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  1. I thought the target audience was the rest of the world, particularly those that speak or understand english. Which makes it a bit pointless at the moment as no one can actually go there and travel on their trains. Or is there a japanese language version available on local tv?
  2. Some developments at the halt. The road bridge over the railway, which is the scenic exit, needed some abutments. I had enough Slater's stone Plastikard to make these: Here they are inserted into the scenery. The halt needed some sort of building, nothing grand. I went for a bit of Wills bashing of their platform shelter. Here's one I built earlier, last century I think. As well as shortening the roof I've swapped the sides around. In place on the platform.
  3. Dundas Models are still listing Markits 9mm wheels, both 009 and 00n3. 9mm 00n3 wheels
  4. Are you just after wheels, regardless of gauge?
  5. They look like 12mm wheels, Bachmann or possibly Hornby. Another clueless ebay seller.
  6. Nile

    Preorder email

    I see a pattern here.
  7. It sounds like one of the wires is open circuit. You can work out which if you have a multimeter.
  8. Nile

    Preorder email

    Work continues on their Genesis coaches, due out later this year.
  9. Thanks ScR, I have here three books which have info about the LMWR: History of the GWR vol.1 by E T MacDermot , Ian Allan 1964 The OW&WR by S C Jenkins & H I Quayle , Oakwood Press 1977 The OW&WR by John Boynton , Mid England Books 2002
  10. After much faffing about with varnishes I've got a finish I'm happy with, at least on this side. Most of the bits I removed now need to be refitted, plus any damage fixed.
  11. Having now read Phil's follow up post I'm encouraged that the compressor will be a useful tool even if the brush turns out to be a dud. I have a decent compressor but it's a heavy beast that normally lives in another room.
  12. That might be an issue in the finer scales, but the clearances in 009 are pretty wide. I've never encountered such a problem.
  13. A cheap chinese airbrush should be less than £30, some are less than half that. It depends on what extra bits it comes with.
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