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  1. Correct, all the 90s for the GC operation were coming from the DB pool (As DB owns Arriva who own GC) - This also meant that a number of stored 90s were being re-instated at Crewe for both GC and DB operations, though that may have been thrown into doubt now with the plug pulled on the GC Blackpool services. All the ex Greater Anglia 90s have been divided between LSL (90001/002) and Freightliner.
  2. Hoping this isn't true, but it sounds like some de-scoping of the project may already be on the way. https://www.bucksherald.co.uk/business/are-department-transport-going-axe-aylesbury-milton-keynes-leg-east-west-rail-link-2964474?amp
  3. Thanks for the close ups Tom, I'll have to check my photos later to see if they were from the Eastleigh batches!
  4. Brilliant, Thank you Fran! I knew they were real but couldn't remember which freight flow they were going on trial for. I couldn't work out if it was one of the Settle & Carlisle flows to Drigg (which later used JNAs borrowed from GBRf) or the Shap - Salford workings. I have a feeling they may have from from the batch we once had in storage in Eastleigh Works - They rather rapidly filled the works up at one point with those and the ex Silverlink / London Midland 321s! Rich
  5. As advertising fails go, I think Lush's new anti Police agenda has to be up there!

  6. Farewell to my colleagues in BTP Scotland. A Sad day when a force is split up for Political gains.

    1. Mad McCann

      Mad McCann

      Be taken over by G4S in E&W soon enough mind. Main reason I got out 3 yrs ago with just enough to pay the mortgage off.

  7. What a Covfefe...

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Huw Griffiths

      Huw Griffiths

      I don't know what you're talking about.


      I wonder if Mr. Trump has some idea … .

    3. BoD


      It's a Covhop for iron.

    4. micked


      A big summer party at Lady Godiva's place?

  8. Well done Exeter Chiefs! Onwards to Twickenham we go!

    1. bgman


      Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs !

    2. rob D2

      rob D2

      Good game

  9. Back from a week in Scotland and the Edinburgh Fringe. Already wanting to return! And now as a result contemplating a change of modelling regions!

  10. After last weekend, our rugby teams loss vs a team mates birthday might = Beer. erm...

  11. That's my second FGW Rake now modified and ready for painting. This one's got the ex MML TS, ex Virgin / later design TSD, Ex Buffet 425XX TS, Mini Buffet and TC in it!

  12. Gutted to hear that they'll be no more of the wise words from Lieutenant Colonel Phillip Smith, or Where's Simon, Or the Parde. What's the First Rule, Dont Scrap Bluestone 42 BBC!

    1. admiles


      Tis the BBC way. Scrap or ruin the last few half-decent programs they have...

  13. New DT Swiss Forks purchased for the MTB. 2 days later, jubilation turned to anger after finding the bike vandilised outside work. Why do people have to ruin things for others?

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    2. surfsup


      I came across it this afternoon after a long shift in work - Saddle and post stolen, wheels undone but left, broken fork had been played around with, and a free scratch where it had been yanked against the rail Thank god for the D Lock though!

    3. Mallard60022


      Re Dutch Master's coimments. Have a word with the Firm about the encouragement of sustainable transport and their Policy towards it. Then see if there can be some secure bike shed founmd somewhere on site. You may be surprised by their reaction..........

    4. surfsup


      Thanks for the suggestions - I Would love to but unfortunately I'm working in a restaurant in a shopping centre. I did have a convo with the security manager of the premises next door but their cameras face the wrong way to the bike rack. All rather frustrating, and the shopping centre can't do much either. Ho Hum. Time to have a chat with the insurers.

  14. New Mountain Bike Forks bought for the Cube. That'll keep me, and my bank very busy until payday at the end of the week. Ouch!

    1. newbryford


      Good forks mean confidence. I have Rock Shox Reba world cup on my old Trek 8500 and they're ace.

    2. surfsup


      Indeed! I'm replacing my Rockshox with some nice and new DT Swiss - I've had 2 good years out of them but the thread inside has finally given up and an upgrade was due. And given the prices of Fox's with the equivalent product from DT Swiss, your paying for the brand now.

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