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  1. Probably, but then again there is always "the. its my layout I'll run what I like"
  2. I am sure Accurascale will be able to provide a fit for purpose "working Pantograph". I have 2 ESU class 151 Locomotives, both have working Pantographs at both ends of the Locos, which Lift up and down depending on direction, they also have "engine Flash" and sound that goes with the start up. The ESU 151 is about £100 dearer than the planned 92, though the body is a metal casting . I have had both models for over 3 years with no problems,
  3. An update on my earlier post [Tuesday 12 November] just had an email from SLW that my two tone green 24 is on its way to me to-day[ Friday]
  4. My card also charged today for 5040, would imagine will probably come within a few days, if 97201 was an indication .
  5. Seem to me both of the above posts are not about the Main Article of the Forum, which is about the SLW Class 24 and not " nitpickings about the" extras"
  6. Visited Hazel Grove today and was really impressed by Deadmans lane layout, plenty of interesting train formations, some very lengthy ones, the Yellow models were mainly backgound scenes and some shunting movements. The class 60 movement with the lengthy EWS and VTG tanks formation were very interesting. just to mention one of many other formations Today seemed quiet and easy to view the layouts easily.
  7. It would appear that more than 97201 maybe in the pipeline as I have ordered 3 different Locos , Including 97201, my others being one of the Scottish Locos and a later green model, although I have a feeling my order of 97201 may have been duplicated as I have been charged £268 for each of the 3 , whereas I was under the impression the "Scottish locos" were a little more expensive .I will have to get in touch with SLW tomorrow. SLW are aware that some payments have been duplicated and are in the process of correcting the overcharge and only 97201 is due to be sent.
  8. Glad you have had a positive ending to your Pullman problem.
  9. Thanks Andy for the above shots of the forthcoming Accurascale Deltic they are absolutely magnificent.,
  10. Thanks for sharing the informant video of the class 55 Deltic, certainly looking forward tp 2020 and receiving Gordon Highlander, yes I am one of the "odd" ones who want a purple Deltic, remember seeing it Crewe open day and at Bury Diesel Special Weeks, managed to drive a class 40 there amongst others.
  11. I was refunded £60 by Santander on a goodwill payment , they did not accept a refund on the £60 via my current account and PayPal, presumably they paid out to a longstanding customer .I think that was admirable on their part,easing the unpalatable treatment we all received from DJ Models.
  12. Only just seen these to order, thanks for the update , more than interested in the LED ones
  13. I think it is "Sorted", your wish for free coffee and biscuits and parking can still be had by purchasing other manufacturers models
  14. Look at Rails sale of recent Lord Nelsons, Duchesses, their own limited editions, lots of 30.40% reductions
  15. I have just been told by my Bank Complaints Department,that they are to credit my account with £60, for 2 class 92s, but this payment is of a "good will" payment ,because they felt they had handled my case incorrectly. Therefore they have not accepted any liability via payment by PayPal and my bank account paid to DJModels.
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