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  1. Resilience and presumably stabling for any late night services? (if GWR trusts a unit to be outstationed Barnstaple for the night?)
  2. Nice, well done to Hattons for that small piece of attention to detail. Much better than the Hornby approach of just paint it in the livery and hope we'll never notice!
  3. I’ve seen a photoshop attempt on Facebook and the GNER / XC style actually rather suits it. I also think a early GC across the nose would equally suit it as it rather flows with the face of the HST. Anything larger would be rather excessive! Having said that, the BP livery doesn’t exactly flow across the nose of the HST either - the odd peak above the cab windscreen, the white band across the cab windows. It’s a bit of a mess in that regard.
  4. The reason for the small yellow warning panel to be added is down to a last minute change of heart by the RSSB themselves - the current lighting arrangement fails to meet the standards. To cut it short, the base minimum any stock can operate on the mainline without a yellow warning panel is to have both headlights light + the top 'cyclops' light at all times. If one or other of these fail, then they are restricted to operate at a max speed of 20 mph. So adding this yellow panel is both precautionary - in case of any failure - and to cover for the fact that a HST power car can't as of yet operate both headlights + top light (they still effectively only operate in Day/Night modes). To be honest, The lighting standards for any train without a minimum yellow warning panel (1.5 Sqm) have been out for years, so it's a surprise LSL have gotten away with it thus far. It also remains to be seen how other non yellow fronted HST PCs may operate (e.g the Rail Adventure PCs) - It is likely that a solution is being worked on for their fleet while the remaining 4 are receiving their RA Repaints and modifications at Eastleigh. Of course, LSL and Hoskins could have saved themselves the time and effort by including a small yellow panel from the start...
  5. That's what I was thinking of - I'm glad im not the only one to be perplexed by Hornby's seemingly random batch generator. I would like to hope we will see some EMR Intercity Mk3s - It's not too difficult to do, using the VTEC base, and they will be doing similar with the the ex GA LSL Mk3s. In fact, they'll be doing similar version of the VTEC livery with the TFW Mk4s!
  6. Nope, perhaps it's just me but it just feels like there has been several releases of the VTEC / LNER Liveried PC's over the recent years and for a while the Power Cars seemed to languish in the "bargain bins". That said, since the transfer over to EMR and now Colas they seem to have disappeared again - just like FGW, it wouldn't surprise me if we see another batch produced with either EMR or Colas on the side this time!
  7. I think that prize is still taken by the ex Northern Spirit 158s which ended up at EMT - NS TPE livery overlayed with First TPE, Central Trains CCC and finally EMT all on top of each other Hornby must be enjoying this though - finally the price of those LNER / VTEC Power cars will probably start to rise at last!
  8. I hope the area around the marker lights is worked on before release though - I'm not sure why they've left the light BMAC Clusters white, while the TfW and LNER Versions should have the newer arrangement.
  9. God, that "Network Rail 57" looks somewhat tragic. The rest of the proper ex Lima 47s look rather good.
  10. There really does seem to be an attitude of "Here's your model, now take it whether you like it or not" from Hornby these days, which of course is rather sad - Particularly as we've gone from the promising signs of preview models shown in the Engine Shed blog. And Hornby, if you are reading this, it's probably not such a good idea to post a photo of a pretty poorly coloured HST power car in front of the real thing, just showing how badly off the BR Blue on the model is!
  11. That's not one I've heard of before (I think one may apply for the Class 70s though) but I did a rail tour from Kings Cross to Bridlington which utilised a DB92 coupled directly to the Riviera Mk1s around 2009/2010. Looking at Flickr, it seems 92s have worked rail tours with Mk1s since at least 2003.
  12. Add in those moulding lines on the cab of Hornby's power cars too. I just don't get how Lima managed to perfectly capture the face of a HST Power Car 40 years ago (without any additional moulding lines), yet Hornby still can't get it right.
  13. Indeed - The Rail Adventure HST hasn't "fizzled out" but each Power Car is currently having the necessary modifications it needs to work for RA, including the newer high level headlights. Arlington are busy working on them for RA and they should be out doing what RA requires of them fairly soon. We almost seem to live in a world where we feel that we need to be informed 24/7 (Perhaps RA did the press launch too early?!) and are perhaps too quick to write something off as a result. Back to LUMO. It'll be interesting to see how this pans out - the new seats should be interesting to see how they compare to other designs (the same design is expected to be used across Avanti's fleet) and the low fares should make for a decent affordable quick getaway type break. And, although my return journey in LNERs FC wasn't too bad last month, I do feel LNER needs a bit of a shake up too - as someone still awaiting the outcome of several delay repays.
  14. Just a hole at the moment, but it give you an indication of what's coming. And before anyone says so , it isn't being re-united with the (sorry but rubbish) original headlight covers - the "refurbished" headlights will be returning to it once the modifications have been made.
  15. Don't brake too sharply in those either (or leave your coffee un-lided if you do), those truck style cab air suspension don't half wobble when you do!
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