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  1. My mixture is roughly 50% PVA, 25% water and 25% IPA. I've never felt the need to spray, but I would dilute the IPA with at least 50% water. The PVA itself can vary in strength, I found Wilko's fairly dilute to start with.
  2. I use IPA rather than washing up liquid, which contains lots of other chemicals you probably don't want on your layout.
  3. Some progress over the last month. The path down to the station has been paved with limestone dust and fenced with strip-wood. The water tower has been fixed into its hole in the hill side, a small gap on one side needed filling. It has also acquired a roof made from planked Plastikard. The water supply comes from further up the hill (where the town is), via a pipe which emerges from the hillside just above the tank. This is a trial fit while I worked out where to put the supports. Wooden supports added the pipe is now painted and fixed in place. The signal box and station building are being painted. In an effort to get away from cream or white as the main colour I've gone for various shades of brown.
  4. Ideally you want a gradual transition from straight to 2nd radius.
  5. These days it takes great skill to extract a model from its packaging, particularly with O gauge.
  6. More Hornby wagons. It's not just the 3-plank wagons that are suitable for re-use, there are 4 and 6 plank bodies on the same chassis. Here is one as it comes. I removed the markings with Micro-sol and a fibreglass pencil, a messy process. It was then repainted and lettered for the LMWR. The 4 plank WMR wagon started out overall black with white lettering (like this). It received the same treatment as the other wagon.
  7. That makes more sense. The wheels that are included in Peco/Ratio/Parkside 00 kits are made by Alan Gibson and have steel axles and rims. It's the rims that cause problems with uncoupling magnets (the same for me in 009), the axles are usually far enough away from the magnets to not be a problem. I agree that non-magnet wheelsets (blackened brass) would be ideal, these can be sourced in China as well.
  8. I forgot about those. Defineatley metallic (for electrical pick-up), but non-magnetic.
  9. Nile

    PECO News

    They've had a spot of bother with that site.
  10. Hornby coach wheels with non-ferrous axles? Are you sure? I didn't think such a thing existed, apart from plastic ones. I thought all British 00 RTR wheels has ferrous axles, but a quick check revealed that Oxford wagons don't.
  11. They did eventually fix it. You'll have to delete and re-download to get the fixed version.
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