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Smoke Ash & Steam

steve fay

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All the very best with this new project Steve, I hope it will give you just as much satisfaction in the long term and will happily follow your postings.



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Mocking up the other side of the proposed layout, looking very much like my previous Canton layout but the opposite way round, a diesel shed also for a GW rail car and any thing else that may pop in!

I think a low relief carriage shed will be the ideal back drop for this end again emulating Canton.

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I love your work Steve and looking forwward to the new build. Very sorry to hear of your health issues but I guess you have to look on the positive side. 


I had my own scare earlier this summer and thankfullly fully recovered. All the best mate!


Paul R

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So the inevitable had to happen, over the last few days I’ve dismantled the boards for Ranelagh Bridge, luckily when I built them I screwed everything together so it came apart fairly easily. I reused a lot of the timber to make the frames up for the new project. I’ve temporarily laid some ply down and having a play about with the track plan.

There will be a few turn outs to make up as I don’t want just long sidings.

The left hand road will be the reception/ exit, The second will be a disposal road with pits and piles of ash. The next road will split for the diesel shed and road 1 of the Loco shed.

The castle is on the ready road ( Loco ready in case of a failure) a small stores building will add interest and the space behind will leave room for the steps from the foot bridge.

I’ll order a box of C&L Monday. One of the first jobs will be the back scene between the tenements and the low relief carriage shed.

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Oh yes !


Someones been busy, looking very interesting Steve and good use of recouped track and buildings etc. 


Keep it up eh !


Kind regards



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Not much of an update but an important job done today Light!! I’ve rerouted the power cable and added some additional bulbs directly over the layout! Once the back scene is sorted ( first part arrived today ) I will make a pelmet to cover the bulbs.

I’ve ordered the terrace house back scene from Kirtley models once that’s arrived I can decide how high to make the retaining wall. post-5983-0-62320100-1538490361_thumb.jpeg


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First job for today was to make a work bench! Using left over timber and ply.

My kitchen table will now be free from paint and glue! post-5983-0-92161900-1538593869_thumb.jpeg

You’ll have to use your imagination



This is what a full house will look like!

First job on the new work bench is painting the water columns from Black to Chocolate and cream.

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Water columns now in a fresh coat of WR chocolate and cream,

I will Need another of the Swan neck type from Ragstone!

15 sheets of slaters plasticard embossed brick ordered for the retaining wall and bottom half of the carriage shed

Lots of brick painting next week post-5983-0-76349400-1538761863_thumb.jpeg

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I noticed yesterday that I glued the terrace houses in place 2” higher than I hoped too! Following the wrong pencil line, I popped to the timber merchant and picked up some 2” square timber and added some additional braces on top of the existing frame work, this has proven to be a bonus as I can stand in front of the layout arms stretched and not have to bend my back at all A big plus for me! For the retaining wall I will fix some additional timber to the wall, I’m going to use Peco spear top fencing along the top, the thickness of the timber will allow a few figures to be posed over looking the shed yard,


I’ve also knocked up the light pelmet, I will pin tin foil to the back side to reflect more light and clad the front in tongue and groove and paint it black.

I’ll do something similar along the front of the framework

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