105 heading 6M16, 05.40 Wilton EFW Terminal to Knowsley Freight Terminal, empty binliner... ...and then heading east, GBRf 66756 'Royal Corps of Signals' rumbles through with 6E09, 07.38 Liverpool Biomass Terminal to Drax Power Station, loaded biomass hoppers.
  2. Colas Railfreight 37612 approaching Brighouse on 23rd September 2021 leading 1Q67, 16.31 Doncaster CHS to Wigan North Western, the monthly Network Rail infrastructure monitoring train (in this case Plain Line Pattern Recognition)... ... with 37254 'Cardiff Canton' on the rear.
  3. On 20th September 2021 Locomotive Services Limited's D6817 (37521) and D6851 (37667) pass through Deighton working light locomotives as 0Z37, Crewe Holding Sidings to York National Railway Museum. Always a risk at this location, even with the current reduced number of timetabled services, that a TransPennine Express working will try to photobomb - 185143 paired with 185146 on a Hull to Manchester Piccadilly service - joins the action.
  4. How time flies. DRS retired their 20s after the end of the RHTT season in 2019. The 20s (20118 & 20132) that were used in Yorkshire on some occasions during last years RHTT season were ‘hire ins’ from Harry Needle Railroad Company.
  5. According to my reading of the schedule all southbound LUMO services from Edinburgh are routed via platform 3 at York. The northbound services look a little bit more interesting. The schedule suggests that 1S95 and 1S99 are both routed via platform 5; RTT - LUMO services via York Three northbound services (1S91, 1S93 & 1S97) do though appear to be routed via York Yard South Junction which would suggest to me that they're using the station avoider; RTT - LUMO services via York Yard South Junction Be interesting to see what happens on the day.
  6. On a misty 9th September morning West Coast Railway Company's 47270, wearing a replica of the British Rail corporate blue livery and displaying the correct reporting code, leads sister 47848 approaching Heaton Lodge East Junction with the diesel portion of 1Z24, 06.00 Carnforth to Scarborough. This is the final outward Scarborough Spa Express to use the Calder Valley route this year. ...apologies for the rogue stinging nettle in these two. It was just too far into railway property for me to bend it out of shot.
  7. A few from the past week... On 1st September GBRf 66773 'Pride of GB Railfreight' on the Calder Valley line approaching Brighouse with 6M37, 11.23 Arcow Quarry to Pendleton, loaded aggregate... ...on 2nd September the Huddersfield line gets a visit from DB Cargo 66115 working light engine as 0Z63, Knottingley TMD to Blackpool North. Presumed to be for driver/route training. The 66 worked back to Knottingley later via Preston and the Calder Valley line... ...moving on to 6th September at Brighouse and DB Cargo 66034 approaching the station with 6M16, Tees New Yard to Knowsley Freight Terminal, empty binliner... ...followed a short time later by recent import GBRf 66791 working 6M17, Doncaster Down Decoy Yard to Peak Forest Cemex, empty aggregate hoppers.
  8. Biomass trains to Drax Power Station restarted on 5th September after a planned nine-day closure of the line for bridge repair work. On 6th September GBRf 60087 approaching Brighouse with 6M60, 09.44 Drax Power Station to Tuebrook Sidings empty biomass hoppers... ...with GBRf 60002 'Graham Farish - 50th Anniversary 1970 - 2020 also putting in an appearance with 6E09, 07.38 Liverpool Biomass Terminal to Drax Power Station loaded biomass hoppers... ... I haven't yet seen a complete rake of rebranded IIA-D wagons comprising the consist of a single biomass train, but the rebranded wagons make up the the vast majority now in any rake, with the old branding becoming a rarity...
  9. During the late evening of 2nd September 2021, 60009 Union Of South Africa and 60103 Flying Scotsman simmer away on the East Lancashire Railway's shed at Bury.
  10. Not that this is a comprehensive search, but the following appear to have run, the first co-incidentally exactly 12 months ago; 01092020 0Z69, 05.39 Crewe Coal Sidings to Devonport Royal Dockyard (13.04) 01092020 0Z70, 14.00 Devonport Royal Dockyard to Bridgewater FD (16.47) according to a TOPS list worked by DRS 66122* & 66425 and then; 08092020 6Z68, 05.39 Crewe Coal Sidings to Devonport Royal Dockyard (13.27) 09092020 5Z69, 07.59 Devonport Royal Dockyard to Crewe Gresty Bridge (15.52) according to a TOPS list worked by DRS 66303 & 66304 * on long term hire to Direct Rail Services from DB Cargo.
  11. A few from over the past few days... On 19th August 2021 GBRf 66767 approaching Ravensthorpe with 6Z40, Mountsorell Tilcon to Bredbury Tilcon... ...On the 29th August 2021, Freightliner 66413 'Lest We Forget' passing Bradley Junction with 6E53 wagon move from Crewe Basford Hall to Hunslet Yard... ...on the last day of August DB Cargo 66115 heads light locomotive through Deighton as 0Z61, Knottingley TMD to Preston via Huddersfield, Manchester Victoria and Blackburn. Presumed to be a driver training/route refreshing trip... Also on 31st August 2021, Freightliner 66614 '1916 POPPY 2016' leads 6M49, Hunslet Tilcon to Tunstead Sidings, empty aggregate hoppers... ...DB Cargo 66115 headed back through Brighouse on 31st August with 0Z62, Preston to Knottingley TMD, this time via Blackburn, Manchester Victoria and the Calder Valley... ... and finally on the 31st August 2021, 66703 'Doncaster PSB 1981-2002' passes through Brighouse with a lengthy rake of empty JNA box wagons as 6M59, Scunthorpe Roxby Gullet to Collyhurst Street, Manchester.
  12. Direct Rail Services 37422 'Victorious' approaching Brighouse on 29th August 2021 with 0Z69, 15.59 York Parcels Sidings to York Parcels Sidings, via various lines in South and West Yorkshire. The routing via Barnsley and Penistone would suggest that this is another driver route refresher trip ahead of the start of this years Rail Head Treatment Trains in a couple of weeks time.
  13. Colas 37057 'Barbara Arbon' crossing the River Calder at Mirfield on 26th August 2021 leading Network Rail infrastructure monitoring train 1Q67, 16.51 Doncaster Carriage Holding Sidings to Wigan North Western (23.17)... ...with 37612 on the rear.
  14. Bulleid West Country Class 34046 Braunton heads west along the Calder Valley near Brighouse on 18th August 2021 with Saphos Trains 'The White Rose' rail tour. This part of the schedule was 1Z52, 16.55 York to Wolverhampton. Braunton was due to be replaced at Crewe. Class 47 47828 was on the rear.
  15. On 19th August 2021 West Coast Railway Company’s 37668 double-headed with 37669 leads the Carnforth to Scarborough* rail tour, ‘The Scarborough Spa Express’, across Thornhill LNW Junction at Ravensthorpe. *diesel hauled between Carnforth and York Holgate Sidings.
  16. Several GBRf 66s from the last few days, all westbound along the Calder Valley... 66732 'GBRf The First Decade 1999-2009 John Smith - MD' approaching Brighouse on 12th August 2021 with 6Z40, 05.13 Mountsorell to Bredbury Tilcon, loaded aggregate hoppers... 66719 'METRO-LAND' passing Hebden Bridge on 17th August 2021 with 6M59, 15.48 Doncaster Down Decoy Yard to Collyhurst Street, Manchester, empty bogie open box wagons... Also on 17th August 2021, 66738 'HUDDERSFIELD TOWN', not far from its namesake but on a different line, powering along approaching Mytholmroyd (between Sowerby Bridge and Hebden Bridge) with 6M09, but running as 4M09, 16.28 Drax Power Station to Liverpool Biomass Terminal.
  17. DRS 37069 & 402 working 0Z11, 09.57 Eastleigh Alstom to Willesden Brent (13.07).
  18. 4630

    Bute Road,

    If you intend to apply some subtle weathering to your newly acquired 66040, here's an image of the full scale 66040 for reference. Seen here waiting at Sowerby Bridge to exit a possession on 22nd November 2015 with 6T53, Milner Royd Junction to Doncaster Up Decoy. PM me if you need a full size image.
  19. Repairs and maintenance completed at Neville Hill T&RSMD, Locomotive Services Limited's Midland Pullman liveried HST power cars 43046 'Geoff Drury 1930-1999' and 43055 head back along the Calder Valley on 12th August 2021, passing through Brighouse. The pair were working as 0Z21, 09.23 Neville Hill T&RSMD to Crewe Holding Sidings.
  20. Eurostar 3005 and 3105, plus one unidentified set await their next duties at St Pancras International on 28th July 2009... ...with 3220 on an adjacent platform.
  21. 4630

    Bute Road,

    I took the photo of DB Cargo 66200 whilst standing on the down platform at Par, virtually opposite the signal box. It was taken with a telephoto lens, so the locomotive is positioned probably 100 yards or so outside Par station, in the direction of St Austell, i.e. looking west. The 66 is stabled on what I believe is a loop line that is parallel to the main line.
  22. As another suggestion, 2023 is the 50th anniversary of the first broadcast of Metro-Land by Sir John Betjeman. How about a Metro-Land revisited? How much of what Betjeman wrote and broadcast so eloquently about has been lost and gained from the Metropolitan Railway landscape, especially architecture, over the intervening 50 years?
  23. There’re several videos on YouTube of 484s on test, at least one of which has the sound of the whistle audible as the unit departs.
  24. A couple of Network SouthEast class 319s from around 1989, the year after the full Thameslink service began. NSE 319016 heads north on the Down Slow at Chiltern Green, between Harpenden and Luton... ...NSE 319042 at Harpenden bringing up the rear of a service heading south on the Up Fast.
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