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  1. We we all somehow happier before the invention of 'technology?'

    1. Jon Fitness

      Jon Fitness

      eee, nostalgia's not as good as it were in my day...

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  2. Since when has the rail staff priv rate on the London Underground been abolished, and who's decision was it? What are these 'Oyster' things anyway?

    1. Jon Fitness

      Jon Fitness

      Love my priv oyster card. I can breeze past all the queues of full fare payers easily on my way to my free mainline trains...

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  3. Metal for the Hoy tank ordered, it's scratch building time.

  4. A banging, and dirty 158 of Northern Rail!

  5. smells of horse. :-)

  6. Define time.

    1. Jon Fitness

      Jon Fitness

      It's what we waste staring at these pages when we should be modelling...

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  7. I no longer understand Dr Who.....

    1. Jon Fitness

      Jon Fitness

      As long as Jenna Colemans in it I'll "understand" it...

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  8. is watching the possibility of communism being fashionable again after the events of this morning....

  9. 45231 about to park up outside my 'box to take coal..should have been Tangmere I think but I wouldn't have risked a s***c** in the tamper siding!

  10. ......and it was all yellow......

  11. Who is the Assistant Deputy Chief Supervisor these days?

  12. "I was like; he was like; they were like; she was like; it was like..." AAAGH! If the word 'like' was struck from the lexicon, some people would have nothing to say!

  13. Kitchen nightmare. Main drain pipe came off that's burried in the wall. Whole kitchen has been ripped out!

  14. Mrs SG vs Nature! Episode 1. Nice romantic walk along the beach this evening, looking for drift wood and pretty stones (yes, sometimes I'm just that manly), drawing a blank on finding any driftwood at all, when suddenly- Mrs SG: 'I think I see some wood up there!' Me: 'Ok, we'll walk up to there then turn back, it's getting late.' 2 minutes later- Mrs SG: 'It's not driftwood, it's a seal.' Me: '.........' Stay tuned for episode 2: Sn...

  15. Argh! Lidl have stopped stocking Herold Black Lager! Just got a taste for it too.

  16. Mr Cab Driver!

  17. Stuck between an LNWR special tank or Cauliflower as my next kit.

  18. It was 47 years ago today...

  19. After finishing my 7th and final nightshift this week, I'm currently contemplating the prospect of an ale for breakfast when I get home in the morning.

  20. wants to copy and paste a few hours into the day between getting up after nightshift and going back in to work again. There always seems to be too much modelling left over after the free time runs out.

  21. dancing in the disco bumper to bumper. wait a minute.....

  22. Five

    1. Jon Fitness

      Jon Fitness

      ..days till you unveil a 7mm scale RTR Adams 02 tank?

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