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  1. Many thanks! Since November of last year accurascale is a registered company in England and our warehouse is in Peterborough.
  2. Good news! Our rapidly selling out HUO Wagon Coal loads are now back in stock for immediate dispatch! https://accurascale.co.uk/collections/24-5t-huo-coal-hopper-oo-gauge/products/real-coal-load-for-huo-hop-24-24-5t-hopper Just £8.95 inc VAT for three real-coal loads for your hoppers!
  3. Check here for a list of retailers, many of whom should have stock https://accurascale.co.uk/pages/store-locator
  4. hi Jools we have another consignment of all packs that came in by ship. They are in The UK now and should be shipping from next week. Once they are counting in and checked they’ll go live on our website for sale. you might also find some stock at our stockists https://accurascale.co.uk/pages/store-locator
  5. Four of our factories are about 1800km from the outbreak and one is about 1000km. At the moment they are all shut down for Chinese New Year which has just been extended by one week by the government. overall we’ve factored in a generous buffer for New Year and don’t expect any impact to timelines at this time.
  6. A sea borne consignment lands early next week. Not very much unsold but there should be some available online or via our retail partners in the coming weeks.
  7. Needless to say it could pull a rake of 30 brass coaches without breaking a sweat
  8. The engineering Prototype clocked in at just over 750g, which didn't help any 'cam system' plans We've put it on a slight diet for the forthcoming decorated, working samples.
  9. Hi there 73080 D6702 is modelled in a Late 1960's period. Hope that helps!
  10. The couplers are in standard NEM pockets. Just firmly grip the wagon, hold the coupler between your fingers and give it a steady pull, it should pop right out. If it's a little firm, a small tweezers to squeeze the NEM prongs just behind the coupler pocket will help. You can then easily replace the coupler with the NEM compatible solution of your choice. HTH!
  11. Hi Baz, They are attached with the lightest dab of glue and are mainly push to fit, they are designed to be carefully removed should you wish to install a load.
  12. you should be able to check the status at your order status link or by logging into our website. if you've any trouble with either option do please contact us directly by email or chat or messenger or twitter DM or phone and we can assist!
  13. Check out our formations guide, you can see the PTAs carried everything from Iron Ore, Stone, Limestone, Dolofines, Ballast and even Scrap and Gravel.
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