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  1. There is also Micro-Trains: https://www.micro-trains.com/index.php?_route_=z-scale/track No idea how it compares price wise. Any of these non-Busch tracks are going to need some steel under them, like the DCC Concepts power base.
  2. The handrail is 0.4mm and was fitted first into holes at the ends. I then drilled holes above and below it in the end stanchions. I bent some 0.3mm brass rod into U shapes and inserted them into the holes. This enlargement should help explain.
  3. How's your German? This video might be useful. Having studied it and some photos I reckon you only need a short link to get it working, marked in green below.
  4. I would try by-passing the broken coil with some wire, if you can see where the other end of it went.
  5. Onto the painting stage with some Phoenix NER wagon grey. This photo also shows the internal bracing from some leftover plastic sprue. The long one will help support the roof.
  6. Made by Markits/Romford I think. Sold by Dundas: https://dundasmodels.co.uk/webstore/index.php/hikashop-menu-for-module-108/product/6089-8-0mm-009-metal-wheels-6-hole-disc-2-axles packs of 10 also available.
  7. Nile

    MRJ 275

    Isn't there a prize for the first to find one in their local branch?
  8. Nile

    Hornby Advent Calendar!

    The message is taking a while to get through to some people. If you want bargains go to the dealers (and that includes their visitor centre).
  9. The sides rest on them when folded down, keeps them off the brake lever.
  10. Nile

    MRJ 275

    No luck in Basildon's Smiffs, bah humbug!
  11. You can't have too many brake vans.
  12. Both its constituents had some singles, I don't think any made it to the 20th century. However.... Did you know that in 1860 the LCDR borrowed six 2-2-2 singles from the GNR for six months to operate its new West London extension? They weren't very popular, but still food for thought.
  13. Nile

    MRJ 275

    As I see it it's the contents list itself that is dull and doesn't give a very good indication of what the magazine contains. The cover photo is much more inspiring. As I would buy it anyway it doesn't really matter.
  14. Next is another purchase at Scaleforum. I thought I might as well build it rather than try to find somewhere of store it. It's a Wizard/51L NER van. Once cleaned up the parts fit together well. This is a dry fit of the sides and ends, there is a plasticard floor inside keeping it square. Main assembly complete. As the wheels are now trapped I pre-painted the W-irons black.
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