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  1. SWR's Class 158/9 Fleet are due to receive their refurbishment from late this year onwards, only having a very light "refresh" so far as part of their recent overhaul's. They have only just advertised for an experienced project manager so won't have anything drawn up yet, although I believe a re-seat is still on the cards (as it was with SWR) to increase capacity, while First will lose the big Primarius UK Seats in favour of the FISA Lean (as used on the GA "Flirts" and SWR 444 First Class) in a 2+2 capacity. Personally I hope they look at the ATW/TFW and ScotRail Inverness 158s as a benchmark example, the best 158 fleet refurbishments so far.
  2. More of the JNA / MMA Box wagons then. I think after the HYA /IIA wagon bogie hopper wagon, the JNA design has to be some of the most successful wagon since the HHA.
  3. Alstom has put out a press release this morning explaining that a memorandum of understanding has been signed between Alstom, Bombardier, and the CDPQ. https://www.alstom.com/sites/alstom.com/files/2020/02/17/20200217_PR_Acquisition_of_Bombardier_Transportation_EN.pdf
  4. And somewhat ironically, still carries it's Network SouthEast livery somewhere very southeast of London in Bulgaria. Possibly the furtherest travelled Network SouthEast liveried stock?
  5. It'll be even easier for any manufacturer producing the TfW Mk4s, as it's VTEC / LNER base with TFW logos added down the side.
  6. This is certainly unexpected. I wonder what this could bring for the UK, in particular Bombardiers Litchurch Lane and Alstom's Widnes sites, and Bombardier and Alstom's future bids (i.e the Bombardier Hitachi JV for HS2). https://www.urbantransportnews.com/alstom-to-acquire-bombardiers-rail-business-for-usd-7-6-billion/ (Apologies, I cant copy the wording into the forum)
  7. surfsup

    Class 142

    Ah, Thanks Al. I hadn't seen that post but it's good to see it's not been forgotten. Hopefully the delay won't be too long, but having 3 of the excellent FGW 143s in the fleet I'm highly sure that the delay will be worth it!
  8. surfsup

    Class 142

    Well, I'm afraid I don't. But a question for Charlie and Arran, how is the 142 Project progressing?
  9. With B5 Bogies and a CIG chassis underneath it, I hope it does!
  10. I wonder if there's been a mix up there as I believe the retention tanks were fitted fairly late on? Certainly some 158s only had theirs fitted in the last few years.
  11. I'm fully aware of that, but wondering if the Scenecraft range is included in that or not. The possible new policy will likely be for the main range models, but may or may not be applicable to the Scenecraft range.
  12. With regards to the announcement of new models when they are ready for tooling - I presume the scenecraft range isn't affected by this and will be announced at the main catalogue & range announcement? I'd certainly like to see Bachmann expand their range of GWR Station buildings and signal boxes.
  13. They do look very good, but, a minor negative, is the moulded tank handles which particularly stick out on the XC version. Perhaps if they were reduced in height a little they would look better. It's good to see that they've got the right window layout of the TS-D though. The ScotRail TFGB will be the most interesting to see modelled I reckon!
  14. Question for @Hattons Dave, Is there a rough estimate for the delivery of the Colas 66s?
  15. That's great to hear as I'm also after the later bogied version as well - some of which seem to be living on operating into Devon and Cornwall as of last weekend.
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