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  1. Ah .... it’s in the RCTS Class 17 gallery, for some reason this IPad won’t let me post a link
  2. A word of warning.! The model railway police came for me when I committed the heinous crime of calling them tarpaulins! They are sheets .... as in Sheet Stores Junction near Nottingham...... As for Tunnocks... yes please!
  3. Look forwards to seeing how yours turn out CK. Have ordered some more transfers from Fox to give a bit of variety ....
  4. Certainly sounds a good bet. Check chip is seated correctly while you are in there. If you can solder it really is worth doing away with the rubbing contacts and hard wiring the speaker. Use flying leads that are long enough to allow body removal without disconnection if you go down this route.....
  5. Searches are always an issue.... wide or narrow. And do all users understand the use of parenthesis is search strings?
  6. Funnily enough was only thinking exactly the same thing but for different reasons .... 3 posts running on issues with Bachmann Class 40s. I always try and post links to other thread but this here IPad has a mind of its own when it comes to copy and paste.....
  7. Cheers Roy. Sound is so subjective isn’t it? Tried to create constant conditions for the comparison. Reckon that’s a 50 x 18 x 7 in D233.... they re very neat!
  8. Yes Richard is usually very helpful. I know what you mean about confidence but we have all been through that.... will help you a lot if you can gain the experience!
  9. Hi there Apologies for not coming back sooner. If I am reading correctly you have two issues... poor running and no sound. Unfortunately Bachmann changed the pick up arrangements on the 40s from wipers to brass bushes and only on two axles! Not good....pretty sure D211 has the latter arrangement. To their credit Bachmann have listened to the issues and have reinstated wipers on the latest batch. Will be interested to hear if they offer you a solution. If not then fit your own wipers... there are instructions in another thread. As for the speaker.... I don’t
  10. Remember seeing 75 on the clock of a 120 between Droitwich and Kidderminster. Surely the engine governor only controls fuel supply? If other factors apply ... gravity, following wind... then engine power may not be the limiting factor for top speed.
  11. Morning! Have the same issue .... will have to go down the same road with liquid lead In hopper bottom and ballast loads ....
  12. Have gone through the Abbotswood stud - 8 locos - and not found any issues. Hurrah! In the interests of calming others who may not want to take bodies off locos they are as follows... forgive me for using our running numbers, the Bachmann originals are listed for each one. 6601GFYE 32-782 D6984 GSYP 6785 BFYE 32-781 37251 BFYE nose end swap 6811 GFYE 32-782 D6801 GSYP 6875 GSYP 32-778 D6826 GSYP 6885 BFYE 32-778 D6826 GSYP respray 6972 BFYE 32-781 37251 BFYE 6974 BFYE 32-782 D6984 GSYP respray 6992 BFYE 32-781 37-251 BFYE 6997 GFY
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