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  1. Are you sure that it's 1995 and not 1985 Ian. OzzyO.
  2. ozzyo


    Hello Banger Blue, The only photo that I've found of Locharbriggs station. I do like the look of the bridge sides. We have this bridge not quite as nice to me. OzzyO.
  3. ozzyo


    Some of us track laying gang have got some bits of work done. Come on Kev give us one of your updates.
  4. I don't know about the Trofimoy Walschears vale gear but you would tend to start the loco off at about 75-70% cut off and then drop down to about 15-20% the smaller the cut off the less steam was admitted to the cylinders. The drift position was at about 17% iirc, the regulator also had a drift position on it, it was just before closed so it would keep steam to the cylinders. On most steam locos that have mec. lub.to the piston valves and cylinders all of them will have there own supply. L/H front valve, L/H rear valve, L/H cylinder centre. and so on for the other cylinders and valves. So if one supply goes down you should still have oil to all of the other parts. Light steam is also helpful in keeping the "steam oil" fluid as if it gets cold it's like black mud (crude oil). OzzyO.
  5. Hello Andries, this may have been posted before and I have missed it, but here goes. All of these heights are from the rail head (top of the rail). 12'41/2" to the top of the roof 86.63mm in 7mm scale, 4'01/4" to the bottom of the body 28.15mm in 7mm scale, 3'51/2" to the C/L of the buffers 24.2mm in 7mm scale, 8'41/4" from the bottom of the body to top of the roof 58.48mm in 7mm scale. This is worked out thus 86.63 - 28.15 = 58.48mm. All the sizes are from the Parkin book on Mk1s. It has been posted before that your coaches are between 91 & 90mm high that works out at 4.37mm (71/2") Max. or 3.37mm (53/4") Min. too high. Also the CW bogies look too square around the edges of the castings when you look at this photo. Also the transom beams go to the ends of the coach. HTH OzzyO.
  6. I bl00dy well know. OzzyO.
  7. If my bl00dy computer had been up to speed I would have seen it. But it's using the lifting flap as the power source that stops the train set. You daft old bu99er OzzyO.
  8. Mr 3link, for the best protection use the lifting section for your power feed and then feed all the rest of the layout from it (it will work for DC, or DCC). All you need are a couple of light bulb sockets (the plunger parts) and if the flap is up nothing can run NOTHING. OzzyO.
  9. Sounds a bit on the large size 13mm X 64mm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OzzyO.
  10. Hello Jim, it does work don't ask me how but I think it's some thing to do with different strengths of acid in that the strong one is diluted by the weaker one and ends up as not a lot to be removed, or washed off using an alkaline cleaner. Think how a squeeze of lemon juice kills vinegar on your chips, and both are acids. IIRC one is citric acid and the other one is acitric (not sure on the spelling) acid one will start to kill the effect of the other one. Then it's just a wash off with water. OzzyO.
  11. That photo is on a house selling site, it looks more like a tip or a bomb site.
  12. are you saying that we go out on the Saturday night and drink a lot of good beer? That is not like us lot we normal then go for a curry as well and then go for some more beer. OzzyO.
  13. Hello all, we looked at them at Telford and at first look OK, but then we all stated to say something looks wrong amongst some of the things that were said were ,the roof profile, the body side profile, window glazing bars not fitting to the glass, the door window sizes looking wrong also the glazing in the doors, no door handles (just painted on) but they had fitted the grabs?, corridor connectors the wrong shape and the coil springs on the bogies being under weight. There were more but I'll stop it these. If you wanted them for a big garden railway possible a good way to do it but for a small 20' or 30' exhibition layout I'd think again. Just my thoughts, OzzyO.
  14. Hello all, when we get started on the layout I'll or one of the other lads will post photos I'm sure. The three year date would be for the first show, but not with all of the stock (all of the locos maybe [and more]). So in the end (when is a layout finished?) about 6 or 7 years, that will take me to 65. OzzyO.
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