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  1. Wrong PC David - 058 (one of the Green ones and the leading PC) was the power which failed yesterday, leaving 046 to do a lot of the work on the Central Wales line itself - pushing load 9 + 1 dead power car + the weight from it's new generator + yesterdays hot weather all took it's toll unfortunately.
  2. Indeed, The Lymington branch went back over to a fully electrified service after the December 2018 timetable change, when enough 707s had arrived at the London end - freeing up the 450s to re-cover both the Lymington branch and a handful of other services operated by 158s over the third rail (Basingstoke - Totton, Winchester - Totton, 22:22 Basingstoke - Fratton I believe where the 3 main ones).
  3. An appropriate picture for today’s news as, Thanks to Porterbrook’s generosity, 43159 has now joined 43102 in Preservation. This now means that both world record holding power cars are preserved - 102 with the NRM and 159 with the 125 Group. Here it stands with 43192 (and 43041 in the distance) at Reading on the 4th of February 2019. https://www.125group.org.uk/porterbrooks-generous-donation-completes-hst-story-showcase/?fbclid=IwAR1S5_xKprvEDVgWQu5G67NkBpaX8FO9P8Q6Lu0hI6xmjpg6WxrU396kmx0
  4. The van space in the rear part of the power cars is now filled with a rather large Inmesol diesel generator to provide additional hotel power for the rake. Such is the power draw of the super kitchen (40802) and cocktail bar (40801) that the additional generators supply additional power for it - kitchen equipment doesn't like the fluctuations a 'normal' power car ETS can supply, as the frequencies fluctuate as the engine revs change (as does the air con systems on Mk3s).
  5. On a small side note, only the Angel Trains leased units will be heading down to Ely. Porterbrook vehicles will either go to Burton or to Long Marston (when Porterbrook take's ownership).
  6. Slightly bending the topic, but I wonder if Hornby will do the EMT / EMR "Angel Sets" next - The buffered power car is currently in production, it is a version they haven't done before and it ticks the boxes of the EMT livery (even if it's not the full fat original version from 2007). Once these LSL / RCS Mk3s are produced, I wonder if they'll modify the next batch to GA or GA unbranded as well?
  7. It is, and will be on it's way to Ruddington at some point. It's move to Butterly allows the group to access and work on it (whereas access was limited at Chaddesden).
  8. I've seen a number of complaints over on various Facebook pages with regards to the light bleed on these, as well as the extra moulding line (tool crack perhaps?). I wonder if it's a batch wide issue or just a handful of DVTs with the issue?
  9. I did see that too - which raised a smirk given Hornby's "stance" on supporting the smaller shops - Harburn Hobbies are a 5 minute walk away down the Leith Walk, and you've got a few other shops including Rainbow Railways not too far away in Linlithgow.
  10. I too find the Oxford Rail Mk3 situation rather odd - QC issues aside, which with a few tweaks at the factory could be easily rectifiable, they are a coach which deserved to be churned out in there droves! It's not as if there isn't a plethora of liveries to chose from either - and like you, I to find they do make an idea base for a repaint or conversion. I had hoped the Mk3 range was to be shunted into Hornby's range this year but alas not.
  11. For Sale: One EFE Tube Train carriage... Good Used condition... Free Delivery! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/164860951539?hash=item26627a7bf3:g:PXsAAOSwbCVgmrCw
  12. An incident which 190 never really fully recovered from - It suffered a bent cab frame from that incident and was regular being booked for issues with the cab door not fully closing. If there's one Power Car I'd let go for spares, it would be that one. The ScotRail 385s seem to now be suffering from the same issues with 9 units now reported to be stopped (up from 2 this morning). I wonder if it could be a combination of issues with the metal (Hitachi were affected by the Kobe Steel scandal) and a design issue that is causing the metal fatigue? Also reported that the 395s are being checked today as a precaution - although older, this has certainly rattled Hitachi.
  13. Slight point of note - the bottom two appear to be the CAF affected units, but the green one certainly isn't British - Quite possibly Irish Rail? I'm not sure if the West Fleet HSTs can run up to Didcot - I have a feeling Swindon was their limit as GWR in their wisdom had removed them from the safety case into Paddington. That and some of the Bristol crews still sign them.
  14. There seems to be some suggestion that this could be a design flaw within the Hitachi AT family, as 2 of ScotRail's 385s are now out of traffic after showing similar symptoms (one 385/0 + one 385/1). The 385s seem to use the same bolster / bracket design and as a precaution and a result of the wider issues, Hitachi is also conducting testing on those as well.
  15. Regarding the 442s, 11 of the units have received the new traction packages, with 4 nearly complete at Wolverton at the moment, leaving 3 to go. At least 2 units had received the new cab desk fitment as well, with a 3rd undergoing replacement at the moment. From the tests conducted so far, They were exceeding what was required of them with the new traction equipment and braking systems, enough that it had to be reigned back to bring it to how SWR had wanted. The Stadler's may be far more expensive than the 769 conversion may be turning out to be, but I do wonder when the railways will reach the point of, Is it worth spending all this money on expired equipment, as the situation with the 442's are now turning out to prove. The Stadlers will certainly outlive the 769s, and as 319s from Thameslink, they were pretty tired units in their final years of that. The 458s, in my opinion, were never the best of the post millennium new 3rd rail EMU fleet - they leak (both from the window's are the ceilings), the PA is rubbish, the toilets are rubbish, they are sluggish, they are very tetchy in damp weather, and this further conversion is only expected to give them another 5-6 years in (leased until 2027). I also understand that Porterbrook were more than happy to offer them a far substantially lower lease than Angel was offering with the 442s, as with no other interest from any other TOCs, they were facing a future involving a visit to Newport. Oxford might be a nice idea, but they wont be heading up there. Their planned routes are the North Downs, Basingstoke, Henley and to Bourne End in the peaks, so the Didcot for Oxford change will still continue to happen for the foreseeable.
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