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Farish Thompson Coaches

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7 hours ago, justin1985 said:

And the relationship between the UK importers/agents like Bachmann and the Chinese factories seems increasingly like "like it or lump it"


Back in the 80s I had a job with a knitwear company owned by a Hong Kong company.  We got a large order for a well known department store chain.   Our quality control was not the best and in the end the department store sent a couple of people down to discuss the issue.  They spoke for ten minutes about what they were looking for and then the Chinese Manager said, this is my factory and we will make our product as we want to.  The meeting is over.    I lost my job a weeks later.


Don't think very much has changed.

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On 12/07/2020 at 00:09, dpgibbons said:


At risk of restarting a long running debate, the darker red appears to be the "official" BS381C 540 shade adopted by most railway paint manufacturers, whilst their earlier coaches carry a lighter shade nearer to 564 which many feel is closer to the mark (see link). 




Perhaps the explanation is colour scaling, which says that shades are perceived as paler when seen from further away - a particular issue with N, given the greater scale viewing distance.




Frankly, my biggest issue on this point is that the Dapol and Farish versions of this livery are currently so far apart that they look wrong mixed in the same rake.

Indeed, i have made a lighter shade cream wash  and a deeper crimson wash add gone over my Dapols ( all 9, what a pain...)

 Carefull not  to cover the details ( lettering, linings), just the larger panels  -once coverage is more than 80% the the eye cant distinguish  between similar shades from about a foot away ...

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