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    12" to the foot - Churchdown, Glos 4mm to the foot - Abbotswood junction
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    Worcestershire and Gloucestershire railways in the 60s and 70s - oh, and fly fishing for trout, military history

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  1. Things certainly used to be snappier at SVR! End to end currently about 75 minutes …. Back in the days of diesel galas in the 90s was more like 50 mins to get the maximum number of paths in… There used to be an EBay seller …. Black Cat IIRC …. Who sold home made ones. Wish I had bought one!
  2. This is what we have done with the Abbotswood fleet. CVs are altered so that the top speed of the loco correlates with its specified top speed measured across a known distance on the test track and ECoS parameters set to display MPH , although as has been stated this may not be a linear progression.
  3. Yes saw that and will probably try it on the next Peak I do
  4. Very nice Bob. Have you looked at replacing those moulded front hand rails with wire? Makes a big difference on top of your excellent work
  5. Plenty of Worcester shed and a few of works. If Worcester area is of interest Jeff you will want Mikes book when it comes out…. Phil
  6. Stourbridge was the major yard for remarshalling of traffic from South Wales to the West Midlands and the North until Bescot yard opened in the late 60s. It was still worth a visit in 68 with diesel locos stabling next to the station.
  7. Cheers Mike . The use of the initials DMU made me think post 58 …
  8. That’s fascinating! Guessing it’s from 63 ish….
  9. Went to 85A Reunion yesterday… a day for railwaymen and enthusiasts organised by the Worcester Locomotive Society. Hoped to pick collective brains on the goods siding at Norton… between the junction and the rail over rail bridge. Well I need not have worried as Michael Clemens gave a slide show previewing a forthcoming book based on the colour photos of Ellis James-Robertson and there will be about 10 photos of Norton in it! Excellent..
  10. Was one of the more travelled ones … whilst shedded at 81A ended up working a Paddington train from Oxford to Worcester following multiple failures of other locos…
  11. The shade of yellow has changed over the years . Precision Paint’s signal yellow looks a pretty good match for the shade used in the 60s …..
  12. You are a star Steve…. Many thanks, will be appreciated!
  13. Very nice indeed! Just finishing D6342 based on Dapols 00 offering … all front end detailing changed, D6336 already done. Was lucky enough to see most of them in traffic….
  14. Models not yet announced in production? Ooh you Irish are teasers!
  15. Nor me! Hope you can make it on the crew
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