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  1. As a Hertford lad train spotting in the 70's would have love to have done the tour l must make the effort to take a ride in one of the units enjoying the sunny south coast
  2. DREAL have posted a video dated 23rd September but it clearly dates from much earlier in the year http://webissimo.developpement-durable.gouv.fr/IMG/mp4/video_rn_141_roumazieres_exideuil_cle03fbd3.mp4
  3. Having been through the works over the last fortnight I don't see any progress In fact nothing seems to be being done And doing the lanes nearer Chabanais there is no sign of any progress since clearance of trees last year One would draw the conclusion that the road project has been put on hold (highly unpopular) which then would mean no railway reinstatement for some time The other RN141 dualling project just West of Angouleme is still in progress.
  4. The 2eme Salon National de Modelisime Ferroviare is on today and tomorrow at Bugeat (40 mins SE of Limoges) www.hce19.fr For more details We went today and it is predominantly N gauge Also made the error of arriving at 1230 so most of the layouts were unattended with either nothing running or token trains circulating The best layout by far for us was an On30 USA forest layout with some link to little house on the prairie actress who played one of the Olsen Security was very evident bag search and metal detector Sorry photos on camera so will have to wait till we return to get uploaded Colin
  5. Drove over today and both the old road and railway have been severed. The pillars are being built for the road bridge that will take the old 141 over the new 141 bypass. i assume the pont rail will be after as building the rail bridge first would hinder the road bridge construction not it sure of timescale as closer to Chabanais the road site seems to be no further forward than it was in December Colin
  6. http://www.nouvelle-aquitaine.developpement-durable.gouv.fr/IMG/pdf/presentationoperations_rn_141_nov17.pdf Around slide 30 refers to the point rail. Seems the new bridge will be slid in colin
  7. Thanks Jamie for confirming that yes the plans for the 2x2 dualling show parallel road and rail bridges Its a very deep cutting much deeper than I thought necessary especially as the road will come from higher ground to the south. Maybe mitigation for the local residents. Colin
  8. We will be there next week as long as the surgeon can get my wife's stent in her bile duct out without problems on Friday (long saga and to be honest I'm just grateful she is alive and recovering) as we are close I'll try and get some photos I did see an aerial view and it seemed to show the temporary road rn141 deviation had been removed jeff. I don't think anyone thought sncf deliberately wanted to close the line just that the cost may have been prohibitive regards colin
  9. With his moniker of Johnny Walker it appears he has imbibed too much of his namesake Good to see the response from Boris being measured might the review go back to the speed question
  10. The RN141 work is at Roumazieres needs a rail over road bridge we were supposed to be over in July but had to cancel due to wife being critically ill so I haven't been to see how far they have got with it but I would that was funded as part of the project i cant think where else there needs to be a bridge. The one at Chassenuil is already there and I thought part of the existing dual carriageway colin
  11. Its not the polymers that migrate but the additives if the solubility parameters of the polymer and additive are aligned then the additive will preferentially migrate from one polymer to another this can cause the donor polymer to lose the additive and become brittle whilst the recipient is softened back to styrene materials and photo oxidation will cause chain scission so in effect the long chain polymer breaks down into shorter chains . This then reduces the physical strength of the material and eventually they become weakened Colin
  12. Environmental Stress Cracking is a known issue with certain polymers UV degradation is also known Plasticised materials eg PVC faux leather will suffer from the loss of volatile additives All sorts of factors can apply there was a lot of work on why blue milk/beer crates didn't survives as long as red...turned out the pigments allowed crack propagation I'll need to go back and try and find my 40yr old text books to get the details for styrene polymers ....I think plastruct is styrene based Colin
  13. Thanks Paul Its a bit freelance as an easy to set up layout The original plan I recall only having one platform and all the lines pretty close to each other And to upset the pedants even more I will probably end up with Bernina stock also on the layout in an ideal world I'd do Morges with an impression of the BAM line . Any line that has Biere and Apples in its title has to be good. Morges is where our HQ was based until we moved it to Budapest oh oh and of course a BR late 70's Eastern region layout So this one is something achievable in a relatively short time One question to be answered is DC or DCC both the loco and railcar I have are DC but ideally I would like to be DCC
  14. After having to give up on my impression of Ipswich when we moved house 7years ago I needed to find something more manageable Having had a Bemo starter set there was an obvious option and the web was searched for ideas On gleisplan.ch a few years ago was a 8*3 layout comprising a terminus with a line looping down to hidden siding The 8*3 was too big for the space I had and I played with the terminus plan to see if I could accommodate in a smaller space Two 4*1 Tim Horn scenic boards provide the basis The concept is that the viewer is stood on the platform serving the loop so avoiding the need for station buildings
  15. We are Chabanais (Foulounoux to be precise on the Chirac road) also (albeit holidays only. suggest you talk to the team at Confolens l'association Chemin de fer Charente Limousine who are restoring the line but also have English members . They may be able to provide details of anything more local Regards colin
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