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  1. Second useless thing I have learnt..... Probably best not to order a new double bed when social distancing is in place. You will have to get it upstairs yourself......
  2. I’m In too Andy .... an excellent cause and thanks to the trade for great prizes!
  3. Design changes dont help either. The Bachmann 40 and 43 went over to picking up through bushes on the axles - the 24 has reverted to wiper pick ups which in our experience are more reliable Cheers Phil
  4. Glad to hear all is OK! With DCC sound cleanliness of track and wheels is paramount. You will make it much easier for yourself - and please forgive me if you have already gone down this route -- No plastic running sufaces - be that wheels or track (frogs). A lot of crud is worn plastic .... when they had plastic wheels my Bachmann Bolster Ds wheels wore to the point of becoming translucent. The worn plastic is to go somewhere.... Cheers Phil
  5. Very prudent John - look after yourselves, look forwards to seeing you back when this is all over Phil
  6. Please do Mike! My youngest son had these issues at school and was branded as dyslexic. The issue for me always was - once you leave the education system how much does life depend on the hand written word these days? He has since moved to Estonia, held down two jobs in IT based environment which he has made his own and is consulted on the interface between Estonian and English politics and also Estonian data security. We all have traits on several scales - its the balance that is key. So back to headcode fonts..... had never noticed the seriffed B , but totally get it....
  7. Sounds like you are a member of the brain works faster than the hand club Mike...
  8. Hee hee! Sorry Clive..... but reinforces your point re the original maths! I was aged 4 at the time..... Suspected it was a bit more random .... many thanks
  9. Reckon you are spot on Grahame - there were also D813 and E3001 in 1959 - suspect the WR were hot on display from the off as they already had their own system which was effectively the last 3 digits of 4 character Early photos of AC electrics suggest the LMR wasnt quite so sure! https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/30032200620 What was the ER like? Kind regards Phil
  10. Pedant mode on **** Whoop Whoop *** What was the first loco in to traffic with 4 character headcode blinds - and what year? **** Whoop Whoop **** pedant mode off
  11. As MAS schemes were implemented and section signal boxes disappeared there was no-one to observe the running of trains and therefore the need for direct visual identification disappeared. Still continued on MAS panel displays and operating documents however.
  12. AKA Cobblers rakes..... we had one on NSE day in the 80s, Sparky to Mitre Bridge then Crompton to Portsmouth. Those were the days.....
  13. When shopping recently at a well known supermarket I bought 3 jars of gherkins and 3 tins of anchovy fillets. When asked if I was hoarding I suggested they asked if any other customers wanted them.....
  14. Funny isnt it? You learn as you go along - a few years ago I wouldnt have fretted about safety loops but now add them with NS wire where indicated. For my own education please ..... what exactly was their purpose, what were they keeping safe?
  15. Spanner boiler on 31s. That 47 is a Spanner fitted loco too....
  16. Absolutely! As the water can activity at Abbotswood took place on the side of the train away from the viewing public on our layout when someone (please!) makes a Class 120 DMU a line on the sound chip might be something along the lines of.... clank clank... Heres your ration for today, dont drink it all in one go! And dont p*ss in the empties again.....
  17. For someone personally involved this must feel awful Bob Personally I was looking forwards to the 50th Celebrations - was on the first public train back in 1970 having hitch hiked from Ombersley - and several evening fish and chip scenic cruises. Minor compared to the current overall situation - and also yours. On railway matters - Is that an ROD tender behind 2207?
  18. And I'll not be running this little beauty... The first privately owned diesel to haul a main line tour .... allegedly https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/11018217814/ No pastys but plenty of cider.....
  19. Can CK not arrange another of those excellent 08 driving experience days on the West Somerset please? We are not well off for Pastys in Gloucestershire - might have to make do with something from here... https://www.madaboutpies.co.uk/
  20. At Abbotswood according to the WTT the cans came out from Worcester on a down train but the box was on the Up side - so the bobby would have had to cart them across the tracks.
  21. You are right about the beading Porky -
  22. That'll be Mrs Fred with the token Bob.... Very atmospheric .....
  23. Not always a freight - Abbotswood Junction box had its water churns dropped off by a DMU on a local until it closed in 1969. Whatever is provided elsewhere is hopefully more reliable than this.... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hereford-worcester-21410006
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