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    Worcestershire and Gloucestershire railways in the 60s and 70s - oh, and fly fishing for trout, military history

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  1. Phil Bullock

    Dapol Class 22

    Time for a photo update... nearly finished bodywork but no time to write up today as off fishing tonight, will follow with bashing guide
  2. Ah no at least the blue grey FO has commonwealths ... R4778 The original catalogue pictures have it on B1s but it came out on CWs
  3. There are loads of them living along the Welsh Marches rivers... always great to see!
  4. Thanks John. Looking forwards to seeing what you capture....
  5. Hi john i bought an Apeman 16MP off Amazon ... about 50 sqiddlies. very happy with it... hedgehog clips are my YouTube stream ... Abbotswood Junction cheers Phil
  6. Morning. ECoS as it stands isn’t wireless but it does have a port to connect to a router. I use this to connect to my lap top via my domestic wireless network for back ups and image transfers, and also to create a local wireless network with a separate stand alone router so that iPhones can be connected and used as wireless throttles. if you use a patch lead to connect ECoS to your router then yes you can access it from any other device connected to your wireless network ... you just search the web for the address ECoS gives you and off you go. The change of tone toggle depends on the sound project and how you map it’s functions to the toggle. Legomanbiffo horn tones are separate high/low functions so if you map them correctly to the toggle then it will work exactly as intended ... forward for high tone, backwards for low. Other sound projects eg Howes have high/low tones grouped as a single function so mapping them to the toggle triggers the function as built. That means for example forward might give you high/low and backwards a single tone. As for the layout plan It’s only a representation and is not related to actual size so it won’t matter. if you want a closer look drop me a PM and we can set up a video link if that would help
  7. Collared doves enjoyed bird bath today .. we were sat in plain sight 4 metres away
  8. Yes that will be why - Heljan motors require a high starting current, on DCC they will blow some chips. So no disagreement .... We just need to be sure folks are starting from the same place when describing issues....
  9. Are we talking about the difference between DC and DCC here? DCC will manage the start for you. Its the same with the Bachmann Class 43 Warships - like scalded cats on DC but a decent set of CVs on DCC will soon tame them....
  10. Ok got one - let me have your address, have emailed as above, got to go to post this afternoon so will get in post Cheers Phil
  11. Ok will have a look today....drop me a PM with your address The most common cause of a lack of illumination is those cranky pick ups mind.....
  12. Cheers Are you up to fitting a replacement if I have one in my spares box? We have removed the lights from a lot of our locos....
  13. @Enterprisingwestern pointed these 3d printed Instanter couplings out to me on the Dapol Bolster E thread. https://www.shapeways.com/product/JZZQYBLQK/nem-oo-instanter-couplings-sample-set As they are solid bar couplings they will only tick the box for vehicles that run in fixed rakes and also if they couple more closely than the tension locks. So lets start with Bachmann's TEAs. On Kato track the tension locks set the wagon buffer heads 1 sleeper and 1 space apart - see first photo. But hey look.... the instanters lose the space, the buffer heads are only the one sleeper apart. ANd they will give a much more solid feel to the train rather than the slack in the couplings - so looks like a result! They wont go round my Kato curves which are 550mm radius - about 20 inches .... the 3ft standard on Abbotswood should be fine. What else might they work on? TTAs next I think...
  14. The loads are finished - all 20, hurrah - except for the colour coding on ends and any legends on bars . With the 3d printed couplings @Enterprisingwestern pointed out not ticking the box have gone off to try them on other wagons.... see new thread here... https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/154978-3d-printed-wagon-couplings/
  15. Agree with both - but just been sorting out carriage workings and theres a requirement for BSOs RBs and the Gresley RB ... and also an RKB. Already got a flush glazed Replica RB - will see how the Hornby one measures up. A bit of weathering helps blend in differing blues in - a wipe with meths or thinners whitens the Hornby blue a bit...
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