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    12" to the foot - Churchdown, Glos 4mm to the foot - Abbotswood junction
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    Worcestershire and Gloucestershire railways in the 60s and 70s - oh, and fly fishing for trout, military history

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  1. All the principles discussed here are as applied to Abbotswood Junction …. And there are a couple more. No station …. So nothing to define the length of a passenger train Goods loops start in the fiddle yard so full train never stationary on scenic part of layout. Rebuild at 27ft long should be ok for 10 100 ton tank cars plus pair of 37s but it’s a tight squeeze between pointwork. Motorail loaded to 16 so that should be fun…. Suspect it might exceed ability of a Bachmann peak.
  2. Can only echo what @APOLLO and @Il Grifone have said …. Nickel silver rails and ban plastic wheels
  3. The books suggest NBL had problems in both translating German metric measurements in to imperial and in sourcing materials to match German specifications. Not a good formula for reliability if correct....
  4. Definitely not ! Came to a halt at Cynhorgy waiting a fitter to attend. Finally got going again two and a half hours down and never recovered ... railtour standard time! Sources say it Got to Stockport and ran directly in to Piccadilly rather than going around the houses to Victoria and Preston, Engineering works due on published route,
  5. Not that familiar with Hornby steam models but doing this one for a friend. Just done front end with correct pattern top lamp bracket, hooked up screw coupling and head lamps (working). Rather pleased with results....
  6. Including the rail over road over river 3 level bridge at Trallong. Pillars are still there , still looking for a photo of it whilst intact
  7. Would have loved to travel that route.... up the Severn catchment then over the top in to the Wye valley... so scenic! Every time we are fishing on the Wye we listen In hope for an Ivatt mogul pulling up the valley....
  8. Regularly on vans between Worcester and Gloucester...
  9. Cheers David - not an easy solution is it?
  10. We have stripped and repainted a Blue Grey RB to get decent colours to match Bachmann. Which leaves us staring at the windows wondering how to repaint the frames. Anyone got ideas please?
  11. Many thanks. Withdrawn in 64 from Didcot and Oxford so not the longest final trip for WR locos on their final journey.... Kings at Norwich took in 47xx and others IIRC
  12. That looks like a Hall to me. Not possible to be more specific as there are numerous Halls on Brdatabase without a listed fate .... and none are listed for Central Wagon
  13. Bachmann Peak - GSYP D67 - for £48! A bit of a mess - glue everywhere and half the glazing replaced with home made, half the pick ups US. Ok it doesn’t have the nose seam but it’s going elsewhere and the new owner will not mind - and a good runner now. Have probably spent the same again on paint, transfers, crew, new glazing and plates but it’s new home is with an old school chum of over 50 years who hails from Chester. Think he might appreciate it...
  14. And some yards plainly liked certain types.... just look at how many Standard 5s Cashmores dealt with, and to a lesser extent Standard 4 75xxx at Birds Long Marston. The Granges have always perplexed me too .... Woodhams were plainly buying in in 65 when many became available, just look at the purchase of the Manors from Shrewsbury (thank goodness!)
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