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  1. I’m in the rapidly growing minority (majority?) now too. Please don’t compromise detail for the sake of tight curves! I think what has been proposed by Cav sounds fine. Guy
  2. Hi Trailrage, I have a small kit for these wagons that uses Silhouette-cut styrene in 40 and 10 thou and then Stenson Models Schlieren Bogies that I developed from dimensioned drawings that I obtained from a DEMU member. The kit uses 40 thou evergreen strip for ribs and top edge. Wheels are Keen Maygib 12mm with Stenson Models disc brakes. I think the Stenson Schlieren bogies are correct for these: Please PM me if you are interested. Guy
  3. Just had ads for the second time today on the same machine... is it tied to the server-side session? If so, you will get ads again when the session expires. Guy
  4. Indeed. When you click the close button, the ad doesn't immediately close. Seems to have a timer associated with it. Pretty terrible user experience. Guy
  5. My stash arrived at the end of last week from Rainbow Railways (thanks Mark, Colin and Mike!). They look good next to my Intercity Models kits which I intend to paint to match. Jo, I reckon that the colours look spot on. I think Rails and Hatton’s photos make them look a bit lighter than they should be (overexposed studio shots). Note how the hopper doors don't extend quite as low on the Dapol ones.... will hunt for pics/drawings of the prototype to compare against. Cheers, Guy
  6. This has already been answered at least three times in this thread! The answer is: yes, for a limited period when the liveries were changed. Guy
  7. I’d be surprised if it wasn’t loksound 4 by that point… I have the same setup so will test mine in the next few days and report back. Guy
  8. The 'Yeoman type'. Which one? There are lots of different Yeoman ones... at least 11 different batches were operated by FY. Guy
  9. Or just use a 555 and make the circuit yourself for peanuts Mick? Guy
  10. Mmmmm 60094. I have the plate off this loco! Glad to see you have made a start Will. Guy
  11. I think I have the paint specs for these from a certain person (who I think we both know) who commissioned them. But yes, agree Jo, the blue does look a bit light in the Rails photos (could be the lighting though). I think the silver should actually be darker. Here's one of Hugh Searle's pics from Flickr when they were new: I was going to paint my Intercity models ones the same shade to match... Guy
  12. Can attest to this. Well done both for announcing this today! The CAD looks miles better than the competition and within a realistic timescale too. Might even tempt me to the dark side… Guy
  13. Why not just get yourself a few Lima ones then if you’re not too bothered about looking at them closely? Save yourself a few quid and spare the trip to Caernarfon? On a serious note, there is a reason why getting the basic shape right matters. I hope the painful message is landing with Heljan as they seem to have ignored it for too long. Guy
  14. Great announcement. Super excited about this. I have a few questions not answered by the announcement: - Will they do 47601/901? - Is provision EM/P4 wheelsets being considered? - What are the specs of the speakers? Will an EM2 speaker fit? Hoping my questions don't get lost in all the chatter... Guy
  15. lyneux

    Hornby APT 2020

    The prices have gone up on Hornby's website - £434 for 5 car and £533 for 7 car. The 5 car is no longer showing in coming soon but is still showing as pre-order. The 7 car is still showing as August delivery. There are also a whole load of spare parts also showing.... Guy
  16. Good luck with the move. Make sure they mix the colours right Pixie! If anyone is qualified for this, it’s you. Guy
  17. I think you need to chill out. People can be forgiven for thinking they look printed on from the pics Heljan shared. The moulding line is very fine and the difference isn’t all that obvious. The clarification only came a few posts ago from Ben. I don’t think anything malicious is intended and your response is over the top. Guy
  18. Thanks all for the comments! The intro music is called Sporting Chance by Zach Laurence. Thanks to this thread for the reference: I managed to find a copy online and added it as the sound track. I think they get royalties through YouTube for using it as the YouTube software seemed to identify it as a copyright 'hit'. After being busy with work, thing are finally quieting down and I have some time to focus on the layout this summer.... phew! Guy
  19. Here's a short video that I made for Lydd Rail this year. Hope you like it!
  20. lyneux

    Hornby APT 2020

    To be fair, there have been contradictory messages about the 5/7 car sets if you read back a couple of pages. Keeping an open mind for now and fingers crossed for July fulfilment (at least for those orders placed direct with the Hornby website which is still showing a July delivery). Guy
  21. Melted wagons arriving soon then Eamon? Seriously though.... that's good news indeed. I really do hope that they are still in good condition and that my pre-order can be fulfilled. Guy
  22. No, but have you considered sky blue paint? I used emulsion tester pot from Wickes.
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