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On 22/02/2021 at 15:48, 4630 said:



*  :offtopic: My mispronunciations when new to the area also included 'Todd Morden' for Todmorden, which apparently is pronounced by locals as 'Todmurden'.  And of course, I also slipped up with the well known 'Slay Thwait' for Slaithwaite which, although the locals disagree sometimes, the consensus is with 'Sla-wit'. 




Try Luddenden Foot....

And there's no "d" in the pronunciation of Bradford. More like Bratfort with a soft "t"

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A Thames Turbo crossing the Evenlode by North Leigh Roman Villa back in 2015, when we still had 3-car DMU's* on the Cotswold line:



* We have them back today (9th May) standing in for the grounded IET's this weekend.  Doesn't stop Real Time Trains calling them Electric Multiple Units - news to me that the Cotswold line has been elctrified!

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With semaphores still the order of the day at Barnetby on 3rd August 2005, a Central Trains class 153 heads east with a service for Cleethorpes.



On the same date and a few miles further east, a TransPennine Express class 158* has just passed Brocklesby East Junction as it heads to Cleethorpes, with the Humber refinery and Immingham Docks cranes in the distance. 



* At this date the original FirstGroup/Keolis TransPennine Express franchise had only been operating for around 18 months and the Siemens built Desiro class 185s were on order.

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Meanwhile, up north.....a CAF DMU leaving Arnside and heading out over the Kent estuary on its way from Lancaster to Barrow, 6th May 2021


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On 12th May 2021 a TransPennine Express class 185 heads west along the Calder Valley, approaching the site of the former Cooper Bridge station.  The camera is level - the embankment is on a rising gradient for the bridge that spans the river Calder a little further west.



TPE class 185s don't have any scheduled day time workings along the Calder Valley, but they are reasonably frequent visitors and the line is used as a diversionary route when there are operational issues along the booked route via Huddersfield.  This working was 5P26, 10.41 York Siemens Trans Systems to Manchester Victoria (13.02), with a booked return, 5P27 later in the afternoon.

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A brace of Sprinters entering Ruswarp with the first Middlesbrough - Whitby train of the day, 30th March 2021.

Always loved the simple elegance of this bridge but never managed to snap a train on it until recently.


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