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Hornby ex LSWR/SR Adams 0415 Radial


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33 minutes ago, Bulleidboy100 said:

An interesting thread - I gave up on my R3333 Adams Radial. If the pony truck is incorrectly seated, with a very gentle push the loco will go about six feet down the track - with drivers obviously locked. I have yet to find a decoder which fits well, even a TCS DP2X-UK hit the bottom of the coal bunker, and the loco will not run with the body on - runs superbly with it off. I have already rewired the decoder socket - incorrectly wired during manufacture. It is now at the back of the stock cupboard and will probably not see the light of day again. 


I managed to fight fit a rails direct 8 pin plug in. It went in just and it certainly touches the body. Oxford's sound fitted version is a god send!

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Having recently acquired a Radial with a few parts missing, I have fixed up and given this a partial “what if” re-livery. As far as I’m aware this number never had sunshine style lettering but as I had the transfers and it was cheap I thought why not.


I’m pleased with how it turned out but I need to sort a decoder, the TCS DP2X-UK seem to be in very short supply and any examples plus postage, risk setting me back more than I paid for the loco!

Are there any other(cheaper) decoders I can direct plug or is it a better option for me to grab the soldering iron and hardwire something in.


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