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  1. Follow up on Hattons 66 pre-owned sales, just purchased 66418 , latest livery digital fitted £115, same as others with slight wobble again fixable, not bad considering cost of a decoder
  2. Just read the email from Accurascale, not bad news, it just shows that Accurascale want to make sure everything is correct, not many i,if any, would have gone to all the trouble to change the Cads etc also thanks to the manufacturers assisting in all the changes. Plus the changes costs have not cost us the purchaser any extra. I ordered these coaches [TPE} as soon as they were announced. and the delay is not as bad as it could have been, other manufactures have taken years to bring promised models for purchase. Finally thank you for the detailed email sent out and the honesty you ha
  3. Ordered D5021, Monday, looking forward to number 5 SLW class 24, all orders for the above to be sent at same time around 15 June also update in the offing for the Scottish 24/1 soon as well
  4. The above Photo Star almost ready to go !! Well June anyway
  5. Only staff of 2 and one of those will be manning the phone, so just have to be patient the wait will be worth it,
  6. I would like commend Hattons for their Class 66, I pre-ordered Freightliner 66418 with sound, I have not had any problems with the model the sound files are excellent and the Patriot Nameplate is excellent, I have a Roco Z21 and the start up and acceleration are very good not yet got to use all the functions, because of the above I decided to order a chip fitted DB Eurocargo {all the sound ones had gone] and this once again it performed immaculately so I have pre-ordered a sound GBRf Royal Scotsman, trusting it will run as well as other two. I feel for those who have had poor runners and
  7. Recently purchased Sound Class158 from Arcadia ,Shaw ordered Friday arrived Saturday, less than 24 hour service, Tim is very friendly and helpful, he has an extensive range of UK locos 00 and N,Lots of HO and also 0 and G gauge.
  8. Fine, I did not change any settings though, let me know how you want me to pay your charge. , not sure whether I put a phone number in the packet. John
  9. Charlie both 156 decoders sent 1st class post today Tuesday 14 April.Thanks
  10. Ok will do thank you very much,
  11. I have been doing that the two units are split the good one on one side and all the trials and tribulations with the faulty one , I have been getting the same problem all the time with the faulty one on DCC but it was OK on DC
  12. Charlie Tried setting CV8 to8 on my iPad [using Z21] comes up programming error, tried it on Android same result Loco sometimes fires up and then dies. Not having much look as I said earlier it has only been used lightly and not for while until now.
  13. Hello Charlie, I was a bit slow on the uptake on the DC part, but managed to find a 21 blank pin and about 2ft of track and unit ran OK in both directions. I purchased the Model off yourself when I visited Partington 0 Gauge in 2018 or 2019 , you may remember the conversation and you told me if I paid in full there on credit card I would receive the Model sooner, you sent the unit to me later on when in stock , to be honest I think the transactions were probably 2018 . I would conclude the chip s faulty although lights and sound work and a replacement possibly required let me know
  14. Charlie, Tried it on DC fired up lights came on managed about 3 inches a couple of times in one direction, nothing in the other direction, Went back to original direction nothing now on that. Any other reasons why the unit appears to have failed. John
  15. Likewise, I have the Collectors Club class 90 Sound and it is a very good runner no faults at all.
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