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  1. Hi Porcy, The wagon distance between pinpoints is 26mm - the fitted axles are OO standard, hence 24.73 - that's correct. To fit 26mm, you remove the OO axle collars and fit new wheelsets. HTH! Stephen
  2. Yes, the site will show VAT or not depending on your location (outside the EU etc) In my screengrab, it's ex VAT, so for the Cawoods (and BF rake deals) you get 4 packs, or 12 wagons for £251.82 including VAT (and you get free shipping) meaning a discount of £27.98 off the list price of £279.80 That works out at just £20.99 per wagon, including a container
  3. Hi Porcy, Many thanks for the feedback ! On the pinpoints, we've double and triple checked there is 26mm there - are you removing the collars? Do please PM us with some info / pics if that suits? On the weight, the cemflo are about the 50g mark - which should be bang on the money (both in terms of nrma guidelines, and good running ) Hope that helps!
  4. Final decorated samples are with us now (more news in the coming week) with full stock due within the next 4 weeks or so, so it's now possible to order on the site for immediate dispatch later in April, HTH! Stephen
  5. In the product detail view there is a link to the bundle deals. It loads a second or so after the product detail page is done, and is under the specification. If for any reason, any one missed it, just drop us a line with your order ID and we'll provide a refund or gift card!
  6. Just on those Gypsum containers - we've no evidence they ever ran on the PFA's, so they are not in this run, but if anyone has data to prove otherwise....
  7. Here is a direct link to the DRS packs - https://accurascale.co.uk/collections/pfa-2-axle-container-flat-wagon/drs?grid_list=grid-view Buy all three and you can get a 10% discount too (use the bundle link you'll find on any of the product detail pages) HTH! Stephen
  8. Hi Chard, You can see the ACPM LA200 on the plate, which is the only numerals LA200 carried on that side, as modelled, HTH!
  9. https://accurascale.co.uk/collections/pfa-2-axle-container-flat-wagon/products/pfa-british-fuels-coal-containers-f
  10. The guys at BRM managed to snap the stand going up earlier today!
  11. Don't forget to sign up for these stunning Silver Queens in n also, with our partners Revolution!
  12. A snip at £24.94 for a single, £23.32 when in a triple pack or a mere £22.05 in a bundle deal!! https://accurascale.co.uk/collections/apcm-pcv-cemflo-powder-wagon
  13. The Instanters are coming with the PCA Cement wagons, so will leave the factory in about 2 weeks time. As with the buffers, we plan to 'accessorise' components like buffers, couplers, etc, as we produce wagons that use them (the Cemflo has screw links, the PCA uses instanters) Likewise, we now have metal, sprung OP2 16" Oleos in stock (from the PCV) and the Oleo OP12 16" will arrive with the PCA - https://accurascale.co.uk/collections/buffers HTH! Stephen
  14. https://accurascale.co.uk/collections/couplers You can pop out the NEM coupler, and slot the screw links in (with a teeny dab of superglue) into the buffer beam slot provided, - ideal for end of rake, or indeed coupling if radii allow.
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