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  1. The Peco 009 coupling won't fit into a NEM362 socket normally found on OO or HO stock. There are plenty of others that will.
  2. In stock at Hattons , and they charge £4 postage (using DPD).
  3. That page would indicate they are all still available. This note is on the home page (dated 17/9/20) : We have a direct line of supply for Slater's 4mm scale private owner wagon parts and thus have no problem supplying 4mm P.O.wagon kits. Perhaps they have an exclusive arrangement with Slater's regarding the PO kits ?
  4. And here: https://hobb-e-mail.com/peco-sl100-sl-100-flexible-track-6148-p.asp
  5. Also covered here by Railnews They describe it as a concession, which means a private company running the trains but not taking revenue risk. In practicle terms nothing is going to change, this seems to be a financial exercise.
  6. Final detailing done. I made a new rear buffer beam from plastic card and painted it and the front red. Romford vacuum pipes added and a rear lamp iron. On the top of the steam dome I've used some brass rod to represent the tops of the safety valves. This is a post war preservation era loco and will probably get a name eventually.
  7. For some ideas of what can be done with this model look here:
  8. Bugs! FR bug boxes in Victorian livery from Peco. These are very low riding vehicles with the wheels just under the seat tops. Here is a comparison with A GVT coach. These models share common chassis parts which explains why the bug box is longer than it should be.
  9. Are there any shops where this doesn't apply? Maybe you mean it's easier than some internet only mail order thing, but you are still covered by remote selling regs.
  10. I painted the cab interior, light grey upper and black lower, and glazed the windows. This cab is quite spacious as there is room at the back for figures without resorting to major surgery. I used some ex-Airfix figures to avoid moving the CofG too far back. With the cab refitted I was able to add some control linkages to the sandbox and the regulator on top of the steam dome. The new whistle is a GW one from Branchlines. The air tanks under the cab had to go, only the 'Greif' loco has them. I made some foot steps from brass strip to go there instead.
  11. Thanks William, in this case I used Revell Dark Green acrylic (363). I t was the closest I could find to the rest of the loco. Humbrol acrylics also get a look in at times.
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