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  1. Daily shower spray is excellent for dampening ballast before adding PVA ....
  2. Likewise.... in for 20 CBAs here, needs an AB Peak for early 70s.....
  3. I can only echo what has already been said about the poll .... and the Class 120 dmu! A huge vote of thanks to the team.... and I have found supporting information very informative too. Take a well earned rest gentlemen
  4. CBAs in block trains too Paul - the Tunstead - Margam was an early AB block working, from 68 IIRC. Heres hoping they are on the list.... Phil
  5. HO Kato on the patio.... For temporary layouts and a test track it is brilliant
  6. A device designed to produce low frequency vibrations is a bit more subtle and less likely to cause derailments
  7. Having done a cut and shut BFK from Bachmann coach sides am now moving on to replacement etched brass sides.... another BFK, an RF and an RBK all using Bachmann Mk1s as donors. Thanks @billbedford How have others done these please - Complete replacement of existing sides or mounted the etches on to the sides? Got to source other components... the Frogmore door hinges look good, any other recommendations please? Cheers Phil
  8. All done. Irons courtesy of Kernow ... an excellent etch they supply with one of their locos but sell separately. Also Invested in crew from Hardys Hobbies - thank you Richard - and they are perfect! Fireman is having a blow on his added shovel, driver one hand on reverser and the other on regulator. Might have to do more steam....
  9. That’s the one thank you @TheSignalEngineer and @Kier Hardy. Just need to wind that headcode to 3V01.....
  10. 233 has now been through works ... light weathering, replacement of moulded lamp irons with etches and removal of extraneous detail that wasn’t there on this loco ? Headboard brackets .
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