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    The Engine Shed

    Reminds me of the one half of this pair from Didcot, the GWR D62 Non-Corridor Brake Third Carriage 3755.
  2. I've recently purchased a Bachmann LMS/BR 2MT Ivatt with the intention of refurbishing as LMS example 1202. Before I go and start doing the re-livery, I want to confirm two things. 1. Lettering, would the HMRS "LMS block styles & Crewe straw loco and coach insignia" be correct? 2. Smokebox door and plates... does anyone know where if I can get custom made smokebox/workplates door plates at all? I cannot seem to find these for the LMS examples only the BR ones. Garethp8873.
  3. There is a GWR Fruit C as per your model at the SVR. GWR Fruit C 2424
  4. Another interesting post-war livery found a few days ago... this time of Kerr Stuart built GWR Pannier 7721 with the Grotesque lettering on her tanks. Certainly makes for something unique... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PHOTO-GWR-CLASS-57XX-LOCO-NO-7721-/192884488427
  5. Until I see one in the flesh, I am holding judgement on these wagons tbh...
  6. 5 years on, during this lockdown I'm looking at various projects including upgrading a Bachmann 33-177 Manger's Salt Wagon with the appropriate wooden chassis to replace it's steel one. Can you recall @Mark Saunders the catalogue number of the Parkside Dundas chassis you ordered for your Saxa Salt wagon please?
  7. If so, a good thing I bought another Tintagel a few weeks ago... but now it's a hard choice, GWR War Black or Green??
  8. Mind me asking where did you learn that? I was under the assumption that the GWR Castles only went into GWR Green and not Black.
  9. Recently, I've been looking for the tender from the Hornby R3622 BR J36 model for use in a relivery project. PM me if you can help/ Garethp8873.
  10. Thank you for your response Daddyman At the moment this is a longterm project so I can happily take my time (GWR Wartime Black, Green and LMS Black are ahead of the queue of repaints atm). Hopefully just a BR tender from the R3622 model may just turn up by itself at somepoint, otherwise I have dropped some emails around as well as a Wanted post on here as you never know. At the moment, I'm just going to look at an example that has had the coal rails applied. Again thanks for the advice you have given me
  11. Yes indeed there is. My problem though is that the J36 I intend on getting re-liveried is a LNER 722 example which has the tender without the inner metal frame in it. The BR ones have this style of tender and looking at the 8 photos in Yeadon, they do as well but I maybe wrong unless yourself or anyone else can say otherwise. If so then please do say as it would be immensely appreciated
  12. Has anyone here yet re-liveried their J36 into the NE livery of WW2? I'm struggling to find a suitable candidate from the Yeadon Register.
  13. Really pleased to see you guys announce a GWR 56xx with Sans Serif 'Grotesque' lettering on the side tanks today! A definate first in GWR modelling
  14. Once I know a GWR engine went into GWR Wartime Black, then I make it an aim to add that engine into the collection as I find it to be a unusual livery which has very little to go by unless you documentation or photographs to show an engine in the livery. So far a Hall, 2251 and 28xx have gone under the repaint scheme into War Black. Future projects include a Dean Goods, 38xx, Grange and ROD. Also looking at a Castle and King but of course in GWR green with cab shielding Garethp8873.
  15. Garethp8873

    The Engine Shed

    Potentially one of three GWR carriages which include 650, 9653 and 9654 which serve alongside BR Restaurant Buffet W1667 in Set S which does the Severn Valley Limited Service. In this case most like 9653 or it's sister 9654.
  16. One pre-36 and one post-36 LSWR Brake Van all sorted. Hopefully not have to wait long for these to come home...
  17. My two have now gone down for repainting into pre and post-36 SR liveries. Sadly I don't trust Hornby to rectify their error with the next lot of examples in SR livery. Hopefully I will be wrong but I just don't see them rectifying it in all honesty
  18. According to a supplier on Facebook, it's a leaked announcement. Was not supposed to be announced til the 5th.
  19. Thank goodness this is just a CAD.
  20. I seem to have a knack for finding pre and post war liveries!! How about a GWR ROD... in this case GWR 3017 on 174 of the GWR J Vol 91.
  21. Recently I purchased a GWR Grange (R2402 Hardwick Grange), consisting of the body and chassis from ebay. I'm now on the lookout for a Hornby 4000 gallon tender to go with the Grange. Please PM me if you can help me.
  22. This is marvellous news! I was expecting the Saint to be a potential Autumn Gala visitor but to be a Spring Gala visitor is even better! She'll look glamorous with our GWR Toplight stock and even our goods stock should she be put on goods duties over the Gala as well. I wonder if she'll do any photographic charters too...
  23. Was a pleasure to photograph Joem back in 2012...
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