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Unfortunately mine has been the exact opposite here in Oz!

As for the 3d printer putting everything else aside it would only be suitable for small items anyway.
Then you have the issue of quality of the print. (How fine it will print)



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Frankly, I'd be surprised if they sell any at all without showing any specifications (other than print area)!


The Aldi 3D printer's web page does suffer from a distinct lack of specs, but as far as I can tell, it's a clone (or a simple rebadge) of Wanhao's Duplicator i3 PLUS.


I'm pretty sure the Aldi offer will sell well. Every time I go in there (or Lidl) I always come out with stuff I never knew I didn't need...

I know virtually nothing about 3D printers (apart from the fact that I'd quite like one), so as long as it's not a complete lemon, I'd be very tempted. Obviously there are far better printers available for more money, but I think the question is... is this a decent one for the price?


Edit: There's a half-decent "first impressions" review of the Wanhao i3 on YouTube here. Be warned, he does waffle on a bit. Aside from a few screws that worked loose during transit and an issue (fixable) with the bearings on the sliding bed, it seems reasonable.

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Yes, I believe it is a rebadged Wanhao. They did a very similar offer in Oz a few months back.

I've had the equivalent Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus since February and I've been pretty happy with it. Certainly for the price.

The limitations have been what I expected from a FDM printer.

You can see some of the output on Fen End Pit's blog


e.g http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/blog/186/entry-19342-fen-end-pit-3d-printed-u-skip/



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It does seem to be a clone of a Wanhao I3 plus, but there is a an ongoing debate as to if the ALDI version has a USB port or not.  The version sold in Australia did but the one in the aldi video does not.   


I have a I3 plus and am very happy with it so am tempted to get the ALDI one as I do need a 2nd printer as I cannot keep up with demand for bits printed on it.

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How "data-heavy" is a file for 3D printing likely to be? Take, for example, a single 4mm DMU cab end or a lineside hut? The Aldi/Wanhao printer has a built-in SD card slot and the cards are relatively cheap. I think I have a couple of 8GB cards and a 16GB card. If we accept that this is at the "budget" end of the market, I can probably live without the USB port. If it does turn out to have one, that would just be a nice bonus.

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with these clones you either get them with acme leadscrews on the z or threaded rod. It's priced about right for leadscrews, but expensive if not. I bought my i3 prusa clone for £235 but i needed to add a couple of linear bearings to make it accurate.

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I recently bought an Anet A2 3D printer kit on EBay for £156 IIRC - that's half the Aldi price  - but you do have to assemble it.


Whilst it is nice to take an item out of the box, place two halves together and tighten a couple of bolts, purchasers shouldn't be put off by the home assembly printers. The manufacturer isn't asking you to solder together a PCB. All the components just need to be connected together, like simple flat-pack. The problem is often that the assembly instructions (if included) can be a little vague (that's being polite).

It should be noted that even the Aldi printer (which comes in just two pieces) still requires the purchaser to level the sliding bed. That can be tricky, but it will affect the 3D print if a little out of alignment. I guess, as with most things, care taken at the assembly stage pays dividends during use.

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Like this one?

Your link is to an A8 whereas mine is an A2 which (despite the numbers) is the newer model. The frame of the A2 is all extruded aluminium whereas the A8 uses acrylic with metal slide bars.


I have very limited experience of using mine. As far as I can tell it works well. There are lots of online reviews, especially on YouTube I have no idea how impartial they may be. Make up your own mind. I found this review interesting. The A2 is very like the Tevo Tarantula.



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That can be tricky, but it will affect the 3D print if a little out of alignment. I guess, as with most things, care taken at the assembly stage pays dividends during use.

After I had built my Anet A2 I discovered I had assembled the X-axis not quite horizontal. Not realizing the problem I was able to compensate with the alignment of the bed and it was only when I made a new shelf as the home for the printer and looked at it from a distance that I saw the error. It meant dismantling half of it to fix it but it was not otherwise a problem.


I have levelled the bed using a piece cut from page of printer paper as a feeler gauge. Seems to work well. But make sure there is no hard (cold) plastic extruded from the nozzle or the height will be wrong.


I have a free Python program called pronterface.py that allows me to control it from my PC. Much easier than fiddling with the knob on the LCD screen.



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Just had a look and the printer is now available to order on the Aldi website. The spec info is as below. Seriously thinking of getting one. Does anything below ring alarm bells?



Print Technology: Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)

Build volume – 200 x 200 x 180mm

Layer resolution: 0.1-0.4mm

Positioning accuracy – X 0.012mm, Y 0.012mm, Z 0.004mm

Single 0.4mm extruder

Print Speed – 10-70mm/s

Travel Speed – 10-70mm/s

Supported Print Materials: PLA, ABS, PVA, HIPS, PLA Wood, PLA Flex, Conductive

Ambient Operating Temperature: 15°C – 30°C

Operational Extruder Temperature: 170°C - 260°C

Operational Print Bed Temperature: 30°C - 110°C

Slicer Software: Cura

Cura Input Formats: STL, OBJ, DAE, AMF

Cura Output Format: GCODE

Connectivity: SD Card (Expert users only)

Input Rating: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz, 3.5A, 350W

Minimal assembly and setup

Intuitive touchscreen controls and step by step wizards to guide you through setup

Sturdy steel frame prevents wobbling

Heated bed and extruder work in unison to ensure your prints are as clean and sharp as possible

New Levelling Wizard steps you through levelling the bed

Fully enclosed power supply built into the base

Large build area to print models up to 20 x 20 x 18cm

Print directly from SD cards

Works with common 3D model files


Free 1 year warranty

Ideal For

Printing your own prototypes, crafts, decorations, toys and more

Cartridges: 1 x 100 metres PLA filament included

Copier: Intuitive Touch Controls and LCD screen

Dimensions: 400 x 410 x 400mm (assembled)

Double Sided Printing: Cura Input Formats: STL, OBJ, DAE, AMF

Paper Size: Build volume: 200 x 200 x 180mm

Printing Speed: 10-70mm/s

Product Type: Printers and Home Office Equipment

Scanner: Levelling Wizard steps you through levelling the bed

Screen Type: Touchscreen LED

Software Included: Cura

System Requirements: Fully enclosed power supply built into the base

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  • RMweb Gold





In for a penny as it were, delivery after Thursday next week


discovered earlier in the week that an Xbox Kinect camera can be used as a 3d scanner, managed to get one from cash generator yesterday for £6, just waiting on a power supply from amazon to arrive to give it a go, I bought a 2nd hand gaming computer a couple of years back (I’m not a gamer though!) and apparently the high spec graphics card I have in it will run the Kinect as a scanner without issue (some slower cards will not run t as it freezes or goes blocky) I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do with it and the printer together, I’ve downloaded the free ‘reconstructme’ software to the computer which has options for the Kinect in the ‘available scanners’ section, just need to download the drivers for it


My 13rd old can give me a crash course in 3D CAD modelling/ design as he does that in school in technology lessons

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I did read somewhere it has a usb connection, I think some of the problem is they have used a generic ‘printer template’ for their listing as it includes things like paper capacity and pages per minute etc


Noticed the Aldi site has gone down at the mo

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