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  1. Or just drill out the end vents! Khris
  2. Passenger door also looks wrong! Once seen you cannot unsee these things! Khris
  3. Thanks Andy....Khris

    1. truffy


      Thanks Khris….Nigel

  4. kandc_au

    Western Times

    Lucky devil. With luck mine "may" arrive tomorrow. I am not surprised at how quick it has been. Anything bought from shops and businesses like Wizard, alan Gibson, and the like don't take a lot of time to get here. Purchases from ebay on the other hand, take a while. Khris
  5. kandc_au

    Western Times

    Lucky devil, Still awaiting mine in the colonies Khris
  6. kandc_au

    Western Times

    Looks Good and duly ordered Khris
  7. Will probably add further iputus for the large retailers to keep commissioning models! The modellers and collectors get what they want and Hornby dip out....ho hum Khris
  8. I thought I prefaced my comments with: At the end of the day it is up to Hornby to get their act together BEFORE telling others how to do it. Biggest seller of model railways or not, there business model in recent years has NOT been the shining light to look up to. The fact that they cannot even order sufficient stock in the first instance is damning evidence that they do NOT have the capability even now of running the business properly, let alone forecasting their own needs! Khris
  9. I haven't read the whole thread, nor the whole of Hornby's manifesto, BUT I will keep it short and sweet. I would have thought Hornby would get their own house in order first, including their quality control BEFORE trying to tell other businesses how they should run their business. If a business doesn't have mail order or internet sales, this DOES NOT mean they are not a quality business. Certainly if they are still operating in the current climate they are obviously doing something right! I am not in the UK but none the less am staggered at the amount of issues modellers have with Hornby product. That is not to say other manufacturers don't have issues as well, but it seems Hornby is normally top of the complaints for quality control or rather lack of! I would be surprised if this lasted to long, quite frankly. And me being me just would not be bothered with them! Khris
  10. Personally I wouldn't be to perturbed about the roof. It is not as if that got a wash except by the rain! In real life you really only saw the roof from bridges etc ....not like us giants who are modellers Weathering looks good and realistic to me. Khris
  11. Green loco's and chocolate and cream coaches I dare not sign this.
  12. Andy, I have tried the link but cannot seem to get anywhere! If I shorten for the midrailcentre.com it also takes me nowhere. Any suggestions please? Khris
  13. Hi Paul, Thank you for the links. What wheels do you use with the split axles please? Khris
  14. Thanks for the responses guys....really appreciated. Given I am in Aust, it's not easy seeing this sort of stuff in the flesh so to speak. Once again thank you all for your help. Khris
  15. Thanks Tony, I shall do some more research of MRJ. Must admit I didn't think to look there. The thing that has me stumped is the fact that the gearbox would touch both sides of the split axle, the way I see it , thereby causing a short. I am right , aren't I??? Khris
  16. I have read in the past that you can make very good ones, so I was thinking of having a go. A member whom I have not seen post in a long while (Bertie Dog) was quite proficient I believe! The commercial ones are another kettle of fish completely. Khris
  17. Hi, I have a spare body that I want to try a split chassis system on. I can get my head around the concept and know I can get the jig and axles. The issue I am having though is working out, how do I isolate the gearbox/motor so that it doesn't short? Khris
  18. Rich, I'm still trying to get my head around why one would need 4 point motors for a double slip and how it would work! The very first ordinary point I made was done with soldered joints and within 10 mins of moving it back and forth the joint failed. I have used track pins, suitably cleaned of paint and bent through the tie bars ever since for all points and slips. (One word of warning though, if using double sided pcb make sure you isolate the underneath side as well with a cut. I don't need to tell you how I know that......took me a bit to work out where the short was occuring) Khris
  19. Will you have room for anything else on the layout? Khris
  20. Need to make sure your tape is rubbed down and stuck down securely to help stop the bleeding. don't know what tape you have used but I use Tamiya. Found that pretty good. Khris
  21. There is a pic of W1036 which is branded but frankly it is not worth scanning for you. (Dia 062) Khris
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