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  1. Here is the relevant page from that site - Aldwych branch .
  2. I don't want to limit him to subterranean things, but it's a good starting point.
  3. That's what I thought. They had to take a detour to get there as there is a brick wall between it and the closed eastern platform.
  4. Bear in mind that Strand/Aldwych was meant to be the terminus of the Great Northern & Strand Railway. Plans changed when it became incorporated into the Piccadilly line, but the branch still ended up with two rail tunnels between Holborn and Strand, and two platforms at each end. Half that infrastructure was closed soon after opening as it wasn't needed.
  5. Dapol don't do 3ft Mansell wheels, so they had to outsource those? At least Dapol wheels are round, although not everyone likes them .
  6. The same concept could be applied to other cities across the UK - Secrets of the Railways of [insert city name here] , as a series with one episode per city. Tim + a local expert explore interesting places not normally seen by the public. I'm sure we can find plenty to keep him busy.
  7. Your despatch email should contain something like this: Your order has been shipped via Royal Mail, Standard Delivery service. Consignment ref Batch xxxxxxxx 13:54. For delivery to: your address
  8. Mine took three days to arrive, but that was before the 'ping-demic'.
  9. I think it's safe to give it try now, thanks to the efforts of all the guinea pigs above in finding the problems. I did yesterday and it worked fine.
  10. It's 10am on Monday morning, nothing ever works properly on Monday morning. Give 'em a chance to get it working. And haven't you lot got anything better to do?
  11. Colour comparison no.1 On the left is one of the original Hornby ones issued in the far too light 'milk chocolate' paint. I sprayed Railmatch enamel paint over it to correct it. I didn't spray enough paint to reach full colour density, which is why it looks slightly lighter than the Kernow van. On the right is Hornby's second attempt at this colour, darker than the first but still too light. Colour comparison no.2 The van on the right was painted with Phoenix paint and looks a perfect match to the Kernow van. And for those curious about what's inside:
  12. Alex, if the cab interior has come out it will be easier to refit the chassis first, then refit the cab interior. You have more room to manoeuvre the chassis.
  13. Not having any real need for more 009 stock doesn't stop me tinkering with it. One thing I've wanted to try was reducing the height of the Chivers Innisfail Tramway coach, which looked a bit tall to me compared to my other stock. This turned out fairly easy to do as there is a raised section at the top that can be removed by running a blade along its edge as a guide. This leaves a door 5'6" high. Some comparison photos with one I built earlier. Now painted. The brake pipes came from Peco wagon. I happened to have a Peco GVT brake van in plain red livery, so I tried painting it in a matching livery (Humbrol 62 and Railmatch BR crimson if you must know).
  14. Period photos indicate that the two extra lamp irons were fitted from 1920. As for the back of the tender, it seems rather camera shy so I can't tell. Has the preserved loco got them? That places the grey model in the early 20s, unless you remove those lamp irons to back date it to the war years.
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