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  1. They are sprung so can be clipped down or spring up without power applied.
  2. At the time the photos were taken we didn’t have complete samples. You can see the decoration images on the product page and we hope to update the gypsum photos in the coming day.
  3. Yes, the warehouse were having issues generating labels/codes with RM, so we sent a lot of these DPD next Day You should have received an email /SMS with tracking details, or check your order status page for more
  4. And will be announcing a Black Friday /Cyber Monday deal this morning
  5. There are two wires connecting the 'black box' which is the underside of the micro switch - the wire goes from the brass contact, to one side of the switch, and out the other, which looks to be ok from your photo.
  6. As Fran said on the video, it's part of a suite of changes and improvements to tooling being made since that first sample
  7. Perhaps contact our repair team via email and we can take a closer look for you.
  8. As you can see, the switch is on the surface of the underside of the wagon - no 'reach' issues needed?
  9. they were available at https://accurascale.co.uk/collections/loads we are working on new stock of these and other loads at the moment.
  10. Yes, the loco is uncoupled and the rake goes through the rotary 'tipper' which rotated each wagon in place, emptying the load, one wagon at a time.
  11. We have several batching / packing lines, so dispatch is not in a strict order. We will be 100% clear of all orders in hand by Tuesday coming, so no need to fret
  12. Hi Ken There is an instruction sheet in each pack, here is a link including a video. you’ll fine a micro switch near the buffer beam under the end wagon. https://accurascale.co.uk/pages/support#reamaze#0#/kb/model-specific-questions/how-do-i-fit-the-battery-or-switch-on-the-lights-on-the-pta-slash-jua-slash-jsa-pack
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