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  1. Excellent work Jack! Pleased it's come in handy for you rather than sat dumped in my spares box.
  2. Purely as I'm not a fan of the First Group GWR sludge green livery. That and in all but one journeys I had with it, it was pared with a Dynamic Lines FGW Blue set with a FGW Blue Power Car. Don't forget that even in 2016 when 002 was released into traffic, only LA15 (2015 - the awful refurbished set) and LA16 (late 2016 - repainted but not refurbished) were in traffic, with later vehicles slowly turning green during their C6 overhauls. The final day had a mismatch set as well, mostly made up with repainted vehicles from Sets LA72 (44005, 42361, 42015, 42005, 42554, 42016), LA01 (40755) & LA61 (41160). (Not my photo). However, that does show how much of a challenge it might be to weather 002 due to it's gloss finish.
  3. The bodysides were actually re-vinyled at Laira Depot, however this time the vinyls were placed lengthways and done properly. This is why you can't easily see the joins on it compared to how it was previously, and what caught them out with 185 - and how that came to look rather sorry for itself in the end. The cab remained fully painted though! I too will be running it with my FGW Dynamic Lines sets, so it's a shame I have to have a rather unwanted Green PC too. Hopefully 185 will come out next, and hopefully with 43018 - As they often ran together in their last few weeks of service.
  4. surfsup

    EBay madness

    Another Rails bargain! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/193295916620?fbclid=IwAR1xLz7BDa6FEgu4d9nHY2DIcrS9fO5kW_1eSA-vFyCumBFeKJOpbMkCpx4 Especially when Hornby's similar & latest release is very nearly half the price!
  5. That I might be the one and only Mike Buick @scoobyra who produced some excellent Class 50 grilles.
  6. Great pictures as always Jim! I presume by looking at those two, that 791 will be staying in Beacon Rail livery, while 790 may be awaiting a date with the Eastleigh paint shop judging by the patches of primer on it.
  7. Another give away for a Mk3B is the small in built tail lights. Only Mk3Bs & Sleepers had these.
  8. I've got one of those as well, and they are of good quality. However you've just reminded me that I need to look at this for a future project.
  9. I'm not surprised, it does look a little odd. I hadn't realised it's been with Southern for 18 months though! (Not my photo).
  10. The hiring across of the ScotRail 156 was only a temporary arrangement and it's now back with ScotRail - I think it was only for a maximum of a month and it went back up to ScotRail in mid-December. There's a lot of DMU merry-go-rounds at the moment with the ex Greater Anglia 156s to East Midlands Railway (due to be replaced once enough 170s arrive), ex Greater Anglia & East Midlands 153s to Transport For Wales and Northern to ScotRail (153s). The 9 ex Greater Anglia & East Midlands Railway 153s with Transport for Wales are only a temporary measure though and will leave the fleet when the 769s eventually start entering passenger service - Porterbrook sent them across both to allow the 37 Hauled set to be replaced and to cover for the late running of the 769 Flexx project. At the moment no future homes are known for them, nor the TfW 150s, ex GA & EMR 156s, EMR & TfW 158s.
  11. No problem. I've got a few on order and wouldn't mind ordering a few more ultimately - something for the future though (job dependant!) Rich
  12. Excellent, Thanks Ben and Mike. Looking forward to it!
  13. I can't say for Cornwall but they did venture into Devon as Timber Carriers - often found mixed with the KFA (ex Cargowaggon type) on the Teigngrace & Riverside Yard logs. Rich
  14. Of note, it's also been pointed out on another forum that, Hidden as the last item on the consultation is demolition of the Coastguard’s Boathouse which is said to have been designed by Brunel himself. Though the boathouse is not listed, it is a positive building in the Conservation Area. Personally I'm not a fan of these new designs. While I can accept that something does need to be done about the sea & sea wall though the area, this does seem to include some rather over the top features. The bridge I feel is out of keeping with the station and surprisingly, for a place concerned about the weather, is open to the elements. I'm not impressed by the height of the new "promenade" either.
  15. surfsup

    The Engine Shed

    That's the former Riviera Train's "The Great Briton" Mk1 Kitchen Car, of which I believe there were two for the set and both painted into that Oxford Blue scheme. The set has since been disbanded and now all of Riviera's Mk2s are in BR Blue Grey livery with Inter-City branding*. However, I wouldn't mind seeing "The Great Briton" in model form as like most of the Mk2 fleet, were part of the main staple of Railtours over the past two decades. https://www.riviera-trains.co.uk/thegreatbriton.htm *they have just been granted permission from the DfT to use the trademark and has been applied to two former ScotRail MK2Fs.
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