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  1. We don't class Ginsters as Cornish pasties! They are full of mush.
  2. Super D

    Roy Jackson

    I first met Roy on Retford station when we were both in our very early teens. On seeing the model of Retford a couple of years ago I was gobsmacked! Roy was a perfect host and treated both me and my wife to a splendid coffee and cake. He is sadly missed and I am very worried about the future of Retford when the property is sold. RIP old friend.
  3. Lemon top from Papa Pacito's!
  4. Remember David very well. Stayed overnight at the pub after his birthday bash in the early 70's.
  5. Hi Gary - welcome to the Club. In a past life I used to meet up with colleagues at the Little John.
  6. I should point out that it never rains in Cornwall - we only have liquid sunshine!
  7. Flying Scotsman was the first loco authenticated to reach 100 mph. City of Truro is alleged to have reached tat speed but it was not authenticated.
  8. Which water slide or Presfix transfers are the closest match for BR A4s?
  9. As Lawrence Harvey said in a chat show when he asked - I think Wogan - "How do you get a camel though the eye of a needle? " Harvey then said " that you curry it!!"
  10. Send me your address and I will post you one
  11. Jim S-W's Birmingham New Street is absolutely fantastic in to flesh.
  12. Sold a small gold watch chain owned by my late grandfather. Bought a Patriot 45544 unnamed and had it weathered and named Harry Crofts 1888 -1962 by TMC.
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