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    12" to the foot - Churchdown, Glos 4mm to the foot - Abbotswood junction
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    Worcestershire and Gloucestershire railways in the 60s and 70s - oh, and fly fishing for trout, military history

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  1. Another railway landmark bites the dust....apologies for poor photos
  2. Reading the gen on the web site I suspect the headcode has been tinkered with....
  3. Gets my vote! Already on 1661 here.... no connection other than a happy customer
  4. My Kato test track has one set of connecting wires for exactly that reason....
  5. Was watching operations at Bromsgrove a couple of evenings ago on line . Bank engine finished for evening and was booked to run to Stourbridge Jct ... via Kings Norton, Washeood Heath, Sutton Park, Bescot and Soho. How much quicker to drop down via Stoke Works to Droitwuch, over this crossing and arrive via Kidderminster!
  6. You will be wanting herds of wildebeeste sweeping majestically across the plains next!
  7. Definitely sad but would have been a lot sadder without the likes of DPS etc
  8. Have always assumed boiler room grilled were sheeted over when the body side footsteps were done
  9. Boiler On 24 but not on 25/0 If you go to the thread on the Bachmann headcode 24 IIRC there’s a conversion
  10. Bruce what a wonderful picture of Abbotswood Junction box. Taken only a month before closure and replacement by Gloucester MAS. Water churn out on the veranda, there was no mains supply and churns were dropped off daily by one of the few remaining stoppers from Worcester... DMU of course. Can I ask - is it your picture?
  11. Ha ha good one Andi! That’s a rare photo not many folks walked up to the box . And I got it wrong ... the frame is at the back of the box, not the front as I fitted it
  12. And press button A! This release is great news....
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