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    Worcestershire and Gloucestershire railways in the 60s and 70s - oh, and fly fishing for trout, military history

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  1. Knew they are a favourite of yours! They were special for us at Worcester .... a trip to Brum to see one on the Yarmouth or Derby was usually worth a few on coal trains ... until the WR got some of course when they became common - and locally despised as they were unable to time the Worcester - Padd trains, particularly as the best ones were kept for ECS at Paddington. But characterful locos in their early liveries as your super photos show so well.
  2. Surely someone will do a definitive version before too long! Your photos certainly give them plenty to go on.....
  3. The Tunstead-Margam limestone working with CBAs was of the first AB Workings in the area and was a regular Peak turn. Sm sure Brian will be along with more fantastic details,particularly on the Warships. STJ was the only place I copped the unique Paxman engined D830...
  4. Ah many thanks Tony just a mobile photo via pm would suffice am sure. Thanks for the kind words , for me a railway is about all aspects ... infrastructure, motive power, operations and landscape ... hopefully the new layout will give us even more scope for all of this. Have also made many friends as a result including the main criminals on this thread!
  5. Pah ! Trust the ER to remove the cow horn lamp brackets .... eeh up lad , why’s that lamp shining sideways????
  6. You sound like a man after my own heart Tony. Operation of Abbotswood is based on the 71/72 wtt with stock and locos as close as we can get it. A lot of our freight was to/from S Wales hence my interest in your post Cheers
  7. Cheers will look out for that.... Worcester not represented that much in print
  8. Many thanks Tony. Would be interested in a look at that photo ... is it somewhere accessible please? Cheers
  9. These two are ready for the Waterston - Albions to run via Worcester.... 3 pairs sound fitted EE3s available for power , legomanbiffo sound files with drivelock installed for extra thrash. We can only accommodate a train of 10 bogie tank cars on the new layout .... the real ones loaded to 15 and with a Pair of EE3s up front you could hear the northbound departures from Shrub Hill all over Worcester....
  10. To my knowledge Tony the Worcester route was only used 69-70. It required a run round at Wednesfield and hence the train ran with an AB brake van at either end. This manoeuvre allowed a south facing arrival at Albion and hence an easy reverse shunt in to the sidings. Return was via Bescot. It was easier to run via Shrewsbury as it avoided this manoeuvre and the 37s were replaced by a 47 when they were required for the M5 fly ash trains to Bridgwater. Hope that helps!
  11. More progress! Estimated delivery date from Tim Horn Of 12th May. Time to get a Peco order in....
  12. Ah if we knew you were coming we’d have baked a cake ...
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