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  1. The 19% is actually German VAT, so in theory UK exporters / shops should be charging you no UK VAT (so -20%) then you pay VAT at import into Germany at 19%. Duty on model railway items is always zero. We've set up https://www.accurascale.eu to completely avoid the issue for EU customers, allowing them to pay their local VAT, in Euro at point of purchase with shipping remaining inside the EU.
  2. If it helps we're making the lower version first but will go on and do the top version later. To add to the confusion, many of the surviving wagons have been recoded MPA following brake modifications... we'll do some with those TOPS codes in a future run too.
  3. not exactly the same type but the MHA did carry the ‘coalfish’ moniker https://accurascale.co.uk/collections/mha-wagons
  4. There is one pack in this run (the photos are of the HMA variant, but the pack livery is the last image) https://accurascale.co.uk/products/hma-trainload-coal-pack-1?_pos=1&_sid=f44eb78b6&_ss=r
  5. For clarity, it's worth noting that, from July 1st, the rules are simplifying. Any shipments in the EU, will pay (in our case) Irish VAT and be deemed fully tax paid on receipt. Any shipments in the UK, pay the regular HMRC 20% VAT. Any shipments to the rest of the world, pay zero VAT.
  6. if you are in the EU you will not pay UK Vat
  7. https://accurascale.co.uk/collections/class-37/livery_drs?
  8. All shipments were completed yesterday. The previous delays with parcel Force were down to software issues rather than a systemic problem And shipments since have been averaging 3 working days. The Dublin facility was used to expedite and from next week all shipments will be ex UK via Royal Mail. Hope that helps.
  9. The default is always 'hold until all stock is in hand' so if you have a split order that contains a KUA, drop us a line, or live chat and we can split it out for you.
  10. for all UK orders. Rest of World shipments will leave from our Dublin warehouse.
  11. http://www.locomotionmodels.com/coming-soon/english-electric-type-3-nod6700.htm
  12. Not a delay, they are in stock we’re just completing additional checks before commencing shipment
  13. Most odd, as we've been set up that way since October last year - feel free to PM me your email and I can check who you spoke to
  14. Hi JST, As above, you can also order direct, and Accurascale will ship directly from our EU warehouses, without any extra worries about VAT or shipping / customs.
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