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    Surviving long enough to retire ( Succeded 3 years ago )
    Hoping to finish building a G.W.R. steam based layout set around the late 1930's in Devon in 00 scale .
    Trying to finish at least one of the loco kits I seem to have acquired .Have actually managed several now .

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  1. Well I'm back home after having been nowhere to see a superb show , I don't recall ever having seen so many exhibits at Taunton before , so it's a big thanks to all who made this a very different but none the less special event , I think it will be talked about for many years to come and people will be able to say 'I was there ' . To think that in these time when folk have a lot of uncertainty in their daily lives we still manage to come together as a group and put our worries behind us for one day is a tribute to all who enjoy this hobby . Even in a virtual day we have had the same atmosphere as at the real deal , good modeling , great banter and thing to see and enjoy . A big thanks to everyone who entered into the spirit of the day from organising , presenting , catering , and buying raffle tickets to support a worthy cause . Take care everyone and hope you all remain safe and most importantly healthy .
  2. Morning all . nice not to be here this year , I've had a quick look round and it's all very impressive as usual , going to grab a quick coffee and a slice of cake and then continue admiring all of these super layouts . Oh one other thing , the masks that Taz and Brinkly are wearing , they are not big enough , you can still see their faces . Back later .
  3. Trouble is they looked exactly the same as ones that were first seen about 6 or 7 years ago when they were made so they may be a bit stale by now .
  4. It is with much sadness that I have to announce the passing of my good friend and co owner Stuart Eddy . He passed away yesterday after a short illness . This has come as a great shock as although he was not in the best of health I did'nt think it was going to lead to this . I have put this announcement here as he was more widely known by SWAG members than in the broader reaches of RMweb . He leaves his wife Gill and two grown up sons .
  5. That's like a message over PA system , you can hear it but you can't understand a flippin word .
  6. No , you'd only be up to your armpits in mud if you were lucky , or I'm sure you can work out the worst case scenario , even all these years after your jaunt we still get people trying to do the same , they usually have to get rescued by the coastguards and hovercraft crews .
  7. Nothing as yet I'm afraid , I know it still works as a friend of Stu's came round a couple of months ago to see it and we had some things running , but I still cant get the enthusiasm to get on with things either on the layout or the workbench . I'll have to try and kickstart something .
  8. I know just what you mean Al , I had to rearrange a lot of track work to install our bay platform and branch line, we now have a crossover on a curve to get from bay to main as there was not enough space to get in a better place as it crosses over a board joint, There is a bit to much much wrong way working for my total satisfaction but it is what it is . At least the branch to main junction was easier and is true to approved standards for this type of junction .
  9. Fair comment Al , I was working on you going direct to the bay from the branch .
  10. Hi Al , just my two pence worth with the plans , on both you have a lot of wrong road running to get back into the bay platform from the branch , to me , plan two is the better option to go with to get the double track main line , but you would need to cross the bay out line over to the main in line, either a pair of standard points or a double slip would do this ,this gives minimal wrong line travel ,then you could remove the existing crossover in the main lines . Hope that makes some sort of sense , or maybe put out a call to The Stationmaster for his thoughts , he put me right with a lot of my track planning .
  11. She was never going to climb that slope either , just not enough speed .
  12. Sorry , wrong gender for that . It was a woman , though where she thought she was going is anyone's guess .
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