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  1. And a good job you did too, engaging with the younger members of the audience. The step-up box worked well with this layout, allowing them a good view at adult eye level.
  2. Peco deserve applause for not only producing things in Britain, but making the tooling for them as well, and investing in more capacity.
  3. Not only are they accepting cards, but it's contactless as well. Well done team. Another good show worth making the trip for what will probably be my only exhibition this year.
  4. This applies to those that subscribe through Exact Editions , that's the one where you can only access them while you have an active subscription. Could be worth a look just for those back issues.
  5. A couple of days rather than a couple of hours. Depends how thick it is, and humidity. Not the stuff to use if you are in a hurry.
  6. Should really be in a Railroad box given the age of the tooling used here.
  7. I had one yesterday, but there is no prize for it.
  8. A quickly thrown together photo shoot for a comparison. HO Unitrack (as new) : OO SMP track (painted and ballasted) : The Unitrack could be improved by painting the rail sides and toning down the ballast with a wash of dark paint.
  9. No more progress on the station building, but I have managed to finish off the stone walling along the road. These flexible pieces of foam need to be held down with pins and weights while the glue sets. The view along the road from the crossing. An overview of the yard area, with the buildings plonked down for effect. Still lots to do here, but I want to sort the platform out next.
  10. If the photos on their website (and advert in BRM) show test models from the tooling then 2022 makes more sense. edit - the date in the advert is 2022.
  11. Using Dundas kits would be the sensible thing to do, which is probably why I didn't.
  12. The brake may happen, if I can find the right model. As for sticking 3 together, apart from being a bit long that would also be an expensive coach.
  13. I had another two of these coaches and decided to emulate what some railways did with their old 4 wheelers by gluing them together to make a bogie coach. One roof had to be trimmed where they join in the middle, they could then be glued together. I added a strip of metal to the underside to re-enforce the joint. This needed a notch to be cut in the middle wall for clearance. I carved off the original rain strips and made new ones from micro-rod. The underside had some re-enforcing trusses added (brass rod) plus brake detail from various bits. The bogies are from a Chivers Innisfail coach with 5.5mm wheels fitted, this gives a ride height that matches the other coaches. The footboards were glued to the underside after the brake parts were removed from them. The finished coach with matching brake van.
  14. I think the OP wants to know the typical fuel storage capacity at a TMD.
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