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  1. Hi Darryl, I've just made a correction to my post above - the tanks (there are two!) are above the underframe on the ARC PG006Bs. I sent you a couple of pics via private message that illustrate this. Also, I think the colour of the top of the underframe is mustard on these (at least that's what the pictures show). But my shots are from the 80s. Regarding the three wagons in the shots you posted on the previous page, they are all different build codes from the PG006B, in sequence: PG003A, PG004A and then PG0013D. The colour of the top of the underframe on your photos see
  2. Hi Darryl, Again, it depends on which wagon, even within the PG006B build code! In all cases the air tank and distributer are either both above or both below. For the Yeoman PG006Bs, on 14025 to 14074 the brake equipment is above the solebar, on 14075 to 14095 it is below. On 14688 to 14703 (the ARC PG006Bs) it's below. EDIT (23:26): Correction, I have a shot showing dual air tanks both ABOVE the solebar covered by the protective plate at the handwheel end of the wagon. Regarding your query about the colour of the tops of the wagon, I think I ans
  3. Are you referring to some 'out of tolerance' yellow wagons by any chance Eamon?
  4. Hi Roy, Ok, I was struggling with Lenz and JMRI to read the decoder type so I opened up and set up my new Digikeijs DR5000 back-up DCC system that came before Christmas (purchased before Brexit lol!). A bit of fiddling and the decoder type identifies as a "Loksound V5 DCC" in the latest version of JMRI with the Digikeijs command station. There you have it! It's a V5! Guy
  5. Hi Roy, Yes. CV8 reads 151 so it’s definitely ESU and not Zimo. Is there a way to tell which ESU chip it is just by reading CVs? Guy
  6. It looks ‘within tolerance’ in a line up of colours from different manufacturers. This was just what I had to hand from the cabinet, from left to right: Hornby, Vi Trains, Bachmann, Heljan. Guy
  7. That's an easy one. For the ARC wagons, ARC Mid Grey (e.g. https://www.phoenix-paints.co.uk/products/14p213). But it looks quite faded on those wagons so you might want to just colour match a grey from e.g. Tamiya or Humbrol's standard ranges. Humbrol gull grey perhaps? Guy
  8. The answer is both The answer is both! PG016B - these were grey with a mustard side panel (so similar to the Yeoman livery) PG003A, PG004A, PG013D, PG005B, PG006B, PG013B - mustard Which build code are you modelling? Have a look at my Whatley thread or the Mendip Industrials thread for some good photos of rakes that include both livery variants. Page 2 of Mendip Industrials shows a rake headed up by a PG016B. Guy
  9. lyneux

    Class 59 in 00

    Hi Simon, I never saw a 59 on the tipplers in VTG livery. I think this is because the tipplers were primarily used for spot hires on non-stone purposes. Take a look at my album on Flickr for shots of the VTG wagons with DBS 66. These wagons were being used on Crossrail spoil trains at the time so 66s were order of the day. So if you are after a loco to go with your VTG tipplers circa 2013, go for a DBS red 66. Guy This shot was taken a week earlier in the same location. It's a DBS 59 but on Mendip Stone (so not the VTG tipplers but
  10. The Yeoman wagons weather up nicely. Here's a few shots of them during a Yeoman 'takeover' on Whatley. There is still work to do with powders to get the dust on the interior from the stone load. Interiors are done with artists acrylics whilst the exteriors are three layers: scratches are done with artists oil paints and a cocktail stick, followed by a grey/brown enamel wash followed by air-brushed Tamiya flat earth / flat yellow mixture. The Tamiya mixture was also applied as a wash to the under frame. I was aiming for this effect from Paul Bartlett's site (https://paulbartlett.zen
  11. Some really nice shots there again Robin. Very interesting to see the early photos of Pride of Whatley. I've got a Judith Edge kit that's been sitting on my workbench for the past 10 years that needs making up. The only problem is that this loco is unique and has some considerable detail differences from the other Steelman locos that I'd like to reflect in the build. There has been so much on my workbench over the Christmas period, I don't really know where to begin! There has been something of a Yeoman 'take-over' on Whatley recently so I thought I'd start with what is currently o
  12. It's a reasonable list of the detail differences. If you want a full table of these and are a member of DEMU, we have written them up in table-form on the DEMU wiki (https://forum.demu.org.uk/wiki/index.php?title=British_Rail_Class_56). I agree, there are almost three main cab variants: Romanian (0-30), Early Doncaster (031-055) and Late Doncaster/Crewe (056-135) although the only difference between Romanian and Early Doncaster cabs are the side windows (as you point out). What you left off the list is that 56031 and 032 are unique in having the early Doncaster cab but
  13. I'm confused? The Stenson Bogies come with everything you need to mount them to the Lima wagons at the correct height. From memory, this involved melting a bolt into the Lima boss using MEK. Perhaps that's only the sprung bogies and not the rigid ones? Guy
  14. I hadn’t noticed the square grill mesh and round buffers. Oh dear, what a mish mash of details. Not correct for either loco. Guy
  15. Yes, on the picture it looks like they’ve used the early Doncaster cab for both releases but technically 56086 should have the later style Doncaster cab without the upper buffer beam cowling. The other detail differences would require an end on view to confirm. As Roy mentioned, neither release is supposed to be a Romanian example (01-30) so this is irrelevant. Although I would very much like A Romanian to do 56001 Whatley! Guy
  16. The pick-ups are on 4 axles (2 per bogie). Guy
  17. Some great work there Jo. I particularly like 17901 which is on my hit list in 4mm. I have a drawing for it somewhere but maybe I should ask you to scale it to 4mm. I have a Cameo cutter if you'd be willing? JFAs next to mix in with them? I've got bogged down with KPAs, PGAs and weathering Accurascale PTAs recently but more ARC bogie hoppers are coming close to the top of the list. Guy
  18. There's a bit more work to do on both of these (mostly weathering) but I couldn't resist putting up a couple of photos as part of the current Yeoman 'takeover' on Whatley. Guy
  19. That's what I thought at first but now I'm not so sure. This has the feel of announcing something a little early that had probably been planned for a while. Guy
  20. Great info. Thanks both. So in the scheme of things, probably not all that hard to convert to a 45/1 but a little more involved than just adding ETH gear. Leading axle aside, I'm guessing that the Bachmann centre axle (of the three driven axles on the prototype) has massive side-play to accommodate such a long wheelbase (around a foot further between axles than Co-Cos such as 37, 47, 50 etc). Useful reference here: http://www.clag.org.uk/wheelbase.html. Guy
  21. What would be needed to convert a Bachmann model to a 45/1? ETH gear. Anything else? Should be easy, shouldn't it? As Mick says, it's that dangerous 'm' word! Guy
  22. Thanks both (Ghost and ADB) for your thoughts on the differences between the models. Nobody has mentioned the incorrect curve of the roof on the Heljan model and the effect that this has on the front cab windows and the ‘face’ of the loco. I was curious to see what the perceived benefits of the Heljan model are given these facts. Considering It’s going to cost nearly 50% more than the Bachmann model (after discounts) and given the lack of detail on the body side grilles, I can’t see a convincing argument for buying one over the Bachmann offering at the moment.
  23. What do you think is missing that Hejan have included? It’s not a 45/1 so ETH/ETS wouldn’t have been fitted. Guy
  24. lyneux

    Class 59 in 00

    Well, I’m using double headed 56s at the moment which is working reasonably well but their availability is atrocious. If only I had something that was as reliable as the GM switcher I recently acquired. Still, I’ve just ordered some aluminium bodied hoppers from Procor that should be turning up any day now which should allow me to increase loads whilst retaining the same axle loading. Not sure I can do away with PGAs just yet though...
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