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Bachmann Class 45

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Hate to break it to you, but 45036 went to the scrappy retaining it's split centre headcode boxes - it was pretty much the last peak with them when withdrawn in the mid-80s.


6961204355_641467c6df_k.jpg45036 Vic Berrys by surfacestock, on Flickr



IIRC, the sealed beam markers are available from the aftermarket sector (A1 and Shawplan) and it's one of the easier modelling jobs to fill redundant centre or split-centre headcode boxes and remove the detail to create a flush front.


If you also want to add the high-intensity headlight, the Replica plastic moulding is spot-on.

Cor blimey Alan,


If everyone done that people wouldn't be able to exploit the good folk on here. :this:

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It seems the recent glut of high priced sealed beams has sparked people into selling - currently 3 more on eBay.

Maybe the rocking horse has been given a relaxant!!

It's making it very tempting to part with mine, not that I want to really.
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We will look back on this thread and laugh when Bachmann bring out a sealed beam peak..... Ok IF!!!

Although there’s also a good chance that by the time Bachmann finally open their eyes to the demand and announce one, then actually get it to market we will look at the thread and think what a bargain we could have had!


I paid about £120 for one around 2 years ago when bigger locos were normally about £95 - wasn’t sure and then thought about the same question and went for it - if one appeared in the shops tomorrow it would be more than what I paid.

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It's amazing the numbers of flush fronted class 45s appearing on eBay now with a price on them of £385 ... Not even light or sound fitted and looking for that kind of money for them!!

Better get mine on there then. £384.99 buy it now!
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They must be aware of the crazy prices ! It all comes down to the rumours of “ tool damage “ or not....


I’ve just brought one off eBay ....45036...not a split nose sealed beam , but next closest at centre dominoes,

£93 which I thought was fine. And very often a st blazey visitor.

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Hi there,

I spoke at length to one of the Steve’s at Bachmann at Ally Pally this year and made the point about demand for more 45’s. We’ll see what emerges I guess.






Your post about speaking to Bachmann at Aly Paly had past me by at the time. Just read back now. Fingers crossed we get some action soon, if like you said they are aware of the gap in the market.

All this talk about flush front 45's inspired me to get mine out last night (A £6 body partnered up with a returned Chassis to Bachmann for £20 within a few minutes of each other at Warley years ago) with the assistance of my mate (who is a wizz with the soldering iron), we carried out a job I've been putting off for some time. The fitting of lights, courtesy of Jason Edmunds. What a difference it makes!

Very straightforward to fit. Would highly recommend it.

It completes my 45/0, as it is now weathered and has sound (Olivia's. My first ever sound chip from years ago). Very happy with it.

Wish I'd bought another £6 body but at the time I didn't realise how sought after a flush front peak would become. Just grateful I didn't have to pay £385 for mine!

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Currently on eBay a Modelzone 45058 BODY ONLY currently at £112 with nearly 2 hours to go!

Hi Nick


There isn't a WOT??????? button.


£112 for just the body.


The other day in a PM a mate asked what has happened to the modellers on RMweb. If it was my period of modelling I would demonstrate how to make a sealed beam headcode class 45.

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No, finished at £112.00 plus £2.95 postage for a body only!

Stick a 45114 chassis underneath it, get rid of the 45114 body and jobs a good-in, all done for less than the rrp of a current class 37/47.


There’s another 45048 up now, £250..


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