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  1. https://accurascale.co.uk/collections/mdo-mdv-21-ton-mineral-wagons/products/real-coal-loads-for-mdo-v-wagons in stock but with preorders not many sets left!
  2. All orders will be processed and shipped in the coming 5-8 days. If in doubt do drop us a note to confirm or check your account online.
  3. Anyone unsure about delivery address or payment status can log in at the website or drop us a note to confirm. Shipments to customers will commence Monday.
  4. As Fran said dispatch will commence in the coming week and if you bought direct you should have had an update today from us about that. once dispatch to customers gets underway in order of paid order we will be sending tracking details as we send out each order. We can only handle about 500 orders a day at the moment so it will take all week at least to process preorders.
  5. A little 'not before seen' sneak preview of the updated buffer beam with the coupler to one side... (ignore the oblong rivets, they've already been fixed... more new will be posted soon )
  6. We'd hope to yes, with a pack of the functional and 'hung up' version
  7. If you are looking at these: https://accurascale.co.uk/collections/couplers they are more modern, we're also restocking a new version with the Tommy bar the 'other' way around so they can be fitted functionally and look ok. We're making 8 distinctly different versions of the Manor in this first run, and the tooling suite is extensive to allow almost all variations.
  8. The accurascale option is a dedicated detail part, so you can fit the (metal) coupler hanging, in use, or hung to the side (a dedicated second coupler is provided for the 'hung' version)
  9. indeed I’m sure you could order a mixed weathered rake from them
  10. You can avail of 10% at checkout if you order two or more coaches and 70% of this run are TSO's so you should be safe that way
  11. The wagons feature standard NEM sockets on sprung kinematics, so any standard bar, or kadee will pop right in, On 3rd radius, the shortest kadee should give you nice close coupling.
  12. Yes, all the MDO, MDV and Coil A wagon packs and the respective 'exclusives' are coming in the same container.
  13. Drop our team an email / live chat with an address and we'll send you some batteries for the taillight
  14. Mk.2c CK (Composite Corridor), ex-FK, five of which were converted for internal ScotRail services circa 1985 and renumbered in the 755x series. The final one seems to have been withdrawn in 1992.
  15. Morning! We have just this morning received tooling final finished samples, and tweaks / polished from the last run, which puts final decorated samples about 4-5 weeks from now. At that point, we'll provide a comprehensive update and timeline. HTH!
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