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  1. I found a similar thing when I tried using acrylics, they just weren't matt and had a silky sheen. I also had issues with them drying too fast even with retarder and trying to use them as a wash was a non starter as they just would not flow like enamels do in a pin wash.
  2. I'm nearing finishing a Parkside NE Quad bogie bolster kit, it's been painted and is ready for transfers. Looking at my HMRS LNER goods pressfix transfers, I can't see the "QUAD" branding on there (I could be being blind/having a senior moment, but can only see the ones for QUINT). I've had a quick look at the Railtec side but no QUAD on their LNER sheet either. Before I approach them for some custom work, does anyone know of transfers out there to finish this kit off?
  3. He's got a different opinion, isn't he allowed it then?
  4. High Level still do their 57xx chassis kits: http://www.highlevelkits.co.uk/pannierpage.html I believe older ones like Perseverance occasionally pop up on eBay.
  5. I'm liking the shadows, more realistic and natural than everything bathed in bright light from every angle.
  6. If you're chucking it in the bin, I'll send you the postage for the body. That's prime candidate to attempt a top-feed removal and re-chassis.
  7. It depends on the cost. If you've spent over £135 on it, then expect the pleasure of paying surcharges on surcharges. Below that you should be fine (check what Shapeways did with the VAT portion though). I made an order of something non-railway related just before Christmas, £108 inc VAT, no charges to pay when it arrived a month later.
  8. Do you varnish the wagons before weathering? That will protect the transfers and allow you some leeway in cleaning up if you think you have gone too far or just not happy with it.
  9. The first reply was clearly pure speculation with no facts to back it up, Dapol didn't give any indication of how far along they were when they announced a year ago. I think it is purely coincidental timing, they have a fully assembled and running EP, they are not going to keep that under their hat.
  10. I think their skills are pretty damn good, you just have to take a look at Castle's Little Didcot thread.
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