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  1. Just a note of thanks. ordered again for the umpteenth time, and time and after time, excellent, ( and most times) next day service. cheers
  2. Hi with regard to this shunter, I concur to leave the roof off whilst painting, and also, if you plan to dcc fit it, I found the only place to fit a chip is inside the cab, with the wires passing through the bulkhead. just some considerations before you fix roof in place. here is mine, done in NCB livery for my own preserved line. best regards Dan Griffin
  3. Here is my efforts from some years ago. a Railfreight class 29. I parted with this model some years ago to a member of a previous incarnation of RMWeb. Are you still there and do you still have it? I have no idea who it was but it was on RMWEB. this was one of my earliest repaints. I have improved since then. anyway. here it is, doesn't look all that bad.
  4. Hello, and welcome to my new thread on my new layout. Called Fairhaven Quay. This may stick although I might change my mind later. The layout is 17ft by 18ft and will be DCC controlled. Points will be manual, maybe wire in tube, Railway electrics for motors etc are really not my strong point and I try to avoid them where possible. The layouts timeframe will be 1986-1992/3. Southern based with third rail and lots of NSE workings and 50's. My son also got involved and had some requests, A sea wall section and a steam railway. The steam railway is going to exit the room through the wall and run in an MGR style loop in part of the garden back on itself, negating the need for any points/complex electrics to be outside. Below are some pictures of the progress so far. I have managed to erect the baseboards in two weeks between work and home life. It is also an interesting exercise in economics. To try and obtain the timbre for the layout as cheaply as possible. As you can imaging this is a big layout and 9mm ply from the major retailers would have been £100's. So I turned to social media, and obtained all the 9mm ply wood (25 3.5ft by 2.5ft sheets for £40), 15 OSB off cuts (£1 each for a 4ft by 1ft board) for the back scenes, and 50 lengths of 19mm by 38mm roofing tile timber for frame work (£30). All in All the timber and wood screws has cost in the region of £130. I was quoted more than that for ply alone!, that include 15 lengths of CLS timber bought from B&Q for legs/wall battens. despite planning it to scale in a graph paper book, I still managed to have 5 sheets of ply left over! The beginning, framework erected and as I do not plan to move any furniture once the layout is up, the top of my stock cabinet doubled as a leg support. the timber frame sticking out is that start of a wide section that crosses the room. I found construction a lot easier this time than my previous layout, as I bough an electric circular saw which made cutting the wood correctly every time very easy. I will admit I can not use a wood saw in a straight line for love nor money. I was meticulous with the levels and had a slight incline on my last layout due to my own poor craftsmanship and some locos struggled up it. The lift up section to allow me to use the doorway. Just beyond can been seen a lowered baseboard for an embankment, some may remember I was given an old BR training layout. have incorporated this boards into this build. This section is wide, 3.5 ft and discets the room. my main station and harbour will be situated on this board. Testing the main station area to see if my 7 car scale length HST's will fit. (don't worry the MML mk3 is due to be repainted. ) The dock area. after building this I bought the scalescenes cargo ship to build and found that I had underestimated its width. this harbour base has since been extended by 3 inches. A mock up of the start of the sea wall section. This tunnel which will be here will also hid the start of a dive under to the storage yard wich will run under the main boards along one wall. Having a play around in the harbour area. The amended harbour basin, with jetty walkways and slipway added for the small fleet of fishing boats to dock at, the deeper harbour will be towards the right of this picture where the Dapol crane is. The first incumbent of the harbour, Fairhavens lifeboat. The airfix kit has enough transfers for me to make the name up, and researching these vessels shows that they all carry a 17-XX registry. I cannot find a life boat with 17-01 so this boat will become that, in homage to a certain famous Star Trek Star ship. I know these boats were not launched until after my time frame but it is such a good looking model that I have stretched the timeframe a little to allow it to be there. This was quite a complex kit for a skill level 2! and I was amazed I got all the handrails off with any damage. 'water lining' was also quite difficult. the main body section has not yet been secured, as I need to paint the interior and add glazing once painting is complete. Well that's it for now. next will be track planning. I have a design in mind so will have a good clear up and sort out of the railway room and then start laying track. in the meantime I have two Kibri boats to build and a load of scalescenes boats to make. This will not be a fast project, as I have to split time with my three bambinos, SWMBO and the Labrador and have a fourth baby on the way in July. As they say its a marathon, not a sprint. but it'll get there. until next time, Dan.
  5. Hello any recent updates or pictures of the layout? Also I am interested in your fish cold store. where did you obtain it from or is it scratchbuilt? regards Dan
  6. Anyone know if Nigel Burkin frequents this forum? Thanks

  7. This is roughly what my final track plan will be now with some modification from the previous edition. from what I can make out, I will need three reverse modules and I have created three loops. each single black line on the diagram represents one track(i.e 2 rails). I hope the diagram makes sense,
  8. there are no double slips in the station area, apologies for being misleading. it is looking rather complex so may have to amend the design to have a single lead junction on one end, like this amended diagram. that looks a lot simpler.
  9. The points (apart from the double slip) would all be electrofrog. I think you are correct. the diagrams I have been looking at are for single track
  10. I have made a crude diagram of my track layout, double track, and will feature sidings etc. what I am asking is, having looked online wiring a WYE seems simple enough, but what about when there is a wye at each end of a run, like my diagram? my layout is large so diagram is not to scale. am I correct in assuming that there would need to be breaks in all rails where I have put the Red 'A' and that the WYE at the bottom of the diagram would be the exact same as the one at the top? any help would be great. thanks.
  11. Has anyone built this kit, if so what advice can you offer as to the build, is it straightforward etc.? thanks Dan
  12. The loco is currently stored undercover inside Wansfords original running shed. I believe if you visit you can be escorted to it. this is my pic of it from 18 months ago.
  13. From a former Nene valley member I can shed some light on this loco. It originated at Bridgenorth, but only ever steamed there once. it moved to the Nene Valley railway and last steam there in 1986. This loco has a somewhat Macabre following, as this loco 64-305 has been confirmed as having hauled trains to Auschwitz during the holocaust. Sad history of the loco. regards Dan
  14. where do you obtain your ships from for oo gauge. regards Dan
  15. What about thick (3mm) mounting card? The thick stuff i can get from the range, cut and used under the track. Once ballasted you wont see it?
  16. Hello. does anyone use anything other than cork for their track bed? are there any good alternatives to use on a permanent layout? I have just started a large (17ft by 17ft) layout and cork will prove very expensive. I was looking at something like this, but have not seen it in the flesh yet. https://www.diy.com/departments/diall-thermal-insulation-roll-l-10m-w-0-5m-t-2mm/1906878_BQ.prd thanks in advance.
  17. I'd love to do Zero X and Skyship one, but the costs proved prohibitive for me. especially since I built model spaces' big Thunderbird 2 and vehicles. I have built the Aoshima FAB1 and Thunderbird 1, also TB3 and TB5
  18. Here is mine. If you get stuck for colour i used revell Lufthansa blue and Halfords ford riviera blue. https://youtu.be/8eVJIVhCA0w
  19. I've had a read through this thread but couldn't find the answer, so can anyone shed any light on the development vehicle they are making as a stand alone car? I have seen a pic online of the coach but would like to know if it will have conventional couplings or special APT couplings on each end.
  20. Though id revive the thread as ive been reading about this layout in BRM and watching it on youtube. do you have a track plan for the layout anywhere ? thanks
  21. Hello. i need a gear for a Hornby j94. Part number x8264. A double gear. But everywhere online is out of stock. however can anyone confirm if part number x8251 will fit? This is off a Hornby terrier and I have been told they are the same, and they certainly look the same. any help would be great.
  22. The wagons may not be everyone's cup of tea, but they work well for me. I had to add boards on the side of the wagons as the home made ARC logos just would not sit correctly on the ribbed sides. with the cost of all the materials they cost about a third of an accurascale rake. they run on Dapol wheels. the buck eyes are ones I had knocking around in the spares box. the run really well and look the part. most importantly of all were fun to build. thanks for looking and I will read and comments you may have. thanks Dan
  23. each end of the wagon has an access ladder. the 5 wagon rake of PTA wagons all decaled up, the bogies still need painting and the interiors weathered.
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