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TINGS 2018 - Farish Stand


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Is it really a MK2 or a MK2a disguised?



It looks like a Mk2a disguised - it is missing the 4-part ventilators carried by the early Mk 2 FK. 


Bachmann produced the early Mk 2 FK in various liveries in OO (SR green, BR Maroon and Blue/Grey) which were prototypical. The model correctly featured Mk1 style Pullman gangways which were a unique feature of the early Mk 2 FK (and the prototype Mk 2 FK 13252) and had 4-part ventilators, but to me the proportions of the ventilators were distorted - way too deep.


It would be great to have an accurate early Mk2 FK in N, but I suspect Test Car 6 and the other forthcoming releases will just be Mk 2a in disguise.





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