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  1. Their last few LSWR models have been in Holly green, they must still have plenty of it to use up.
  2. Nile

    Peco M Track Numbers

    Turns out someone does.
  3. A question to those that do this - do you apply graphite to all the rails, or just some and let it get spread around by train movement ?
  4. No Phil, they can only order in materials the shop owner has enabled. There would be little point putting this design on Shapeways for most people, as their factory is in the EU.
  5. That link takes you back here, try this one .
  6. She died in 1901, so these statements are not contradictory. I infer from what Rebecca wrote that this model represents a post war loco, the implication is that by then it would have been painted holly green. Are there any photos of one in Urie green?
  7. Eventually yes, the thirds originally had half lights. On the suburban coaches the seconds had 3 oil lamps, the thirds had 2. The Hornby third resembles a main line coach, which had 3 lamps.
  8. That photo you've posted raises another question, should the solebars also be painted mahogany?
  9. I used acrylic - Humbrol 60. Don't believe the nonsense some write about acrylic and oil paint. If the first layer has fully dried it shouldn't matter what type of paint the next layer is. If in doubt test first.
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