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  1. Regarding the 442s, 11 of the units have received the new traction packages, with 4 nearly complete at Wolverton at the moment, leaving 3 to go. At least 2 units had received the new cab desk fitment as well, with a 3rd undergoing replacement at the moment. From the tests conducted so far, They were exceeding what was required of them with the new traction equipment and braking systems, enough that it had to be reigned back to bring it to how SWR had wanted. The Stadler's may be far more expensive than the 769 conversion may be turning out to be, but I do wonder when the railways
  2. I've just checked - the first unit delivered to Northern was in December 2018, 6 months after their first planned entry to service date for Northern. So only 3 years behind for Northern at the moment, and potentially the last fleet to enter passenger service at this rate!
  3. Has it ever? How many years late are we now with the Northern units and still none of theirs are in service. For something that was billed as a quicker and cheaper alternative to buying new Hybrid units, Stadler seem to have been able to knock Porterbrook out of the park with this one.
  4. From the video's I've seen of the Welsh fleet, they do seem rather lethargic travelling up the Valleys. As for todays test run, I was under the impression that all 3 units have been declared failures. 769930 was the unit earmarked for todays test run, but that was having issues last night while being prepared for today. 946 was due to be the backup (the unit from last weeks test run), while the third unit isn’t available either.
  5. 185 Was due a G Exam so was stood down before that came up (though other Power Cars seemed to have made it through the exams before storage). The East Coast power cars wouldn't be particularly helpful for the ScotRail fleet either as they have a different radiator / cooling system / WSP and Upgraded electronics compared to the FGW Versions, Hence why 313 is now in Laira providing spares for the XC Fleet while 195 / 180 provides spares for the GW Fleet.
  6. If at first you don't succeed... Keep on selling your tat and bump UP the prices! From the seller who bought you this fine work of fiction, I mean Art, The Caledonian Sleeper Painted Mk2 (not Mk2) coach... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Painted-Caledonian-Sleeper-Oo-gauge-Coach-Mk2/293746755681?hash=item4464abc861:g:d3UAAOSwgwlfaOSz We now have this Mk3 hybrid of Vinyl and Paint, available for a mere snip at 95. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hornby-EAST-MIDLANDS-MK3-COACH-B-42113/294010873603?hash=item447469e703:g:DeUAAOSwURJgJnMk
  7. Funnily enough, there is actually an LSL but non LSL owned Mk3 sat in Eastleigh TMD at the moment - one of the former Anglian Mk3s originally intended for use with Chiltern is an LSL bogied Mk3 and wasn't picked up until it's arrival. I believe that explains in part explains why that rake hasn't left yet for further storage yet. Oops!
  8. Makes me wonder how much my old Modelzone T-Shirts and Jumpers might be worth now. Anyone for a Christmas Gift Ideas at Modelzone T-Shirt? It’s @LOOK Rare Collectable Limited Edition you know!
  9. Regarding the ATW 57, There's a few options with this although Arriva Stock itself is limited - If you can get hold of the Hornby Mk3 RFM, then you would need to repaint 3 Mk2s for an ATW Rake. They have also worked with Anglia Mk2s on the Cardiff - Taunton FGW Hire ins, and occasionally the Night Riviera Sleeper (as I've modelled mine on).
  10. I have to say I'm a little surprised by this one, as apart from it's use for one year on the Cruise Saver Express service in 2010 (DRS Replaced it with a Mk2 BFO in 2011), it was subsequently stored in Eastleigh Yard and didn't leave until GBRf took over in 2018. Apart from Storage in Crewe and possibly Toton, it hasn't done anything else since. It's a smart looking model though. Hopefully Bachmann may chose to follow this on with the Riviera "The Great Briton" Mk2s to provide something to run with it.
  11. I wouldn't say Hornby's markets are different to Accurascale's either. As time will tell very shortly, both do Class 92s. Where they both differ is as you point out, Hornby's "That'll do" approach - They had the far nicer and more detailed ex Lima tooling in their bank, yet chose to trot out the old Hornby tooling. Accurascale are doing a 92, and unlike the 87, will have the correct lighting / pantograph & better DCC provision etc.
  12. One oddball that still stands out for me is the FGW Fag Packet TGS. Yep, just the TGS. Nothing to run with it. If it's meant to represent the Night Riviera's BFO/BUO, then it's wrong and there's no RFM or TSO-D to run with it. If it's meant to be a HST vehicle, then erm, where is the rest of it?
  13. To be fair, if your modelling between Eastleigh and Crewe you could bring it out every few weeks... Though i'm still with you on the lack of Merlin, FGW Fag Packet or Barbie...
  14. Have to say I agree. I've just had a look before reading this thread and I noticed how glitchy it was - a simple search for FGW & First Great Western brought up several links to pages, none of which bought me the FGW models I was looking for (including bizarrely a link to the 2018 range announcements). I then look through the ordering of the 2021 range era wise, it started off giving me the 2021 range then gave up and said no products matched my search. It's alright, but it's certainly not without it's teething troubles!
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