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  1. probably. The Rawie friction stop was introduced from the late 80’s
  2. and.. happy to confirm every single RAWIE pre-order (as well as orders placed in the last few days) have been shipped. Everyone should have an email notification with tracking data, if you don't and think you should have, do please contact us via email or live chat! Many thanks
  3. Great idea - all done https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/buffer-stops https://accurascale.co.uk/collections/rawie-bufferstop
  4. To clarify, my comment about opening bonnets was a joke The models will -not- feature opening doors, or bonnets (but will have a nicely rendered engine bay, visible through the side windows, which will feature engine bay lighting ) The windscreens, etc, will be etched parts, as will many of the 'very high fidelity' components.
  5. Good morning! All of the 37's will be provided with three-part body mounted Ploughs in the accessory bag.
  6. For them to 'function' would require too many compromises, altho they will be separate parts, so modellers can 'model' as they wish.
  7. Thanks Jack, we've even toyed with having them open!
  8. the dcc sound version will run on DC with basic engine sounds and the DCC ready version includes a blanking thingie with physical switches for taillights, cab lights, etc for DC users.
  9. I have been hounding my colleagues since the Cemflo was a spark in the eye on our designers - to no avail! if anyone can find a photo of a yellow one - I'll buy them a pack myself
  10. For the sake of clarity, while both nuclear flask wagons, our KUA wagon is not the same as the IQA KR models had previously announced.
  11. Rest assured we are like the proverbial swan with many pre TOPs ranges in the works too
  12. Our logic hound dog was that we’re already flat out at the show and doing the 37 announcement early gave it time to breath and be responded to online outside of the panic of the weekend
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