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  1. Nice to hear that some of you are travelling a fair distance to attend our exhibition. I hope that you will be pleased with what we have booked in for the show. It would also be nice to meet some of you for the first time. Make yourselves known to me I'm the exhibition manager.
  2. Now fast becoming one of the West Midlands finest shows (Warley excepted)!
  3. Why not just wire the lamps in series? assuming they are all the same they should burn at approx 1/3rd of the brightness that they would in parallel.
  4. Just finished loading up "Steam on the Cambrian" ready to go! Looking forward to appearing as an exhibitor at my "Home" show! If you are visiting you'll find me stuck up a corner somewhere in Hall 1 ! Stop by and say Hello. Cheers Frank
  5. Also attending will be the CHMRC's new small 00 gauge layout "Halfpenny Green" a what might have been had the proposed line from Wombourn to Bridgnorth been built. Halfpenny Green would have been an intermediate station on the proposed route. I for my sins have been press ganged into being responsible for the operation of the layout on the day. Hope to see members and friends at the show. Cheers! Frank
  6. The Cambrian section of the Euston Aberystwyth service (Saturdays only)
  7. A few pictures for those who missed it and for those who came but forgot their cameras! Swan Bank 0 gauge Portway center 0 Gauge American Superb modelling! Tat Bank by Chris Hill Oberdorf Loads more to post but will post them later. BREAKING NEWS........ next year's show has been provisionally booked for the 17th October 2015, make a note in your diaries NOW! Cheers Frank, (exhibition manager and head bottle washer)
  8. Latest picture update. taken at Telford MRG Exhibition 4th October 2014 Next outing will be at Welshpool next weekend the 25th October 2014
  9. This weekend the 16th-17th August will see me take "Steam on the Cambrian" to one of my favourite shows at the Midland Railway Centre Butterly Derbyshire. I've always liked this show both as a visitor and exhibitor, it's a great mix between real live prototype stuff and model railways. There is something for everybody what ever your area of interest. "Steam on the Cambrian" will be located in building 'D' (The old chapel) Stand No 42 so if you plan on visiting do stop by and give us a nod. You can download the show guide from the RMweb model rail forum here..... http://rmweb.co.uk/m... 2014 LRdps.pdf The file is in pdf format so you need Adobe acrobat to open and read it. Hope to see you there Frank
  10. Made the front cover! The summer edition of Model Rail magazine featuring "Steam on the Cambrian" is published on July31st. Can't wait to get my copy to see what the editorial team have done with my scribble! Cheers Frank
  11. After another days work on the new extension for "Steam on the Cambrian" The loop is finished and all track and turnouts laid. Some wiring and testing next I think! Overall view of the module. Front profile board yet to be finished. A view in the DOWN direction towards Penmaenpool MPD. Looking in the UP direction towards existing module Mofa Bach. More work soon if the weather holds and I can work outside. The module takes up too much room in the shed! Cheers Frank
  12. Steam on the Cambrian Exhibition dates Just for those who may be interested in seeing this layout at exhibition here is a list of confirmed exhibitions I shall be attending this year. 26-27 July 2014 Gloucester & Warwickshire Railway gala G&W Railway Diesel Gala 16-17 August 2014 Midland Railex Midland Railway Centre Butterly October 2014 Welshpool Town Hall Welshpool 18th October 2014 Cradley Heath MRC Cradley Heath Community centre More dates for the rest of 2014 and 2015 once they are confirmed. Cheers! Frank
  13. After many months of deliberation, sat in my arm chair with books and pictures of the Cambrian coast line I have finally started to build module 3 of "Steam on the Cambrian" I really need a module with a station and passing loop, the new module was also to fit between the 2 existing modules to increase the number of trains and add some sort of operational interest. Once completed the layout can be erected either as it was with just two modules giving a layout 14ft long OR with this new module making a total length of 20 ft. Potential invites to exhibitions then allows the exhibition manager to choose the long or short version depending upon room available. The prototype inspiration for this module is Dyffryn Ardudwy between Barmouth and Harlech on the coast line of the Cambrian railway. This was chosen as it will fit the space available without too much compression and it's relative simple track plan. Anyway, here's the pictorial view of work so far. Looking along the passing loop, In the background can be seen existing module No1 "Penmaenpool" MPD. This new module is 6ft long as opposed to 4ft for modules 1 & 2. the reason being that in order to accommodate the loop and be anything near looking right this length was about the minimum I could get away with. The 6ft board is being built in 2 x 3ft sections semi permanently joined together to form one 6ft board. The vehicle I currently own can handle a 6ft long board but that may not always be the case so being able to split it down to 2 x 3ft sections solves the problem. Here's the view at the Penmaenpool end.Track is C&L Finescale and the points are my own handbuilt jobs using the copperclad sleeper method. Rather crafty, I downloaded a Peco 00 gauge 3ft radius point template and used it as a guide for building, adjusted the sleeper spacings to match the C&L plain track. The Peco 3ft radius point is more or less the same as a prototype B6 point. Finally, (and this is how it stands this morning)The view from the Penmaenpool end looking to where the next section of module 3 will be. The backscene board is in place but the front profile board has yet to be made and fitted. Working in wood is not my strong point to be fair, so please no nit picking about the wood butchering! More to come as progress continues. Cheers! Frank
  14. Hi, Yes still a member of Cradley Heath Model railway club, In fact for my sins I'm the club exhibition manager! If you live locally and wish to come along to see us you are more than welcome. http://frankc76.wix.com/chmrc Cheers! Frank
  15. A few more pictures taken recently to add to the gallery. Burning Brakes! always seems to attract attention at exhibitions. Collett goods passing Penmaenpool MPD 4566 on an up parcels working. Dukedog 9017 passes Penmaenpool MPD with 8791 and 9021 on shed. More to come soon. Cheers Frank
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